Xabi Alonso tells Mourinho that Carroll had scored [video]

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As Real Madrid were getting ready for the game against Granada Xabi Alonso was following the game on his phone and updating Jose Mourinho. You got to love Xabi’s smile as tells The Special One that Carroll had scored :-)

Wonder where he was getting his updates from ;-)


  1. Favourite all time liverpool player – i know we can’t excuse everything with his unfortunate exit, but it played its part for sure! He isn’t one of those players who will suffer from loosing pace – as he never had any pace at all. All about technique, vision, class. His vision and his class will not dimish and my hope is that he will someday return – honestly belive he can play for another 7 years at the highest level.

  2. What a great a player! In an ideal world where we wasn’t owned by pigs, we would have loved to have kept him, but £30m was like £100m to us at that point… So he had to go :/

    I’m glad of all places he ended up at Real!!

  3. Alonso will always be a liverpool player not matter where he goes or plays for,his Heart will alway be at Anfield.

    1. Thank King Kenny for that. He was given a hundred million pounds to rectify the problem and he blew it on average players.

  4. Alonso has battled in the trenches with us. I wish we can find another player like him.

  5. Alonso, IMO, is the worst sale Liverpool have made in the modern era of the PL. Any true pool supporeter would welcome him back with open arms! YNWA Xabi!

  6. In all honesty, before the season where we ran in a close second, Alonso had been pretty average. The two seasons before he had been very much below par, hence why Benitez looked to replace him.

    The fact he was going to be replaced gave him the kick up the backside he needed. But one great season doesn’t make him one of Liverpool’s best players in the modern era. He has Mascherano to do the dirty work next to him and Torres/Gerrard in perfect tandem, it made his job a lot easier.

    Would still have him back in a flash though. Nothing could be worse than Charlie Adam.

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