Is this our home shirt for next season?

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Thanks to @wideawakewesley  for submitting this and for @kopite_chris78 for creating it. Based on everything we have heard this seems to be the most accurate representation of what the new Warrior Kit will look like. The big change is of course the Liverbird and the Hillsborough flames in the collar.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out the official launch date is on Friday.



    1. I have to agree,the badge(emblem is almost back to the original),which is how it should be! Anything additional is superfluous and wrong!,the emblem embellishing anything other than the Liverbird is wrong! Additions like the gateway,anything other than that is completely wrong!

  1. No way would they produce a kit without the new logo with the gates and the flames. Thats a tribute to the 96 and lfc have said previously that the new logo will not be dropped. Im surprised you think this is the new shirt. I may be wrong but im 95% sure this is not the new top. At least not the badge anyway

    1. They have said all along that they are “Going to Free The liverbird” So Get used to the badge mate, because that is the new badge

      1. Just seen the apparant new kit with pepe, agger, stevie and glen wearing it. Seems the badge is more simplistic like this image, but it still has the flames on as i thought it would & thankfully the awful collor on the above image is not present. Also the gold looked more white on the leaked image, and i couldnt see the 96 reference ? But that could all be another fake leak that i saw, so i guess we have to wait till midnight to be sure. Hope its like the one i saw and not this image as that collor is hideous imo YNWA

        1. Actually scratch that. It was a dark image. Ive just lightened it and it appears to be same as this image unfortunately and this could well be it. Urghhh. Like the badge and gold bit tennis collor ???? Hope the 3rd purple kit is not genuine. That is a joke

  2. Another “Football Manager” photoshop job. Wouldn’t say it’s real, at least for the standard home kit.

    They’d probably stick with white on the logos/sponsor for a start, although I wouldn’t rule out the use of gold on the authentic Europa League match worn kits.

    1. I agree. In fact I reckon it would look much better if all the elements were white instead of yellow.

      Other than that, it looks like a nice clean simple design.

    1. I agree. In fact I reckon it would look much better if all the elements were white instead of yellow.

      Other than that, it looks like a nice clean simple design.

  3. I don’t really like it but its not so bad…I just feel it could have been abit better than this…wish Nike could sponsor us they make good kits…I like the Crest/Badge though but the shankly gates and hilbourough flames aren’t there hmmmmmm not bad but cud be better

  4. Its hideous.. Sincerely hope its nothing close to that. Its a golf shirt, compared to what we’re used to its a big step down

  5. I think this could be very close to the actual design as I just noticed on that there ad has 11-05-12 and then a gold liverbird, but if you look very closely, the Liverbird is a stitching, this would lead me to believe that it is the new badge for the home kit!!!! RETRO… I like it. (maybe not with a collar though)

  6. I saw Inter vs Milan derby in seri A league some days ago, and Milan had their UEFA bagde of honour on their shirt playing in their local league, why we cannot have our UEFA badge of honour in the PL matches and not just in European matches?

    Can we make a petition to FA so we will see the badge of honour in PL? Or FA don’t want to do it, just because manU don’t have the badge yet?

    I want to see the UEFA badge of honour printed on our shirt in PL. Make it happened please…

  7. As long as we have invested in better players to put the new kit on!.

    I dont think we can cope with just downing running down the wing with hardly any end product, our fans are a fair bunch but Liverpools transfer policy and muck up in the markets nearly year in year out for around 5 years is getting a bit much!

    Any less then this next year and we might as pack it in, fsg are you going to pay out!?


  8. i think we should all agree we have no idea hat the kit will look like until its launched as in truth we have no idea what it will look like until its launched :)

  9. Why do so many ppl seem to think its an outrage not to have the flames and gates on the badge! We don’t need these to remember those who lost their lives, everyone will always remember! It shouldn’t be put in the badge! The badge should return to the original liver bird now that the club have bought the rights back off the council! I for one think the kit looks good with yellow or white logos

  10. I believe in this new kit and I also believe it will bring back our lost glory as long as our liverbird is flying the glory of the past will surely repeat it’s self. To all my fellow Kopite let keep faith our days, time, season of glory is here.

  11. I think its really cool, but I don’t think the badge will change although, I think it would be great if the shirt returned to the retro style of that, then the badge went back to the old way too, after all we are a club that are extremely proud of our history and our history was made with that badge on the chest of our players.

  12. If this is the kit then I will be pleased as I have read a lot of forums and it seems to be what a lot of us have been requesting for a while now.

  13. Its a nice design.wouldnt mind if it was actually the real thing. what i dont get is why people keep putting up things that are “not for sure” just to create hype, thus creating havoc etc. i miss the days when liverpool fc was just about football without dragging any access garbage.this garbage that feeds the fans are making us much more superficial and plastic than we would have thought of. next season is about football and performances.not about who can come up with the best shite-hype that brings no substantial benefit to the club.

  14. I hope that it is going to be our new shirt. It’s a nice touch with the flame on the collar and back to the old style liverbird. Probably one of our best shirts for a while.

  15. This is obviously not real. There’s a collar on the front. Where did it go on the back? Magic

  16. If UEFA stopped England wearing black armbands for remembrance in November, because they deemed it a political message. I’m quite sure they will judge JFT96 to be the same & ban it. (I don’t agree in either case, it’s just an observation) In addition I hate the shirt & the colour!

  17. Type (font) on back 100% wrong. Also can’t see Standard Chartered logo being in yellow, will likely be white.

  18. Amazing kit if this is the one! Nice touch wih reference to the 96, Have to hand it to the american owners & for the guys behind the scenes who pulled off this mega kit deal with Warrior which should also provide more income to the club

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