Kenny Daligish Post Match Interview – Liverpool v Chelsea [video]

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Kenny Dalglish post match interview after the Liverpool v Chelsea game where Liverpool won 4-1. 8/5/12

Essien (og) 19′
Henderson 25′
Agger 28′
Ramires 50′
Shelvey 61′


  1. great performance yesterday all the players were greats. We need more regularity.

  2. “We’ve got a bit of silverware back in the cupboard after six years, we’re back in Europe at the first time of asking, we were near to winning the FA Cup final. Not a bad first season,” Dalglish added.
    We got a bit of silverware beating a Championship side in the final and only because they missed their final penalty! We are back in Europe through the back door. We went close but did not win the FA Cup because the game was badly prepared. Not a bad first season. Seriously Ken?
    If we do not get result saturday we risk finishing 9th which is nothing short of humiliating for a Club like Liverpool. We scored 4 against Chelsea yesterday because Terry was thinking about his mistress and because Anfield is too much for turnbill! They gave us the goals, we did not create them (bar the amazing run for the first one from Suarez).
    If Kenny thinks that winning the League Cup (and getting back in Europe through that) is enough, we I respectfully don’t think so!
    The target was Champions League football and 16/17 points adrift from the last possible spot!
    Yesterday yet another missed penalty which is truly disgraceful for players of that supposed quality!
    I best stop here because there is so much more one can write.

  3. Very patronising Kenny , was there last night and ” seeing is believing ” , apt timing , but was also there last Tuesday v. Fulham . If you think this seasons been ” not bad ” you should probably , well almost certainly step down . This season has been awful . 6 wins at home , 34 points off the top , 15 points less than the 3rd team and they’ve lost 10 times .

  4. What do you expect him to say? Show me the frequent Shankley or Paisey slagging off the players inteviews….and yes, there were plenty of times they could have. Not all was rosy all of the time. KD had a bit of a dige a few weeks ago when it was absolutely needed, but the Liverpool way is to look to teh possitives, Support players, and deal with teh issues behind closed doors.

    1. I honestly think that Kenny is wise enough to go around these questions because the answers he gave are only acceptable to those fans that have unconditional and unobjectionable support.
      He also said the result put a smile back on the fans’ face but not on mine. I want to forget this season a.s.a.p and I’d want a complete rebuilt, including management staff! I am a fan, and even though I do not decide, I have an opinion. That is my opinion.

      1. I think this guy ^ thinks were Chelski!! Change the manager every year until absolute perfection is achieved, trophies galore with the best football since 1970 Brazil! How about supporting the club and giving the manager a chance? You Bone head!!

        1. Under different circumstances I’d ask you to go f..k yourself General Sod but you are not even worth the time of day!
          I did not say I wanted Kenny to go, I just said that what he said in the interview was meant to atone to a disastrous season. You write because you know nothing about football. Have you seen what Antonio Conte has done with Juventus in 1 season? Have you seen what Martin O’Neill has done in have a season? Have you see what Di Matteo has done in a few months.
          If as you seem to think, this was ‘not a bad season’, then Comolli would not have taken the fall for everyone!

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