It is official here is our new home shirt for 2012/13

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Liverpool FC have unveiled the new home shirt tonight.


  1. looks like a polo neck t-shirt, it looks more suited as a training top then a football shirt

  2. Really hope this is true, LOVE THE GOLD ON IT! Hoping our Away/3rd kits have more design though. as our home one is very nice but plain.
    I like it though

  3. Looks really good. Really looks smart. A billion times better than the new mnu kit who I think have used the table clothes from a rubbish French bistro!

  4. NOT a football shirt!! Looks exactly like a polo shirt…probably designed merely to guarantee huge world wide sales!…we’re just like every other Prem club now, sell-outs! :-(

    1. We’re actually the ONLY football team in the world to have a Warrior kit. I guess you’d rather be “unique” and have a red Adidas top that is the same design as a handful of other clubs.

  5. About time we went back to basics, stuff the shirt. Let’s just concentrate On the football. I like it. Just the way Shankly intended.

  6. as long as we buy decent players to the put the new kit on! Until the owners and club wake up, they can have the best top in the world, however still have average players in the main putting the new kit on! Fcuking payout fsg and buy better quality.

  7. solid red at last, just what Shankly wanted! you’ll look ten feet tall, like giants of men! YNWA

  8. Shankly always wanted his team in all red as it struck fear into the opposition, I like this shirt, just how the great man wanted it, well done lfc and warrior sports! YNWA

  9. Like it simply full of pride of LFC, but still i think that design can be improve better than this.. I dont feel fit with the polo shirt, i thought it would be better with white v neck like the vintage 70’s kit.

  10. Very beautiful i wait for new away shirt I hope it yellow or green I don’t want see blue

  11. Quality kit and Ian Ayre is sure we can make £300m over 6 years as we have total sales exclusivity,unlike with Addidas. Great deal done by Ian Ayre and you could wear that shirt and look good in any situation!!!

  12. Really like the new shirt, back to basics and liking the throw back to the old Liverpool logo.

  13. we are the reds, so we should play in all red. the best kits are the simple kits of the 60’s and’70’s. this is a simple design, that makes it for me fantastic, a really nice look. the goalkeepers kit reverts back to the ray clemence look, as in all green..brilliant. i hope the away kit is white and black and the third is all yellow, this then will feel like how lfc should look. i do hope the greens,the greys and the blue kits are thrown away forever.

  14. It’s a red version of the crap polo shirt that England wear, a rip off for £40, there couldn’t have been less time spent designing it! If the rest of the kit & training wear is this damn awful they’ll lose all that extra sponsorship money & some in lost revenue from sales. I haven’t spoke to anyone yet who says they would pay more than £15 for it.

  15. Didn’t know most of the liverpool fans that like this 2012/13 home kit is sososo…awful in design sense and taste.

  16. I have to say I like it very much, don’t need fancy designs to make it look good. I like the polo look

  17. love it, great retro vibe. haters can hate but most ppl seem to love it. also love the powerful coming to get you all red look.

  18. I love how people who have never seen the kit except for photos are complaining about it being “cheap material”

    Get a freaking grip.

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