Liverpool Forever

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Liverpool Forever

The anthem we sing upon the Kop

The Redmen we cheer year in year out

The joy they bring us the passion we show them

The trophies they have won us

The history they bring us is second to none

Great European nights

We have terrified the foreigners

5 European Cups

No other British team can match

Legends galore

From Liddell to Kenny to Stevie G

The list is endless

Great managers too, Shanks and Paisley

The boot room boys

All part of the tapestry that made Liverpool great

There have been dark times too

Heysel and Hillsborough our darkest days

Never to be forgotten

Made Liverpool stronger

The ups and the downs make Liverpool unique

We stick together through the tough times

As we showed to get those Cowboys out

And we celebrate the good times

Like when Shankley’s Red army brought back our first FA Cup in 65

And Sir Bob had us ruling Europe

King Kenny won the double

And Rafa made a nightmare into a dream come true in Istanbul

King Kenny is back now

And in true Liverpool fashion he has gave us many ups and downs

What a rollercoaster of a season

Poor in the league but 2 cup finals

And a trophy in the cabinet

Our first for a while

But with Kenny in charge

The future is Red

Liverpool forever


  1. Oh God, yet another KD worshipper. As I said elsewhere, pretend Hodgeson is still in charge and then tell me if you want to keep the manager.

    How can you measure a manager’s ability based on achievements 20+ years ago?

    1. whelan said he would never hamper Martinez moving to take charge of a big club. i would think that asking for massive compensation could be looked upon as hampering him,therefore i can’t see a big compensation demand.

  2. If you lot think Fenway will pay 3 years compensation to Wigan for R Martinez you are living in cloud cuckoo land

  3. And two years for KD. The play has been positive this year, we just need to teach the chaps how to score goals. Next year will be better, so have faith. You can’t change managers every year and expect success. It look Taggart 6 or 7 years to win the league from taking over, and Manure were in a similar place to that which Liverpool are in now, it also took him about 5 years to win a trophy as well. Stop being so negative and get behind the team ffs

  4. Kenny must stay, if he goes then thats 3 managerial sackings in 3 years which would mean we really are turning into Chelski, God, no!

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