Redmen TV : Swansea 1-0 Liverpool: Graham Goal Stuns the Reds

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A Danny Graham goal was all that separated the sides as Swansea beat Liverpool 1-0 in the final game of the 2011/12 Season. In a game that Liverpool largely dominated they may feel aggrieved to have left the Liberty Stadium empty handed.

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  1. Firstly, let congratulate Man City on their success. Well done. I have watched this season with great anticipation than recetn years peurely because the investment during the summer. It’s clear to see that we have failed miserably in terms on points in the EPL but we have progressed.

    At the beginning of the season, ALL the EPL teams vie for 3 domestic cups. EPL, FA Cup and Carling Cup. We won one and lost one final. That too me is progress. Bar all the points tally and how many goals were scored by this player and that team. Or how many goals were conceded and how many times who hit the bar or finally, how many runs or through ball this player did compared to that. It all comes down to this, Man City won the EPL, Chelsea won the FA Cup and Liverpool won the Carlin Cup.

    Yes, a few teams did better than we did but, teams like Everton, Newcastle have noting to show for their season. Man U, Arsenal and Tottenham have QUALIFIED for the CL but it does not guarentee thay they will win it. Yes, we are VERY INCONSISTENT and our overall gameplay needs some tweeking here and there. Kenny has some hard questions to ask himself over the break but generally, he can lead this team to glory.

    What to llok forward to next season. Carroll and Suarez finally started to gel the last 5 games of the season. We will invest in the team over the summer. Cole, Aquilani an Wilson will come back (due to Europa League). Lucas and Adams will be fit. The Owners and Kenny would have discussed a budget in January this year already and a few players will leave and a few will come in but, players like Downing, Adams and Henderson would have had their first season with LFC under their belt an will now look forward to a BETTER secons season.

    HArd lessons leanrt this season but we will get better. All i ask is that we are ABLE to compete consistently next season.

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