Kenny has stepped down

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The club should be making an announcement shortly but Kenny Dalglish has resigned (or was fired) from L.F.C.

Very sad day for Liverpool Football Club.

Thank you Kenny.






  1. Never wanted to see him go, such a sad day for us Liverpool supporters I don’t care if we finished the season the way we did the man deserved one more season, YNWA Kenny Thanks for everything !

    1. If you are a true supporter you will see that Liverpool FC had spent so much money all on KD say so he has had more than time many managers would have got given the fact he spent over £100 million to only achieve the carling cup and a league position that is a disgrace to the club. We are better than we showed this season and need to move, forget the past and get someone in who can build us back up to the side we should be but it is going to take a long time (another two to three years at least). KD is a legend but he has to admit that this season was a disgrace the players should hang their heads in shame and some of KDs signings should be sold straight away.

  2. martinez is a bottom feeder not a top club manager, the man for the job should be Hidink the dutch is brilliant greatest of times for you kenny usted es el rey mucha suerte…

  3. Legend, hero forever.
    The plastic glory hunting fans have turned us into bloody Chelski. Disgraceful.

  4. Disgusted. 35 years as a fan…and out. No more. 2 Cup finals and rebuilding from teh depression of Hicks and Gillet…only silverware for 6 years. Disgrace. No more. I’ve had it with Yanks who know nothing about our club or sport. It’s their club now and I am no longer a supporter.

  5. your are always the king. but right now, we need better manager so Liverpool can be king of Europe again…



  7. He will always be the King, but sadly he wasn’t right for the part and it is for the better of the club that he leaves. YNWA Kenny.

  8. very very sad… it might be the best thing but its very sad to see him step down, u deserved way more King Ken! and im sorry we couldnt give u that. still my hero

  9. He was brought in to stabilize the club in the midst of the ownership/Hodgson mess and he did his job. Unlucky season. I just hope he has no hard feelings toward us, because God knows there isn’t an ounce toward him. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap….DALGLISH!

  10. Short sighted yanks!!! All they want is MONEY not the glory!!! One season one cup more than utd same as city!!! We’re turning into the Chelsea northerners!!!!! YNWA KING KENNY ONCE A LEDGE ALWAYS A LEDGE!!!!

  11. Hard one to tell if this is the right decision.

    Remember – if it was anyone but King Kenny in charge we would have been calling for a the manager to be sacked based on the league form.

    I know many may question the owner’s call – too rash – should of been given one more season…


    consider this – as I season ticket holder for 22 years I remember the dreadful Souness days – the David Moores era in fact was littered with dithering decision making that held the club back and cost us huge ground on our rivals.

    Maybe we have owners who are forward thinking and successful and could be dragging the club into the 21st century at last.

    That’s what I dearly hope is the case and this turns out to be the right call.

  12. I don’t think kenny left us behind again (resign). Kenny deserve more time. Thank you so much for entertaining game. YNWA king kenny.

  13. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the owners. No manager in the world creates a title winning team in one season. Kenny had the team playing attractive attacking football and had a unity in the club from the cleaner upwards. I am disgusted with Liverpool Football Club and I will be even more disgusted if Kenny is replaced by a junior like Martinez, Klinsman or some other no mark manager.

    1. That is where you are wrong mike arms, ONE NAME Jose Mourinho. Also Rafa won the Champions League with far less money or time to build a team.

  14. Kenny you are and will always be a legend at Liverpool Football Club. You came back at a time when the club was in a mess and you brought us stability and a trophy. Thank you for everything you have done for us as a player, a manager and an ambassador of our club. Enjoy your well earned retirement and remember ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’


  16. We needed this Kenny was way out of his depth. He had (as much as it pains me to say it) become an embarrassment to LFC

  17. This is a sad day even for those who think he should leave. Kenny will always be a legend. Fact!

  18. Farewell King Kenny.. U bring the true spirit of LFC back after the dark era.. You are a making the puzzle back together again.. I respect you… U are legend, But now its time to open a new spirit of post modern-football in LFC.. New era of LFC! YNWA KD..

  19. The Yanks wanted Champions League cash, Kenny brings them a cup. When owners are in it for a profit, Cups and Glory mean very little.

    These owners are clueless chumps. Living in Boston, I despise the Red Sox because of these guys. It will take time, but slowly and surely my LFC brothers on Merseyside will see the light of day as well.

    One season, and Kenny’s gone. Just amazing. Dumb and Dumber will reign supreme.

  20. Sad to see KD leave, but the club is bigger than aany individual. But lets not forget he did help us during our darkest hour post Roy H era. Long live the King YNWA…

  21. Sigh…
    For you who think it was right for Kenny to leave..hope you are right. For once, Fergie was right that Kenny sholud not have come back because he too realised that in this day and age, Kenny would not be given enough time to build a winning team to last.

    FSG I hope don’t make us look like another Chelsea if the bookies are right AVB is top on the list….Sigh…

    Here we go again “re-building”.

    For all the jokes we have made about how Chelsea, guess we are joining them in the same bandwagon.

    A very sad day today.

    Today, I think we have made him walk alone.


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