No Way To Treat A King

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No Way To Treat A King

Kenny Dalglish has flown over to the States to meet Liverpool’s owners in Boston with speculation rife.

Liverpool’s owners should have cleared the air by issuing a statement to prevent the speculation surrounding Kenny’s trip over the pond.

With Liverpool’s league form so poor this season, the nation’s media is scaremongering that Dalglish could be axed.

No doubt this meeting in America is a pre-planned visit, not a showdown like the media would like it to be.

Dalglish will be given more time in charge, especially after steering Liverpool to two cup finals and bringing one trophy home to Anfield this season.

It would be ludicrous to sack Dalglish as he has brought the club some stability and has everyone pulling in the same direction.

The league form has suffered due to some bad luck in front of goal and some injuries to key players.

Gerrard was missing for the early part of the season and Lucas has been a massive loss for Kenny.

Suarez being banned was a big miss and his absence resulted in a disjointed strike force, with Suarez struggling a bit with his form on his return from his ban.

The number of new players added to the squad this season has made it difficult for the team too, as it takes time for players to gel into a new side.

Kenny just needs a couple of players and his team won’t be far away.

Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez are starting to look like a good partnership at last and this can only be promising for the new season.

Liverpool has always been a patient club with managers and the owners need to be patient again with Kenny as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Liverpool have proved they can compete with the best, like when they beat Manchester City in the semi-final of the Carling Cup and when they beat Manchester United in the FA Cup.

They just need to get it right and find the consistency against the “lesser” clubs to improve their league position.

But to get rid of Dalglish would just cause mayhem at Liverpool with the supporters who back Dalglish, who would replace him, and the club would be unstable again, with so much insecurity once again.

So the American owners have to do the right thing and let Kenny continue his work and not get trigger happy in this situation.

The sooner Liverpool’s owners come out and issue a statement regarding Dalglish’s future, the better for all concerned, especially for the supporters, who deserve reassurance of Kenny’s future.


  1. i agree with everythink you have said,this season i have watched the best football in years we are not far away most of the people saying about rafa are not the people who go the match every week he had the job so long for one reason the old owners were that bad it took everyones eye of just how bad rafa was when his number two went it became clear who was the brains who run are club. ynwa

  2. over £100M Spent – 8th In the league, below Everton who have spent bugger all. 5 wins at home! Not Good enough!

    Massive gap from 4th place, shocking goals scored record.

    Only time we actually looked good this season was against the Everton & Chelsea bench warmers!

    His tactics are consistently Sh*te! Rarely gets it right when decisions are needed in a match!

    Time to go back to retirement Kenneth!

    1. If KD tactics are shit how have we kept teams down to one of the lowest shots total at our goal? How do we manage to have over 14 shots on goal a game? The team was given a style of football to play but failed in front of goal! Players have let KD down not KD tactics.

  3. Life gives you what you deserve. No man is bigger than the club, king or not. Finishing with the worst record since 1954 would not have been tolerated with any other manager, so it shouldn’t be tolerated with Dalglish – king or not he is not bigger than the club. That does not make this a knee jerk reaction.

  4. They don’t have to issue anything because Kenny is still manager but there are just as many reasons for them to keep Kenny as there are for them to sack him.

    Their decision will be made based on what they feel is best and the supporters need to do what they do. SUPPORT

  5. Bring back rafeal benitez because, he would attract better players to anfield, instead of those flops kenny daglish is messing up with, and bringinging the club this low. The most boring game of the season is, carling cup final against cardiff.

  6. If FSG mistreat KK they will lose the Liverpool fans, end of!!!. They need to be very careful here, do we want to sack managers every 12 months like Chelsea?. KK won a trophy and went to Wembley 3 times, bringing Uefa Cup football to Anfield.

    He had to turn around a squad, this takes time to bed down. We have stability at the club but FSG are threatening that very stability…………..absolute lunacy!!!

  7. I agree with a lot of what your saying apart from what the owners should or shouldn’t apparently do?? A few weeks back It was said his position was fine.. Media speculation shouldn’t dictate when our owners inform us on our clubs affairs.. Do you want the LFC way or do you want the world knowing our business? Besides you have hindsight to draw on with regards to how the media reacted to our position.. Should our owners be constantly ready with statements whenever these anti LFC journos decide to create stories?? Hell no..

  8. why should Dalglish be sacked? All you fans that want him out of the club have no idea about football.
    Well just think if we sacked managers just because they dident win the league in their first season well we wouldent be the club we are now. Shankly and Paisley never won a tap in their first seasons. So let him build a team

  9. You know your arguments would hold a lot more water if we’d managed a result against Swansea following Kenny’s impassioned defence of his record this season.

    Let’s be clear Kenny and Damien had a very clear objective for this season which they accepted. They also had a strategy as to how that would be achieved.

    That objective was a top four place in a season in Chelsea obliged us with a clear opportunity to achieve our target.

    The owners backed Kenny and Damien to the hilt and placed substantial financial resources at their disposal to enable them to meet that objective.

    Let’s be quite clear about this Kenny and Damien have not narrowly failed to meet that objective but have failed by a considerable margin.

    What is particularly worrying is that despite everything(inlcuding the league victory against Chelsea) Kenny failed to be beat moderate oppposition in the form of Swansea at the weekend on top of improved performances and confidence.

    The owners have every justification to come to a decision on the basis of the facts. I don’t care if people complain they are ruthless… I expect them to be… I expect them to succeed.

    My personal feeling is that Kenny should be given another year and that the owners should recognise that given the current position they made a mistake in extending Kenny’s contract beyond a caretaker role after Roy was fired.

    What should have happened was what was originally intended: that once the caretaker role had been completed suitable candidates should have been invited for selection for the role inlcuding Kenny and the best candidate should have been chosen. Kenny’s record at this point suggests that a better candidate could have been selected.

    I hope FSG have learned from this experience.

    I also hope that in assessing Kenny’s current postion FSG will ignore sentimentality and tradition and make an objective decision based upon hard facts.

    By that I mean that the only criteria must be the future sporting and financial success of the club.

    That means as far as the management team is concerned that if it has been decided that Kenny will go (and I would expect that decision to have been made already) the issue of succesion will have been properly considered and a genuinely suitable long term candidate will be appointed. I would expect that process to have already been initiated if the decission is that Kenny will go.

    We can not afford to be in the same position as we were when Benitez was sacked by a group of incompetents who hadn’t even thought about his successor.

    I also expect genuine progress on a new stadium without delay. In fact I regard that as the primary objective because without it we can’t compete in the long term for a Champions League place and without the Champions League we frankly can not have any genuine strategy for the Premiership.

    If FSG fail on either of those issues (I don’t think they will) I will be beginning to draw my own conlcusions about the suitability of FSG as owners.

  10. Reina should be shown the exit door. Carragher shld plzz join the coaching crews, henderson and spearing should be loan out. Kuyt should be treated fair i love him. Sign: mauracio-isla, adam-johnson, jackson-martinez, gaston-ramirez and bring back our misfit ‘alberto-aquilani’. Long live rafa we love u.

  11. If what you say is true, which it is on current form, I dont think Dalglish has the right character to instill the right values in our squad to ensure we dont slip up against the bottom half of the table, even Rafa had a better record against the lower teams, with him it was just falling short of nailing the top 3 teams, somehow we’ve gone in the reverse, Now we can beat anyone if they have a strike force exceeding 50 mill, we’ve kinda turned a little into the Arsenal of 3 seasons ago, all the lower teams knew if they hit us hard we’d buckle eventually, and when we scored they always felt they could get something from the game.
    Kenny doesnt have the killer instinct, the steely gaze, that Mourhino or Ferguson has, we need a person with the ability to get into the heads of our players and make them think and play like champions.
    Giving Kenny another 100 mill wont do that, if he cant achieve the basics.
    Each club has its own methodology.
    Ours WAS the Liverpool way, back when the Manager actually knew what that meant.
    Kenny played under that method, and managed using it, when he had a better grasp on the football he was relevent in.
    Times have long since passed, but Kennys love affair with a Liverpool long gone have lead him the task of recreating the feel, OK, but the style of play isnt effective anymore.
    Fast pass and move is ok, if you have the players who can implement it for 90 mins, the likes of Spearing henderson and adams look no better for playing alongside Suarez and Gerrard, than they did with their old clubs, Kennys trying to fit squad players into the first 11 for balance, I get that, but they dont have the individual brilliance to turn a game, leaving everyone looking at our flair players for answers.
    Even Messi needs team mates to set him up, Suarez is no different, or Carroll.
    Dalglish needs to stay at the club but behind the scenes.
    Not sure if that would work with rafa, seeing as they both have strong characters associated with Liverpool, Id sense tension.
    But I hope to god, Fenway decide to let Kenny go before the transfer window, and give a new manager a heafty sum in exess of 100mill to put in the missing peices to make us tick. Cavani up front with Carroll and Suarez on the wing with Muniain in midfield with Gerrard Maxi and sterling on the other wing would go along way to creativity. Leaving enough to sign one more top player to gradually replace Gerrard through out the season.

  12. Yawn! Keep Kenny and give him money He will sign Grant Holt for 20m and Matt Ethrington for 30m and of course avoiding relegation will be a progress for some fans, and of we do of course Kenny should be given time and 1st chance to get us back to Premier League and if we are lucky we will still be in the Championship and surely Rafa Mourinho Pep all will be queing to manage us again

  13. Fsg!










  14. I forgot to add we were just ‘unlucky’ If not we will be 3rd, and expecting to have more points than Fulham and Everton and Newcastle is of course wanting ‘instant success’ , Kenny only spend 120m Pardew and Moyes spent fortunes to get above us too so In Kenny we trust

  15. Daglish will finish 9th this term and win another boring carling cup. It make no sense as champions league attract the best players, enuff of all this ‘average players’. Lfc is a big club with gr8 expectations and gr8 history. Rafeal benitez is the healer, ask jose mourinho.

  16. Who wrote this, a Man Utd fan? Kenny has failed as a manager, it’s not been down to bad luck but a lack of tactical awareness. The game has moved on from the 80’s, but Kenny’s ideas haven’t. He handled the Suarez situation badly, and then on another occassion he got waved off the pitch by Gerrard. He blames everyone and everything but himself, and he’s embarrassing the club. The sooner he’s gone and replaced the better!

  17. he should go his judgement is dodgy, everyone could see that Maxi was a better option than dopey Downing, he shoulda dropped Downing and put Maxi back in to give us more goals from midfield but he was too stubborn and its ruined our season, chosing Adam over the much classier Aquilani and sending Joe Cole & Pacheco on loan when we need clever creative players to win games has also cost us and he is not strong enough to permanently drop Carra and convince Gerrard to change his style, he cant run around like hes 20 anymore its time to use your brain and play more like Gary Mcallister or Xabi Alonso, i’d be happy to see Phil Thomson or Steve Nicol come in with a good assistant like Aldo or John Barnes, thanks to Kenny we are playing some Liverpool style football but we need someone who can get us winning titles again

  18. Bad Decisions, bad buys and no plan B will cause Kenny his job. He was told champions league football was minimum target they gave him money to back him up he failed. Whats disappointing is that according to reports he was offered a role upstairs he refused which has left the club in limbo.

    Liverpool need champions league football to be successful, whether you like it or not Liverpool is a global brand and Kenny has damaged that brand by the saurez incident and the cringingly bad interviews.

  19. Although there are some great points made here, the writer has omitted to cover the many tactical mistakes the King has made over the season, on the pitch and to the press.
    We travel 5 hours to watch the home games and 5 back home and the performances have simply not been good enough… the buck must stop with the Manager he buys the players, motivates them and picks the side.
    We need a modern thinking manager, as soon as FSG please.

  20. Thank you for this read. Agree w your opinion. Back the king! Please back the king and we will be ok. Ynwa!

  21. I think there is a lot more to the story than we are seeing and I’m actually happy that there hasn’t been continual drama leaking out of FSG. One scenario I have in my head is that KK is putting FSG’s feet to the fire and forcing a scenario where he is directly fired or not and FSG aren’t prepared to make that decision yet. Some indications are FSG wanted to boot him upstairs in an orderly transition and KK didn’t want to go. What does FSG do now? Do they listen to the fans again and keep KK, or do they line up a quality guy, agree to a deal with him and release KK when it fits the timeline of the business? I think in this case, FSG are being very careful to treat KK and the fans well but he may be drawing lines in the sand and backing the owners into an uncomfortable corner.

  22. Liverpool fans should put the club ahead of everything. The club performed poorly during the last campaign and the reasons listed in this article did contribute to the dismal performance. However, the focus and discussion should be about the future of the club. As Hamann pointed out, if FSG fail to correct the weaknesses in the team this summer, the gulf between LFC and the leading EPL teams will simply increase. Besides strengthening the squad, the decision on the right leadership for LFC should form part of the summer adjustments. If Kenny takes the ‘Directoral’ post and allow modern managers to come and help the team, it would be good. However, if he insists to remain the manager, he should be prepared to go in December if LFC are not in the top 3 positions by X-Mas. We all love him but we love LFC more!!! YNWA

  23. Kenny has built a strong British squad which has shown can match teams and get results if Defoe had joined in January then things could have been better in the league! This transfer window is now where we need to get the quality in coupled with promoting Teixeira,Silva,Suso and Eccleston who is now too old for reserve team football should be now played to see if he his good enough with Amoo as well.

  24. do any of yous guys read anything on this liverpool-kop facebook page the guy who writes for them makes me mad no mater if we win lose or draw he always has something bad to say about kk and our football club drives me crazy.ynwa

  25. Jeez, what do all this ‘Kenny Out’ crowd expect next year??

    Imagine- our new manager installs a new style we come 5th we are out in both cups in the semis. Would that be a success? Or would we have to sack the new guy again?

    50-60m is not enough to take a team from 7th to 4th (particularly when everyone else spends the same).

    NESN need to show some cojones and provide the club with some stability at management level and some serious funds to compete.

    I fear we’ve been sold another yankee turkey….

  26. ohk im glad that half the people who have commented against kd here are british otherwise i will be called a ‘paki’ who doesnt know anything as i was called in some groups or blogs. Well all i would like to say is this,fsg didnt buy lfc cuz they support us or cuz they have an emotional attachement with us. So first of all KD supporters should keep aside the fact that he is a nice guy and led us to a mickey mouse cup. He did play some positive football but football is a result game and if u dnt have results on the table then you will get sacked. We have criticised Chelsea for sacking managers but is that such a bad thing when u dont get results? Lets see what they have won and what we have won:



    im not saying that we have to become like chelsea and sack managers if they finish 2nd place. All im saying is that they have to be sacked if they dnt even challenge for their objectives. Now lets see what KD has done and see if he has met them.

    Objective: 1. To challenge for top 4
    2. Have good cup runs

    he has failed miserably in the 1st challenge after spending a gross amnt 120MN in transfer window. Our challenge gt over in march only. The root cause of the issue is the attitude of the players,they gave up on 4th place after carling cup. Its KD’S job to take responsibility and get things rite but he failed! Now he has to take the responsibility for that.

    We had 2 good cup runs and we did win a cup which is a good thing but the fa cup final was again a demonstration of the failure of KD’s tactics and we barely won the cup against Cardiff. So it just papers the cracks.

    With greatest respect to KD i thnk he is not the right man for the job,its evident in his media relation. Media is a part of football nw. We have to accept that and stop the negative publicity. I belive that we hav to appoint a DoF asap and then consult with him to bring a new manager. The club needs a certain direction nw and rite nw lfc clearly lacks it. No individual is bigger than the club. Be it Dalglish or Billy Shankly himself!

  27. stop this passionate speech …. time for logic and stop all historonics … the only people pulling in kenny’s direction were his famed quatert of flops …. u dont bench the very players who gave u a gr8 season ending run with mediocore professionals … and look where we finished

  28. Sad to think that there’s uneducated people that can’t even spell or use the correct grammar yet they think the know better than someone who has played, coached and managed at a higher level than they will ever dream of doing. I agree totally with the owner of this blog, however there are more stats which show we’re currently a team heading in the right direction. We have put in more crosses into the box than any other team in the EPL, had more shots at goal than any other team other than City, have the 3rd best defence in the league, had the least amount of shots at our goals and in over 85% of the games have had more possession than our opposition, couple that with Gerrard’s, Adams and Lucas’ lengthy injury, Suarez’s lengthy ban and I think we’ve made progress, sure the league table wouldn’t suggest that but the league table doesn’t reflect that Downing has no assists or goals but that he hit the woodwork 5 times and many of his would be assists ended in missed chances so everyone starts having a go and saying he’s no good, truth is he still put in a huge amount of crosses this season that with Carrol not playing weren’t capitalised on. Adams in my opinion did well, Spearing did a job in the absence of Lucas but obviously not as well, one for the future. Carrol will be a handful next season and then we’ll be able to attack teams on the ground or in the air, from wide or through the middle. Sure we need to add to the squad, Henderson hasn’t been great and there are a few problems, every team has them. It’s easy to pick holes in any team, as supporters we’re here to support the positives not focus on the negatives. We’re a team heading in the right direction, give Kenny time, Steve Clarke is real quality too, they’ll get it right.

  29. J75J, why need to build a strong British squad? Should LFC be that racist? ‘A strong British squad’…but can’t beat Wigan, Blackburn, Norwich, Westbrom, Swansea at home!!!!

    1. Yes that’s the big question? Why KD spent 120m most of it is avarage British players? With that ammount of money you can seal Aguero(almost because he bestfriends of Maxi), Gomes, Cavani, Adebayor and look now the best player on earth will consider 20times to move to LFC.. also what the shit to offload Aquamen and Meireles while they give a best contribution specially Meireles on KD half season? KD is dellusion and getting more racist minded..! What the hell Maxi and Kuyt didnt have more play game, while this two players have the best contribution last season? Now Skritel want out because we cant compete on champions league, Agger, Pepe, Suarez will soon out in december if we can make a new changing on the management.. And its gonna be the brit players all we had, Its going to be Liverpool FC british club only? Its absurd, gonna destroy the LFC branding it self.. I respect KD as a legend but he should aware of the damage he make! KD for coaching staff and let Rafa’s plan master do this manager job..

    2. Look at the spending of Chelsea,Man U and Man City they have all spent big on British players! You need a good balance of British and foriegn talent! Stupid comment about being racist when Suarez,Doni,Coates and Enrique are foriegn signings!

  30. Yes, our king is pulling everyone in the same direction,DOWN….. and wanted to take a big credit for getting us a expresso cup.He create his own down fall by insisting to buy average british when he know there is much better player out there who doesn’t cost that much,The owner,millions$$,fans,supporters and media,tell me who doesn’t supported him???? I don’t think you’ll be impress if your very own family who is spending your money like water,do you????

  31. i am a liverpool supporter since i was 5 years old and i love lfc win or lose ,having said that over the past 22 seasons we have only came closest to winning the league with rafa who finished 2nd who took liverpool to 2 cl finals and won one ,but he still got sacked ,results matter in football and im sure supporters around the world would love to see liverpool attack and play exciting football every game with statistics saying we wer the better team but didnt win the game no yes ,how do we justify winning not purely based on how many shots u have ,results results results thats wat football is all abt ,i get so excited to watch a liverpool game but so dissapointed with not beating lower teams ,how is it that a man utd,chelsea ,city game is always played @ a higher tempo than the ,wesbrom,wigan,swansea games ,no one is b igger than liverpool football club ,weather kk is here next season or not i will still support this football club ,but we need to get back up as a top 4 club ,when people say top 4 wat do they mean cos in england i only know top 2 clubs that are well above the rest ,we all know who they are.heres to a positive next season.

  32. I wish all moaners would shut up and support the team and manager. Can`t you see what unrest your causing.FSG are getting off lightly with this.They wanted young English talent with a re-saleable value. Kenny identified the best that was about ( yes not good enough )Comolli payed over the odds for them, not Kenny. Now they have sacked Comolli. If they would have done their homework on Comolli they would not have employed him. ( google Comolli, Buying players without the managers consent, sacked 3 times now, ) The transfer kitty 100mil. only 37mil? ( can be corrected on that) was injected by FSG. Not much realy if you want Champions league place.This does not include Merellis sale. To sack Kenny now sets the standard. Anyone who does not qualify for champions league in their first season gets the sack. WELCOME TO THE POOR MANS CHELSEA. In an interview by Suarez on Spanish radio, because Kenny was the only one who supported him through this racist furgie setup. He said if Kenny get the sack he will put a transfer reqest in.Kenny has got to be given another year, with no one interfereing with transfers. Take the succes or move on then.

  33. The knee jerk reactions are always ‘sack the manager’ or ‘spend another 100m’ ! The real problem at the club is the poor backroom coaching team, Keen and Clarke have failed to improve the organisation or technique of the squad, i would bring back Pako Ayesteran AND Sammy Lee and keep on the look-out for other coaches that can add to what weve got. Did you see City’s coaching staff after their final match? It was like a small army! Even Attilio Lombardo was there, i didnt even know he was coaching. At LFC weve got the embarassing Keen & Clarke, two guys who would struggle as P.E. teachers.

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