POLL : Do you think that Roberto Martinez would make a good LFC manager?

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With Kenny now gone the word is that Roberto Martinez has been approached to take the Liverpool job.
What do you think?


  1. There’s only one top name who knows how to get the most out of crap players(that kenny has bought), turn water into wine and make us feared once again. please no unproven championship trundlers.

  2. What a disaster if we get Martinez. Could you imagine United appointing him or Chelsea. We have sunk very low, he was linked to Villa ffs!

  3. Finishing well in the last 7-9 games in the PL doesn’t make him a good manager. If he was good, he would have taken Wigan into mid-table with limited resources, like what O’Neil did with Villa. Even Moyes is better than him as the former didn’t spend a single dime from the coffers and he brought Everton above Liverpool. So Martinez is just as good as Roy with less experience. I don’t want to see the club prostituting itself with relegation again. Please.

  4. Should have a don’t know option as I honestly don’t know and can’t make an educated guess!!! Will get behind him if he is appointed though!!

  5. I’m praying they go for Rafa, the man who did everything to save the club before he was stabbed in the back by people who didn’t care about it as much as he did. He perfectly fits the FSG model and would bring success if funded properly.

    Really worried that they’ll go for that Brendan bloody Rogers. Some idiot on SSN just saying he’d be his first choice.

  6. Martinez would be a nightmare. Granted he has done a good job at Wigan but it’s too big a jump. Will be the same as Hodgson too big a club for him. Rafa or AVB would be my choice. Can’t see the board going back to Rafa though x

  7. What has Roberto Martinez achieved to make him good enough for Liverpool FC? Just about survived year after year in the Prem doesn’t make him a great manager.. Just a bloody lucky one

  8. What worries me is who at the club is going to make an informed decision on the new manager will be, and what is the criteria when appointing KK’s successor?

    FSG have done a job so far, but I don’t think they have the knowledge to make this decision, will they have advisors who will help them come to a decision, or will they go it alone?

  9. No no and no. Martinez the new trainer of Liverpool? No thanks. It’s sad from Kenny, but it was a bad season.
    Thanks Kenny!

  10. Please NO NO NO!!! We need someone experienced enough and though enough to handle our club

  11. i dont want martinez, the owners will not go backwards and get rafa either it seems. so we need a realistic option like
    joachim loew or avb.

  12. What is thie point in employing another small name manager ? If Fenway claim they want to see LFC back on top of the English and European ladders then they need to put their money where their mouths are and get a decent, world class manager and give them money to spend. Otherwise it was a waste of time sacking K.D. and they are only going sideways and not forwards!

  13. Martinez is a lower league manager, will always be that until he makes Wigan a top team! Liverpool should look at someone with experience and that’s been in club football a long time, I would like to see Rafa back but the only problem with him is that he lets the big players to fairly cheap. The best replacement for me would be Dortmund’s manager, look what he’s done in the last few years with them! And without spending drastically!

  14. Wigan plays some good football and not just for the last 8 games, with really clean and organized ideas but I don’t think his work is good enough for LFC.

    If we can’t get a top manager like Jurgen Klopp maybe Brendan Rodgers could be a good option. Swansea played some of the best football in EPL this year.

  15. It would be a risk. Brendan rogers plays good footie but also risky. AVB? Maybe a better choice. I’m not sure about rafa, at the time I thought we needed change all round. Bad times

  16. Unless Raffa or Josep Guardiola take over Liverpool FC, they will go down to 1 div next year ! Kenny, we Love You ,this breaks my heart.

  17. If you r replacing Liverpool’s manager . You must replace him with world class manager. Not a relegation coach!
    Roy Hodgson reign will return if he coach Liverpool.
    Dear owner can u imagine fan chanting Roderto out! from the start!
    Get Pep ! Kluff or Capello!

  18. I really don’t understand all this talk about Rafa. Apart from the Champions League, that the players won with heart and sould, we has done nothing good for the club.

    Rafa bought Keane for 19 million only to sold him 6 months later for 12 million… to the same club! Come on, this is ridiculous.

    As for his tactics ability, I can’t believe you all forgot how poorly and defensibly we played under Rafa. It was painful to watch even when we won.

    The only good thing Rafa did for LFC was signing Torres and we all not how that turned out.

    1. Rafa was building a great squad untill Hicks and Gillet fucked him over.
      Torres, Alonso, Mascharano to name a few.
      What Liverpool would do to have any of them names on the team sheet again.

      Bring back Rafa!!

      1. Sorry but I have to disagree. There were some great players in the squad but the overall value was week. And Rafa is as much two blame for Xabi Alonso leaving as Hicks and Gillet.

    2. the stats…… We conceded less and scored more under Rafa. As for keane, no ones sure Rafa actually wanted him, and aren’t managers allowed to make mistakes? Kenny bought henderson Downing Adams and carroll…United and City and Chelsea have all bought Lemons in the past, al least Rafa got us noticed in Europe

  19. It’s funny hear the name of Martinez…. it’s a name for a middle table teams…. Rafa and J.Klisman my No.1 candidates…

  20. i love liverpool football club with a passion and never thought kenny was the right man for the long term

  21. there is only one man who can take us back to the top, break the bank to get Mourinho and he will win the league within 4 years

  22. Makes me laugh (and despair) when people write ‘we don’t want Rafa’ when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of our wanting to bring him back.

    Should never have been sacked in the first place.

  23. Why not try something new? not another LFC legend (like rafa) or a small club manager (martinez or Rodgers that would be like a new hodgson) but a big name, we have the cash apperantly when we but downing, hendersson, adam, enrique and all those players in one transfer window so why not Capello or Pep Guardiola?

  24. diappointed with the decision today. who they appoint doesn’t make any difference bcoz there are not enough YOUNG managers(FSG policy) out there who r better than KENNY(if u exclude one Mr. Mourinho) & please no RAFA. He was one of the many responsible who pulled us down 2 this shit.

  25. rafa please.he;s the only manager who can wind up scumbag fergie.maybe he will be able to round up some spanish talent.he may even give the kids a chance!i dont think martinez is ready for lfc yet.fill your boots rafa!!

  26. Get Di Matteo. Abramovich will probably go for a big name manager even if Chelsea win the Champions League.

    1. Have you seen Chelsea play or do you just see the results? Chelsea achievements under Di Matteo have more to do with luck than with management skills…

  27. So was Rafa a top manager when he took valencia to win the league in his first season? You have to assess based on knowledge and tactic capability. I watched Wigan rattle the top six teams this year and play impressive football also. We need to be reasonable.

    For me I would love to see Rafa back, but Martinez would not be a disaster.


    1. For all this attacking football wigan played they still finished 7 places below us, when it looked that they were relegated Martinez got them to attack non stop, the top clubs who were vieing for the top 4 places played too defensively, worried about conceding points to their rivals, id rather have kept kenny than hire martinez.
      Rafa won the title with Valencia ending Barca’s and Reals dominance, and on a shoe string, he came to Liverpool and delivered the champions league, had the previous owners left a year before, Rafa would have been kept on by Fenway, his defensive record was much better and we scored more goals

  28. To be perfectly blunt and honest, and with respect to everyone planting his opinion here, FSG have removed Kenny knowing the fans adored him and will most certainly not go for what the fans think when they choose the next manager.
    My take is that they will go for a young manager who plays modern exciting football. In view of that, a few of our 30+ players will also been politely shown the door.

  29. I honestly thnk that Martinez will be de WORST choice, c’mon he’s manager of a Bottom-table-team, just because he save Wigan from relegation doesnt mean that he’s a good manager. I think the best choices will be Rafa Benitez, Didier Deschamps (I really like this choice), Dortmund manager, Ancelotti or Marcelo Bielsa, Im sure there are more good options, but I think Liverpool need to buy better players and sell others

  30. I can’t see any reason to hire Martinez. Not one. I don’t want to go back to the conservative Rafa days either. Got to be Pep. Might be dreaming, but he’s perfect

  31. There’s quite a good amount of exciting and top class managers about…Capello would be my top choice…we all know he wants to manage in the EPL, a proven top class manager through and through. Mourinho…he would ….if he’s paid top wages. AVB…he proved himself with Porto…big time. Failed at Chelsea…I don’t think so…still losing games even without him. Guardiola would be a dream of a manager…could change everything with the squad.

  32. No -ez, no Martinez, no Benitez, no going down, no going back; we need to be looking for the best available in the game, not the cheapest, we need to build this club back up into the force it was. But he will need money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. It’s a very sad day indeed…
    LFC’s losing its very identity because of the short-visioned fans themselves and the owners who are now too impatient.
    What do the owners and fans alike reproach him? That he did not fulfill his objectives?
    For one, neither have the owners, since they sacked him before the end of his contract! How’s that for a breach of contract? Like the song says, It ain’t over till it’s over!
    KK should have been judged at the end of his contract!
    And now, what are some people saying – bring Mourinho, he should be getting the title for us within 4 years?! Or Rafa, who got six years to prove himself?
    It is this constant harassment of KK and the team’s performances and unfair fans’ expectations, day in, day out, that proved KK’s downfall! Nothing less!
    If you were real fans, you would have borne with him and the team, and we would all have seen the results!
    What all this shows is that the owners, somehow, somewhere got overwhelmed by their own and some “fans”‘ impatience and lack of judgement.
    You missed a bus…
    Hope you catch the next…
    Or, if you do accept a piece of free advice, please swallow your pride, and do restore the man’s, by calling him back, no hard feelings, no grudges kept, JUST MOVE ON, TOGETHER, this time!

  34. Very sad day seeing Kenny leave. Lets not forget all the positives from his second stint as manager. There has been many many good memories from this last year. I will support which ever manager from Rafa, AVB or Martinez, however I do feel as though if Martinez is the man, we would have been better off keeping Kenny. Having said that, this is Fenways club now, and they are shrewd ruthless successful businessman and we have to trust them in there decisions. If what Kenny was sacked for is failure to reach the top 4, Rafa MUST be the man to step in. It’s a no brainer. He will have better players to work with than 2004- and greater ammunition from the owners. It is a no brainer. AVB is the gamble in the mix. I think our fans and players would respect him a lot more than Chelsea did and he is an intriguing option. Surely Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are very unlikely so we may as well forget them. YNWA Kenny

  35. Sing that name again in Anfield : ” Rafa..Rafael.. Rafa.. Rafael.. Rafael Banitez..”

    Let him finish the unfinished buisiness!

  36. Bielsa worked wonders with a very partisan Bilbao, failing the extreme work ethic they produced, Im not sure he would have the same impact with our squad, Pep Guardiola would be ok, but you build him up to be a messiah, people forget he’s lucky to have been gifted some talented individuals, in the same fashion Ferguson got 7+ kids to gel together and dominate for a decade, Kenny dalglish could win la liga with the current barca side.
    Mourhino stands out as the right mentality, but I dont think Fenway would garnish him with the relevent funds to replace who he didnt want with players he’s worked with already at real, though he would attract the very top players.I really think we need to look outside the current premier league managers……. Someone who will bring a new direction.
    Those already managing in the prem are already known for their weaknesses and strengths, so hold no secrets to inspire through leadership. Mourhino HAS managed in the prem, but his success rate does put him as a candidate. Obviously he’s employed by Real, so thats a no no.
    If its not Rafa, Id like it to be Guardiola, because the prospect of NOT getting him would always make me wonder, WHAT IF HE REALLY COULD GET OUR TOP PLAYERS SCORING.?!?!?!

  37. Robbie Martinez is a decent manager, but I think he’s a few years away from a job at a club the size of LFC. My personal choice would be to bring back Rafa, he knows the club and majority of the players inside out, and he would be awesome armed with a decent transfer budget and no Gillett and Hicks leeching the club dry, BRING BACK RAFA!!! YNWA

  38. Tryed and tested RAFA is da man for the Job, with no more issues at da club he is the right man for the job, He buys right players and good insight n football brain .

  39. My issue with Martinez is that he is similar to hodgson where they do well with little resources and are good at getting out of a relegation scrap. I do believe we need a proven world class manger.

  40. I guess most liverpool fans are blinkered and too haught for their own good.I have lvpl blood running in my veins but i am a realist…Guardiola will not come to liverpool.Benitez era is done and over with.It will be another nostalgia filled appointment.it is the Rafa lovers who are stupid not those who voted for martinez.Martinez is definitely a better man manager than Rafa..Rafa is a coach.he will serve better as Director of Football or in some coaching capacity…Fact!!!! My best bet is on AVB.he is passionate,attack minded and supports young players.Raheem sterling,Suso,henderson,carroll and the like will flourish under AVB..And he vl bring sturridge to Lvpl..He is a guardiola in the making.FSG need to bold here.

  41. I know i’m poisoning the web with this but i do it for the club so:

    ps. it’s possible to sign a petition somewhere for bringing back Rafa or sign Guardiola? because i’m pretty scared with those presumed phenoms managers that i read around the web…

  42. RAFA must return to anfiel
    We win UCL with him
    We defeat Man utd at old traford with him
    He must come back

  43. Don’t want to sound harsh but as Roy Hogson failed at Liverpool in quite a huge way; he has atleast 10 times more creditions on his cv compare to martinez, whom has just flirted with the relegation for the past 3 years; Liverpool need to be looking at a more proven experiance managers either abroad or internally but it seems to be those Americans owners are getting brainwashed by the media.

  44. From all available candidates Rafa is the best by far. How many managers have 2 CL final medals? How many managers have thrown Real Madrid and Barca out of CL qualification games? How many managers have scored 4 at the theater of laughs? How many managers can stand there and tell ‘sir chewing gum’ to f… o..?


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