An open letter to Mr. John W. Henry

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We’re Liverpool Football club.Success is in our blood. We have to stop aiming low and aim for the sky. Everyone associated with Liverpool needs to wake up each morning with the mentality of bringing nothing but the best to Liverpool. Be it effort or talent. Be it goals or mentalities. We need to acknowledge the fact that we’re not where we want to be. The best of our opponents do not expect us to win. Our players need to accept that as a challenge and come out hungry, everyday and every night.

You can’t take Liverpool fans for granted. Yes, the travelling Kop and millions around the world will be by Liverpool’s side through thick and thin, through blood and tears. But the honeymoon period Mr. John W. Henry, officially ended when Kenny Dalglish was sacked. A bold move that indicated you think Liverpool deserves better. The only problem is that is now, we’ll demand better. No matter who you bring in as a manager, be it the fans favorite, the ever so changing bookies favorite or bob the builder. We, the fans, will support him. My only advice to you (says the man to the successful billionaire!) is to listen to the fans. To quote a word Rafael Benitez used a lot, we need “ Character” In a manager and in our signings.

Liverpool may be second in your heart after the Boston Red Sox, but just know that to millions… more importantly the local Scouse, Liverpool Football club was their grandfather’s love, their father’s love, their love and will be their kids love. Liverpool is our Number one, Mr. Henry. Will always be. Defeat, failure & Retreat are not in our vocabulary,Success is but so is patience. We’re not demanding success tomorrow.But we demand the effort towards success today. All we ask is that we know what direction you plan on taking this club to reach that success. Actions speak louder than words, but silence is more dangerous than any weapon.

Today, we look back at Liverpool’s history with pride. We remember their glory, passion and success.

Mr. John W. Henry, we’ve lost our perch. But we don’t want it back.Let’s build a new perch of glory. Let history remember us with pride, let history be proud of US.



To quote Bill Shankly, “Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor” Let’s aim Sky High.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Just another Red.

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  1. The owners seriously need to look into Rafa Benitez!! This is a man with a passion for Liverpool, who gave us a Champions League, FA Cup and runners up in the premier league, HE IS THE MAN WITH THE GOD DAMN PLAN!

  2. I hope you are really going to send this letter to him! He’s not likely to come on this site and read it so e mail or post to him please. Thank you for putting our feelings as fans so succinctly.

  3. In other words, do NOT hire Roberto Martinez. Especially considering there is a Mr. Benitez available.

  4. nice. have every Liverpool supporter sign it and deliver it to his door step!
    fenway has now turned LFC into a circus show. if they had bring in a top top coach like Jose then fine. but to sack Kenny for martinez!!!!???
    Gong show.

    1. Jordan Whatkins .. 2of the 3 players you named left before Martinez came to Wigan .. So you point is wrong.. He did not sign Valencia or Palacios both left the year he joined Latics .. Unfortunately I live in Wigan and have had to listen to Latics fans complaining about Martinez week in week out, until about 6 weeks ago they wanted him sacking.

  5. You’ve directly contradicted what Shankly himself said, you need to start aiming for the ceiling and stay grounded for a little bit. We’re not going to reah te Chanpions League because we don’t have a diverse squad that is capable of doing so. With the resources we had, we could have had talents in Ligue 1 like Marvin Martin, Dimitri Payet, Younes Belhanda – yet Dalglish chose Jordan Henderson. With the resources Martinez has had, he bought Antonio Valencia, Charles N’Zogbia and Wilson Palacios; players that signify ambition. I think, having seen the fight that his team always seem to put in against big game team in particular us, he has a tactical nous that is ambitious and energetic and I would welcome him to Anfield and watch him spend £30m with both efficiency and common sense.

  6. Worrying times ahead i dont think martinez is the right choice . Who ever they bring in needs to be a winner . Somebody who has a proven record and more importantly a real leader .

  7. Well said this deffo needs sending an no to Martinez this clubs too big for him and too wild for him we need a man to manage us YNWA

  8. I want Rafa back as with him, there will always be a place for Kenny. Rafa built the Academy and kept us near the top when times were hard. He never forgot the place of the fans and they returned that favour with their support. He is a modern coach with modern values WINNING.

  9. I call on ALL Liverpool supporters to take to the streets to voice who we want. Martinez is not the answer and scousers know how to be heard. Let’s say it in unison. All the articles and replies will not reach the ears of the money men.They need to know in no uncertain terms that Liverpool fc has the most passionate fans the world has ever seen, and WE own the club. The moneymen are mearly a part player

  10. I just dont understand how the owners can look at Roberto Martinez football cv and consider him for the job. His biggest acheivment in football is surviving relegation. Rafa has 2 spanish title while competing against both Real and Barcelona with a relative small budget.Not to mention the Uefa cup, Champions league and FA cup to add to his CV. It does not seem complicated choice to me but perhaps owners are going for the cheap option yes man

  11. I am a 20 yr season ticket holder and I hate most of out fans!! You are all idiots!! Petitions against Martinez before the he has even been interviewed! What a joke!! All great manager need to start somewhere, what had Shankly done before he became a great manager, Jose has to start somewhere, so did Wenger and even Fergie!! Trust the people who know more than you and give the new guy your support!

    1. finally someone who speaks sense. i cant believe how much negativity there is surrounding martinez. he gets his teams playing great football, the way every lfc fan wants our team to play. the only way to know if a manager can make it at the top level is to give him a chance. alex ferguson, jose mourinho, guardiola etc etc wouldnt have won anything with the teams martinez has managed. i really am a supporter of benitez but maybe going back to someone who some of the players have openly criticised isnt a good idea. for me jurgen klopp is the best option around, and i wouldnt say no to avb or rijkaard, but i would also welcome martinez with open arms and i suggest other “fans” get behind whoever is appointed or we could have another hodgson on our hands. just another point on guardiola, i wonder if there was such uproar when barca promoted their b team manager aka reserve manager as the manager of one of the worlds biggest clubs. have some faith would you!

    2. No offence mate, but you’re using an argument that doesnt count today.
      Shankly wasnt the best tactician, his strength was inspirational player development, he turned boys into men, football has moved on from the Liverpool way, the very fact Kenny just got the sack trying to restore it proves that.
      We need a manager who is a tactician firstly then a man manager, its tactics that win you games these days not words.
      Words are ok for when your losing, but you need to know first how to win, which means getting our players into the strongest 11.
      kenny fiddled with our midfield far too much after Lucas got injured, rafa would have probably called Aquilani back, considering we still own him, tell me this…fa cup final…… spearing and henderson…….. or maxi and aquilani ? Rafa will at the very least restore a spine to the squad, like he did before we signed torres.
      Fernando was the goal scorer after we worked out how to provide for one.
      Ive no doubt Rafa would see a striker and midfielder as an urgent requirement, not another 7 footer like carroll but an aguero type player, maybe cavani or lavezzi, and a muniain for midfield, then sort the leaky defence out

  12. First is like to thank you for an educated assessment of what’s happening with our very beloved club. This move by Fsg broke my heart as I’m sure it broke our king’s. I’m a grown man and it was the first time my better half has seen me tear up. Mr. Henry obviously has no respect for kenny and our club.(as soon as it was announced, john Henry stopped following kenny’s twitter. Spiteful?id say so!)
    Honestly I really hope he gets to read this piece. When I get to Boston I plan on organising banners and chants to voice our opinion to Fsg! Please keep your heads up reds in these tough times! Can we please get rafa back?!

  13. I cannot believe Roberto Martinez is even being considered for the job, especially with his track record! Of all possible candidates, I believe Martin O’Neil would make the best Manager!

  14. If Martinez was managing in Spain at the moment instead of Wigan, then you’d all love him.

  15. Very good piece. Don’t want Martinez not good enough. Has to be Pep or Klopp, I would be happy with either.

  16. I belive there is only one man who can bring success to Liverpool at the moment and that is Mourinho. Probably the best manger in the world right now, whether he would come to Liverpool is another matter, also he would be accepted by the majority of the fans.

    1. What the F**k are you lot on about?!! Jose ‘Moan’rinho is a C**T, Pep guardiola IS NOT AVAILABLE OR HE WOULDNT BE WALKING OUT ON BARCA!! another one you keep banging on about being O’neil…..jesus h christ – are you fucking serious…..!! The vast majority of you ‘fans’ think the open letter to henry is excellent (for the record i do too) & speaks on behalf of all true redmen, yet where the letter states that whoever is put in charge will have the fans’ backing you lot are slagging off one of the potential favourites for the job before he’s even had his interview – GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE or we’ll have another hodgsen scenario on our hands. At least martinez strung more than 2 wins in-a-row together & beat some of the best teams in europe this season, can we say the same?!!

  17. I cannot believe some of the comments being made here. Did none of you read what Dalglish said in his statements following his dismissal……”I would hope nobody would prejudge things now”

  18. From all available candidates Rafa is the best by far. How many managers have 2 CL final medals? How many managers have thrown Real Madrid and Barca out of CL qualification games? How many managers have scored 4 at the theater of laughs? How many managers can stand there and tell ‘sir chewing gum’ to f… o..?


  19. Thanks for the comments, appreciated. For the record i think the owners have the intention to bring success to LFC, something the former owners didn’t. Whomever they bring in we’ll support, be it Martinez, AVB etc. Pointless attacking managers before they’ve even played a game at Liverpool FC. Ynwa

  20. My personal choices are Rafa or Klopp. BUT if it is Martinez then I will support him with all I have to give!!

  21. You lot are so desperate to win something that you’ll believe any sweet words FSG throw your way. You are FSG’s bastard child. You’re not even second favorites, more like third behind the car racing team.
    I still scratch my head at why FSG would buy your club other than to turn around and sell it for a quick profit in 3 years. They have no money and no intention to build you a new stadium and they’ll be happy to fatten up the piggy with commercial deals until a buyer comes along. Suckers.

    1. Whats the matter jealous that your club prob man ure if you havent jumped to the blue half by now have owners in almost £1b in debt unlike fsg which is made up of 12 multi millionaires worth more than your club. Again our club is debt free because of fsg

  22. Needs to be a name to attract the players. We don’t have CL football after all. However, I simply do want want the defensive negative football back of Rafa. He had his team and had his time. He spent a fortune and ended up 7th. Liverpool have spent too long looking at their glorious past and now need to move and look forward. Vital we have a fresh start and new ideas.

  23. Being a mid table squad, are we still paying for aqua man and Cole? We have to get what’s available. I honestly don’t want AVB. Martinez is not a sexy choice, nor my top choice. We can only hope FSG makes a sound decision. You cant go with what the papers are saying with a younger mgr. They just hired an artifact to manage the Red Sox. Whomever they hire I will support.

  24. I honestly believe we could do with a manager with a passion/hunger and determination to do well not to mention the fighting spirit and style of play with mediocre players so why not could give our club fresh perspective. Kenny is our king I was not able to see him play being born in 87 but I have the dvds and I love the guy eat sleeps and breathes LFC but the fact remains that even though we got a cup and runners up we still finished on our lowest ever points and goals scored tally in over 50 years. I’m sorry but it was publically stated by fsg and kenny himself that 4th was minimum and before everyone gets uptight about fsg we wouldnt have a club to support had they not taken over

  25. As a liverpool supporter for more than 40 years.. it doesn’t matter who manages, the players have to go out there and score.. not hit the woodwork, the crossbar etc.. they’re the ones who need the passion… I hope we do it next year

  26. Why focus so much on names for a new manager, the point is the club cannot compete against Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City even Chelsea because the stadium is too small. FSG plans to put Liverpool back on the top of the league, it just cost Man City 400 million pounds to do that (and only just). Sacking all of the management team as the transfer window opens is just plain ridiculous. This club needs hundreds of millions investment in infrastructure and players. Sacking Kenny Dalglish was one of the worst decisions you could make at this time. It just demonstrates that FSG want instant results (good luck to our new manager if they have to get this squad into 4th place or they will be fired as well). We will be spending more money on manager pay offs than we will squad investment if we continue in this crazy manner. My message to the owners is invest now in the stadium if you are going to fulfil your promise to the club.

  27. What Im about to say may seem a little contradictory, but here goes.
    ” Better the devil you know, than the devil you dont “.
    I’m alluding to Rafa benitez, knowing some will say, ” well it didnt work with kenny “.
    Kenny may have been in the stands during the demise of Hodgson, watching our mistakes, but his ideology kinda fell short once the whistle blew for kick off, good man manager, philosophical, legend status.
    But just not cutting edge enough to cope/grasp the miniscule details of todays game.
    Rose up through the ranks of la liga, as mentioned previously ended the domination of Madrid and Barca on a shoe-string.
    Got a move to Liverpool at an also turbulent time, which has never trully healed until this day.
    he worked wonders with what the previous owners would allow him.
    Which by rivals standards was never enough.
    True towards the end like with most, it was going wrong, mainly off the pitch at first, but the mood off it, arose on it with poor results.
    The previous owners had no intention of leaving until they’d made a profilt, so rafa was expendable, meeting with Klinsman behind his back, and even knowing this, he stuck to his job, managing the club he loves, the city he lived in, Rafa is a tactician, some say too cautious, and that Kenny had us playing more elaborate football, but Rafa was cautious because he was up against a lucrative Chelsea and a “then” dominating United, he didnt have the squads they had, so Had to play more defensive, our strength back then was our defending, with Carragher taking centre stage alongside Hypia, but we were always 2 top players short, with H&G going back on their promises with the stadium, it became apparent they had no intention to build, and seemed reluctant to give rafa the money to compete.
    All managers make bad signings.
    My overall point is this.
    Martinez doesnt know Liverpool from the inside out.
    Rafa does, many still play for us that he managed before, many fans were upset he was the fall guy for the H&G fiasco.
    We’re in a prosperous but still turbulent time at Liverpool.
    Kenny restored our vision which became tainted with court cases and administration threats, but he lacked what rafa has.
    A football brain that never stops working.
    Many fans would give martinez a break, but what if we lose our first few games? unrest? questions?same old Liverpool?.
    Rafa does have charisma of sorts.
    So If its not Guardiola or Mourhnio.
    It has to be Rafa.
    Martinez is too much of an unknown quantity, and AVB almost did to Chelsea what Hodgson did to us.

    1. I agree with u 100%. Fsg Please listened to us ! Please get back RAFA ! P.l.e.a.s.e……

  28. The one who capable to replacing the persona of KD is the one who had a soul for LFC and that is RAFA BANITEZ!

  29. These idiots are not fans and I bet hardly any if them know why we even called Kenny King! They screamed and shouted for Kenny and they fgot him. He promptly had a half decent few months follewd by a ridicilous spending spree on average players and took us back in time. Unfortunately not 25 yrs but 54 years! Let me tell you when the owners decided to sack Kenny! On a cold monday night 2 weeks before then of the season a poor team known as Fulham came to Anfield a won for the first time in 68 yrs, one of only a few records that lowly teams managed to credit Dalglish with. At the end of that game the so called Liverpool faithful who loved Kenny so much BOOED him and his team off the pitch. This is the way they show their loyalty to their King. Those of us old enough to remember 25 yes ago remember Dalglish was terrible with the press and had no personality bur because he maintained the team that Paisly and Fagan left him he got away with it. He has bever changed with the times and is not good for the image of the club which whether we as fans like it or not is a global business as well and relies on a god image to promote the brand and revenue. The way he handled the Suarez was another poor display of professionalism and he regrets that now as we all know! I don’t think that helped his case and also cost Ian Cotton his job along with the new kit launch boob. Remember the man you loved and revered forever but remember also how you played into the owners hands by Booing off the park so late in the season and kept it fresh in their minds! You can’t pretend to be loyal and then claim to be his faithful subjects when you helped get him sacked by vocally showing your disgust at his efforts. It took Only 16 months to boo him which is nearly 3 times longer than you gave Hodgson but al the same the message is the same! Booooooooo to you too and shame on you for your hypocrisy. You tell the owners Kenny deserves more respect after booing him yourselves. I can think of no bigger disrepect than to boo someone off the field of play!! Credit to Kenny he loved you till the end and always showed it, always, every game and every day!! Me I never wanted him to get the job in the first place because i believe in progress and unfortunately most of our fans can not get their heads out of the past and look to the future. Stuck in a time warp that half of them never even lived through and hailing a hero they never saw play! He geordies did the same with Keegan and it too ended in tears. No one man no matter who he is is bigger than our club and it is about time oyr supporters learned that!!!!

    1. Interesting what you wrote about him being booed in 80s, didn’t know that and don’t know how true that is but think you’re contradicting yourself a bit mate. You’re criticizing the fans of today for supporting him but criticizing the KOP of today for something most of them were not a part of? but at the same time Criticizing the fans of today for jumping on the ” I love king Kenny” Bandwagon.. Yet in your comment you praised & Criticized him ? Just confused on many levels. Kenny won 32 trophies for LFC, that can’t be booed. He brought the team together last year, that can’t be forgotten. He’s been class till the end and i envy you for having lived through that Era. Must have been great! Ynwa mate.

  30. We trust Rafael! He is best manger in world! Pls pls don’t give job to Robert martinze ok…….. WE TRUST IN RAFAEL!!!!!

  31. My heart was devastated when I heard John fired Kenny.

    Now Its of most importance that King Kenny continues working positive for the club, formal or imformal.

    As a club, we are lucky that so many BIG managers are vacant in Europe thes days.

    Obviously PEP Guardiola is my favourite.


  32. From the depths of our hearts the pen speaks the loudest, Mr. J.W. Henry if business is your thing, then Liverpool is not for you. Through our passion, love of the game and hunger for success comes our rich history. You went ahead of yourself letting the King walk and now you must understand we as the fans are now putting you under the microscope. Nothing less than excellence is expected, after all you have set the bar. YNWA

  33. I dont dismiss martinez or pardew they have a chance to make it.but benitez is world class manager. Under him we were a serious threat in europe and i remember that we thumped manu 4-1 away and real madrid 4-0. We drew 4-4 at a very good chelsea. I would not minda side with 5 spanish internationals and mascherano right now.torres and gerrard were fantastic. They should choose benitez but they wont.

  34. U guys have to be realistic…
    Roberto Martinez gonna be the best u can get
    As the article mentioned, let the history be with u ..
    I would like to add on…
    n let mediocre years awaits…

  35. This piece speaks for LFC fans’ minds around the world. I believed everyone is frustrated (more or less) upon the situation. I hoped that the Owner and the Management are doing everything to the bright future of the club & fan. LFC has long rich histories, up and down, for all to take pride of. I have never experienced any club that supportors are so related and connected, on and off the pitch, like LFC. I wished the NEW manager will be the one who could present us what we have been waiting for. PLEASE take your consideration deliberately and thoroughly, consult, acquire, gather, or do anything possible with experts & columnists (whom do love LIVERPOOL) to study for the best options available for our club.

  36. If the one to replace KD is not the top managers alive?
    We are in the backwards situation and looks like start on the begining.
    The one who replacing KD should be the one with big profile or big understanding of LFC.
    Its other big name? or just the one who already build everything for LFC till today? and we should not forget RAFA BANITEZ..!
    the man who built the club and made for the club.

    I believe in Rafa Banitez. without no job in one years, he is in contemplate moment and had a very clear vision to develop all the modern football evolution. I believe his intellectual in great level after being in “his meditation stage”. He is the one who built this foundation, today..he is in the HIGH-SPIRIT to finish LFC project in the WAY WE ARE.


    Lets bring back this Spirit back..!

  37. I simply think that our manager must be someone with a proven track record, Martinez, Klopp, Villas Boas are not, those are facts like other facts are that they’ll not attract big players and they doesn’t seem to have the personality to take this club after the departure of KD…i also think that if they’ve sacked KD they must replace him with a better manager, not a worst or a same level one so please John, bring in Benitez (first choice) or Guardiola if you want to see the club on top, if you’ll choose others you’ll regret it

  38. Martinez? What has he really proved in the game? What does potential win you? Does any manager out there right now really excite you? Do I really want to see rafa come back if we are struggling to prove ourselves again? Do we really deserve all this success we talk about? Is 22 years too long? Whats another 5? Am I really bothered who we appoint?

    Do I love Liverpool unconditionally?

    Yes. Come back to me in 12 months and we will dissect all that is said on here, good or bad…..

  39. Martinez?!!!!!!!!!! Then why did we sack KK? KK won this league multiple times, with multiple clubs, managed players like Rush, Barnes & SG, NOT TO MENTION KK AS PLAYER; still couldn’t cope with the EPL demands. This chap Martinez played for Championship, managed a team to win Championship & excelled in avoiding relegation for 3 great years & now we are thinking to replace KK by a big fish from small pond.

    We tried to replace Alonso with Hendeson, Masch with Chirle Adam, Toress with Caroll & now KK by Martinez. It’s less than 2 years we replaced a La Ligua & UCL winner Manager with a man managing Fullham (& then went to WBA) & now going back to Wigan, Swansea or Norwich.

    Queen save the football ignorant yanks.

  40. Soccer to J W Henry is a business, to Liverpool fans all over the world it is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!…………..

  41. No to Martinez.He has no proven record in the top flight.
    Yes to Rafa Benitez, he will make us a firce to reckon with.Benitez..YES>>>YES>>>YES….he is the man for the job.

  42. I would be uneasy at having rafa back. We were dreadful towards the end. If I knew that we were getting the 2006 rafa back then maybe, but I think we should look elsewhere.
    KD-carra combination would have been my call.
    I agree that as lfc fans, we need tk back the manager as much as possible, no matter where personal loyalties rest, and I think a lot of people should reflect on just how poorly Woy was treated in order to ensure there is no repeat (woy was not my pick either).
    We have witnessed the evolvement of a modern day football club/ business in recent years, and I think that the old school flame started to extinguish when Moore’s sold us to Abbott And Costello. We have to accept this situation and move on. Kenny will always be a legend with us, the owners aren’t part of that historic chapter so don’t connect the same.
    We will come good. We will come back stronger.

  43. “When we were rivals, we were no longer friends. When we were 20 points behind Manchester United, he liked me.”
    Rafa Benitez on Mr Ferguson.

  44. I wonder what advise did they receive to even put Martinez on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who is advising these guys?? Is it again the type of Purslow or who? I mean we have many top class Managers around…Our own RAFA is around in Liverpool just few meters away. He has LFC and the people of Liverpool more closer to his heart. He is the one who understood the need to bring back King Kenny in an ambassodrial and youth development and to strenghten the aura of YNWA. It was part of RAFA’s plan that Ian Rush was brought back.
    So, we have someone with great credentials who did some good work for the club under difficult condition. He has always said the team needs to have a project, a plan and he has shown that at LFC. He restructered the Academy to best serve the future, he brought the best youth development and scouting staff to ensure we can have the best for the future. What else could the Owners want???
    Missing out on RAFA this time will be a much bigger price to pay for LFC!!!

  45. I am gutted that Kenny has gone. He was not given enough time to build a new dynasty. One season, a season during which we reached 2 cup finals, knocking both Mancs out on the way. Ok, 8th in the league is never acceptable, but that could be built upon for next season. The Carling Cup was a start. The FA cup would have been the cherry on the cake this season. Our first silverware in years and it is not good enough for the owners…well it was for me becuase it was a start in the right direction.

    I do not want Martinez, or AVB or anyone like that. I want someone who understands what Liverpool Football Club means to the average fan on the street. The passion we feel for our club. Someone who knows us, knows the club.
    OK, at the end Rafa had lost the plot and the situation was dire..but we had the previous owners to thank for that..our dirty linen being washed out in public, the club facing financial ruin. That is not the Liverpool way and never has been. If i was to choose a manager now, it would have to be Rafa despite all of the above. He has unfinished business.

  46. rafa rafa rafa, sick of hearing about rafa, all you ppl who wanted kenny out and rafa in because we were ‘living in the past’, here’s some news, rafa is also the past!!!!! i vote for avb…because without the chavski players undermining him he was actually a good manager who had them playing well both in prem league and CL…that’s what we want isn’t?? not martinez, a good man but who can barely keep his team in the prem league!!!

  47. AVB is a good bet .. Player power at the plastic chavvy ruskies in west london undermined his authority …

    Scouting for Martinez and Rodgers is like asking the casts of TOWIE and Geordie shore to appear on mastermind…

    Not being able to sleep since learning of Kenny’s sacking him to the bone and can’t find space in my heart to forgive FSG… But its all about #lfc and the legacy … Our British buys last season were very poor and we do need better players ..

  48. If Rafa isn’t an option, which is what I am led to believe, and we can rule out Jose Mourinho and Pep Gaurdiola then I would take a punt on AVB. He won all could in Portugal, I’m sure Chelsea did their research before buying him out of his contract. I have to agree with Digger he shouldn’t be ruled out because of time at Chelsea alone.

  49. If Rafa isn’t an option, which is what I am led to believe, and we can rule out Jose Mourinho and Pep Gaurdiola then I would take a punt on AVB. He won all he could in Portugal, I’m sure Chelsea did their research before buying him out of his contract. I have to agree with Digger he shouldn’t be ruled out because of his time at Chelsea alone.

  50. Being a life long liverpool fan boy to man I was shocked by the sacking of kenny dalglish,firstly I thought do they know whay they are doing or more importantly do they know what they have done as the day wore on and I read more and more about jwh + tw they do know what they are doing reading about the boston ted dox and what they overlooked there not to disimilar to our situation they took over took
    a back seat so to speak left the fans favourite in charge.

  51. To all of the people who say Rafa and there is a really good case for bringing him back , but the reasoning he brought Kenny back and Rushie back , not sure about this . If that last 18 months has told us anything it’s don’t go back , so maybe just maybe Martinez young , fresh etc could be the answer a gamble yes , but aren’t they all a gamble , except Mourino maybe but I wouldn’t want him at Anfield , and I certainly wouldn’t give him the opportunity to say no to us

  52. Another thing just listen to what an ordinary guy , albeit a millionaire but you know what I mean Dave Whelan says about Martinez , I would give him a go before Capello he took 6 mil a year off the F A for 3 1/2 years then just spewed it , no to him , AVB big gamble it’s alright saying ignore what happened at Chelsea but would that be wise , even Guardiola would be a big gamble , I know his record is terrific but the best team in the world have just finished the season with nothing under him . Martinez would do for me he might just be the one , back to Dave Whelan ordinary down to earth guy rates him highly , aren’t we all just ordinary guys who want the best for LFC

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