King Kenny gone, what now ??

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When I heard the news Kenny Dalglish was sacked I cant say I was surprised, the writing was on the wall after we lost to Swansea in our last match. But did he deserved the boot is a different question altogether.  When we look back 18 months LFC was in total disarray thanks to Roy Hudson and the “other” american management. Even when KD started as a caretaker manager the fans knew the club was in good hands. lets never doubt for a minute the intentions of the man who has only good of the club in his mind. He manage to boost the morale of the team and the supporters, most of all with Kenny in charge we were still considered as a team not to be taken for granted and big name players were willing to come to. We should always be thankful to KD  for that. The man is a legend no matter what.  Though i love the man to death still i dont think Stuart Downing n Henderson was not worth the money we paid ( forget their playing form) yes, we did spend a lot on the fringe players.This is where i think KD kind of lost the plot.  The team was in sync but then all went wrong once we started the season the form of the big ticket players nothing short dismal and our luck as we had it just ran out. 40+ shots on the wood work, 7 penalties missed etc dint help out case.  Ofcourse  we did manage to land a cup, (not very convincingly  though). KD just couldn’t get the team  into a consistent  form or result. As always we stumble against the lower ranked clubs n do quite well against the top teams. But shouldn’t KD be given little longer time to prove him self ? agreed the season was dismal still he had a build a good team waiting explode, still i am not sure the managements decision was a wise one.

The worst this about KD getting sacked is now this decision has managed to divide the supporters. Going thru all the tweets and blogs i can see  that this house is divided while some  people are disallusioned by the decision there are some who welcomed it. I am sure the management would like to see their investment yeilding returns. Now the question is  whats next ? will we see the likes of Jose mourinho managing the club or will we got the Chelsea way ( we had 4 managers in lil over 3 years)  and continue the hire n fire culture !!! Being a fan over 26 years i am shocked n repulsed at some of the names recommended by the fans n others for KD’s replacement. Kenny is a Liverpool/football  legend and no one can take that away from him.  For me LFC is not just a football club we are much bigger than  a football club and i hope no one destroys this great institution called Liverpool Football Club. YNWA…


  1. I like many fellow reds have been trying to unravel the reason(s) behind KD getting sacked. After reading the statements from both FSG & Kenny it appears that this was a decision made well before wednesday by both parties. I base this conclusion as to how neat and exact the statements were written this was not something done within hours of a decision. Yes I am upset Kenny has gone as he deserved at least another full season in charge. With a fully fit Stevie G and a much improved Andy Carroll and more important Lucas to return I believe next season we would improve dramatically. Lucas missing has been our achilles heel this season and i believe this is reflected in the results since his injury. If the next manager has a fully fit squad and we do well let us not forget who laid down the foundations for it and FSG should recognise that.

  2. I think Hodgson was very badly treated by us. I’m glad he’s gone and he certainly wasn’t my pick anyway, but he was completely disrespected whilst at Anfield. The irony is that he is now in charge of England!
    I’m gutted things didn’t work out for KD but none of us should be shocked. It’s the risk you take when you go back to a place you’ve worked before.
    I would like a fresh face. A manager that plays pass and move footie and has nous in the transfer market. We need to improve the squad. I haven’t come on here to disrespect players but a couple of the new boys simply don’t look like lfc material.

  3. “Liverpool FC exists to win trophies”. Kenny still believed this to be true, that’s why he was sacked. Liverpool FC exists to make the owners money and if it means playing dire boring football and never going to Wembley again then they will be happy as long as we finish in the top 4.
    So you ask “What Now”, probably a merry go round of
    managers being replaced every season until we achieve top 4 status. Probably putting up with mechanical boring football in order to squeeze a 1-0 or a 0-0. Probably never going to Wembley again and probably being called successful because the bank balance looks good and the sponsors are happy.

    1. OR
      we can keep on buying overpriced and overrated English players for lack of knowledge of European and World football market, make another glorious run on the Carling Cup and, who knows, maybe even in the Europa League, finish another 20 points behind teams that spent less than us and fight for a top ten finish.
      I mean, it’s not like we were top of Europe a few years ago, right? We shouldn’t expect that much success, we’re just Liverpool Football Club, we might as well settle for any trophy… maybe the Auto Windscreen Cup in a few years?
      In the end, KD is gone because of the same reasons the last 4 managers were sacked before him: expensive bad buys that produced a suffering bad season. For Houllier it was El Hadji Diouf. For Benitez it was Aquilani. For Hodgson it was everyone, minus Meireles. And For Dalglish it was everyone, minus Bellamy.
      The difference that makes it even worse for Dalglish is that he had much more money than any of his predecessors. Benitez wasted 20 mil on Aquilani, but got 30 mil for Alonso who had cost him 11 mil.

      Three years ago we were destroying Real Madrid 4-0 (check out their team… and ours!). Can you imagine that now?
      Could we hope for that again with Dalglish? Be true about it. I’ll be forever thankful for Dalglish for the player and manager he was and for what he did for us now, in the last 18 months, especially the first 6. His legend status is untarnished.

      High hopes for AVB, if he comes. His bad experience with Chelsky will save us one bad year of learning on a new league. He won’t make the same mistakes.

  4. A great question and article.
    Personally I think getting rid of Kenny is understandable but keeping Kenny would have also been understandable. Fact of the matter is we regressed in terms of league football. We won the 3rd domestic cup out of 3 got to the final of the FA cup and lost to a team we could have beaten had we played a different team. So this season was chequered. One thing we can see is the owners are very ambitious and are prepared to back that ambition with cash. Would anyone give money to somebody who’s wasted the previous money you gave them? The only way we will know if they’ve made the right decision is with who they appoint.
    Now.. My preference is Raffa the Gaffa. With the right backing I believe he could make any club successful. What he did with us the 1st time around was nothing short of remarkable. A club in the position we were in should never have won the Champions League. his attention to detail is 2nd to none and his handling of the young multi millionaire footballers is good. Lastly he breathes Liverpool and has been waiting patiently for this time to come around. Bring him back in!!!!

  5. Great article ente omanakkutanpilla anna!! Your english is super good..from chaala up school?

  6. Surely Rafa is streets ahead of the wannabee’s mentioned by the press?, he wins trophies and is excellent in Europe. Guess that counts him out then????

  7. Someone can start a petition for Benitez please? or Guardiola as “second” choice, i want a team that can compete for titles, not a mid league team for next five years, so leave Klopp, Martinez, Di Matteo (yes, now sky sports italia is saying that the club is thinking about Di Matteo -__-) where they’re with all the respect but since Liverpool fc is a top club, it deserves a top manager.

  8. Gutless yanks only here for a quick buck bought liverpool for a fraction of the true value and wanted quick success to sell on at a bigger price mark my words FSG will take more money out of liverpool fc than they put in and we will be under new ownership within 5 years.

  9. In a strange way, this is a win-win situation for Kenny (as much as he loves the club), because if we fail in our goals next season, everyone will appreciate Kenny should have been kept on, and if we succeed it was Kenny’s philosophy which gave us that platform. The most ironic thing about it all? If AVB becomes our new manager, he will have that platform to work from the very same way Robbie Di Matteo has had at Chelsea. YNWA

  10. to all the so called fans wanting king kenny out be careful what you wish for now we are to get martinez rip lfc

  11. Cannot believe that Wigan have given Martinez permission to speak to Liverpool FC,well FSG do you think us fans will take this lying down,no disrespect to martinez but a man who has kept a team from relegation is not the manager for us.FSG have sold us down the river just like the two other cowboys, for gods sake appoint RAFA and stop all this crap.FSG you have been warned.

  12. Yeah, i agree in part with the two guys above, i am one of those who think that Kenny made too many mistakes to continue but it’ll be ridiculous if they’ve choose to sack KD to sign a manager that doesn’t have the experience and personality to manage a top club, it’ll be really risky, i like Martinez but i don’t know honestly if he’s good enough for a top teams, it seems strange to me if FSG will decide to sign a manager like Martinez because they too don’t have elements to presum that he’s good enough for the job and it’ll be a big risk for them in first, i think they’ll talk also with other managers…or better, i hope they will, because if they don’t understand that now we need a top manager most of all they’re already out of the road…

  13. We need someone who is passionate about the game, demands 100% from the team every game, not frightened to kick players ass when they don’t perform. So that narrows it down to 45,000 fans on a matchday :-)

  14. how comee no1s talking about didier deschamps

    i think he will the best manager we can get right now

    or avb or capello,

    but i think deschamps will be great =/

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