Champions League Tribute : Rafa Benitez – One Of Us [video]

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  1. This man as given me my greatest as fondest memories as a Liverpool fan… and as a football fan. I hope with all my heart that he returns one day .YNWA Rafa. A true LFC legend.

  2. He brought us glory and the closest to EPL title in this decade …. We want Rafa back … Just the previous crap American owners we lost him ……. YNWA Rafa

  3. Fans or presumed fans like “adrian” are a miasma, they don’t understand anything about football and we can prove that since they surely prefer Woy to Rafa, what a joke…and last thing, you say “Keep rafa were he is far away from lfc”, you know what? i prefer to keep you and other disrespecting ignorants like you far away from lfc since you brought in nothing if not Woy and few no sense words…

  4. Pipedreams. Rafa ain’t getting the job. They already tried going back to a past manager. It failed MISERABLY!

    Wake up for f**k’s sake! This ain’t no school project or an exercise in indulging nostalgia.

    LFC is a business, first and foremost. And to make €€€, you need a manager that’s gonna build LFC back into an unstoppable force of natur once again. Rafa had his time. It’s now time for another to leave their mark on the club.

  5. It has to be Van Gaal, the only real world class manager with a tremendous CV that would rival any manager and plays blinding football, i remember his Barca team that hammered Houlliers team at Anfield and got a round of applause from the kop. Sensational, he was on the verge of the treble with Bayern only 2 years ago. He is the only realistic candidate. Pep is on leave, jose will stay at Real, AvB plays a high defensive line that will get caught on the counter, Martinez/rogers are unproven lightweights, benitez isnt good enough and capello wants 6m a year and wants to stay in London. It has to be Van Gaal.

  6. They already tried going back to a past manager and failed because they choose the wrong one, KD belongs to an old football, Zod i lol’d so hard reading “benitez isnt good enough”, now i understand why the english national team sucks so much, big part of english people seems to understand a little bit about football, you know why the premier league was the worst league between the three most important (serie A and la Liga) and in the last ten years is become the best? no, you don’t, but i’ll tell you why, that’s because of foreign players an even more because of foreign managers like Wenger, Benitez and Mourinho.

  7. there is no better manager than RAFA IN entire europe. if he had left to man city, he surely win PL title/ if he go to barca he will definately win CL. Liverpool must be grateful if he choose to manage the club again. LFC dont waste time and money looking for other manager, just sign RAFA AND GIVE HIM SUPPORT, you will never regret for next 100 years. dont be late, barca also approaching him

  8. Dear Liverpool owner:
    Please at least listen to us bring rafa back…!!!! He is our legend and will able bring liverpool a good patient owners like roman, he spend more money than u for 9″8 years to win 1 cl.. So don’t underestimate rafa as u did to king kenny. And please don’t ever have chance to hired martinez whom has very very poor league run than king k, (16th ,16th,15): only 1 stage up in three years…

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