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Those that thought Kenny’s removal as manager was not a possibility must be living in another universe. FSG started ‘cracking the whip’ (as I have a habit of writing) as the season came to a close rather progressively and aggressively. Comolli, Bruckner, Cotton and now Dalglish have all been unceremoniously removed which means that the ownership is looking at a new chapter and which also translates to the owners not having been entirely convinced that ‘the project’ was going to work. In my view, the outcome was written on the wall for some weeks: expect Steve Clarke and Kevin Keen to be shown the door as well once the new manager is announced, and do NOT be surprised to see Jamie Carragher joining the coaching staff (depending on who is appointed).

It is very unwise to slag off the owners for having come to this decision. These people want the best for the Club because they also want to protect their investment, and possibly enhance it. Lest we forget that these people saved us from possible administration and more importantly from being mocked by the media and rival clubs. They probably came to the conclusion that Comolli brought in players with Kenny’s consensus and that the general overhaul did not bear the desired fruit. I had written on many occasions that the target was Champions League football and I have a gut feeling that even though this target was not achieved by a long margin, winning the FA Cup final might have saved Kenny his job. Perhaps it was not meant to be. Kenny managed to uplift everyone emotionally, fans included, but he arguably did not succeed in giving the team the necessary technical and tactical impetus that would have translated in achieving consistency, which was without a shadow of a doubt the teams main issue this past season! The Reds alternated scintillating performances with outrageous ‘no-shows’ from one game to another, culminating in a final 8th League position. My take is that losing the FA Cup Final and especially not landing a Champions League berth translated into the owners opting to clean the slate and go for a fresh start.

Many seem to be terrified of what is to come, but I am not that pessimistic. Kenny will still be around and he will remain part of whatever happens at LFC. Now the Reds will have a new manager, and whether it will be AVB, Martinez, Rodgers, Capello, O’Neill, Klopp or some other candidate (including Benitez), the fans’ desire, unlike in the case of Kenny’s appointment, will have absolutely no bearing on it. What the fans will need to do is, unlike in the case of Roy Hodgson, give the new manager time to stamp his blueprint on the team and give him their unconditional backing and support. Let’s face it, if we are perfectly honest with ourselves, the team gave some disgraceful performances under Roy, but they gave us some embarrassing performances under Kenny as well. We adore if not worship Kenny, so many negative aspects were forgiven and we closed an eye if not both on many an occasion.

Now I am eager to see who is going to be the next Gaffer! Personally, and forgive me if I am not of anyone’s opinion, I’d prefer a Brendan Rodgers to a Capello. Word of warning: what Klopp did at Dortmund and what Guardiola did at Barcelona are NOT that easily transferable. So those that might foolishly think that bringing in a manager would see the Reds playing the same way as the team that manager had just left is nothing short of wishful thinking. If Klopp was to bring his first eleven with him than that possibility is more likely. You cannot replicate a recipe without the exact same ingredients, and even then a lower flame might make a difference to the flavor.

If the new manager, whoever it may be, gets just a fraction of the support and affection Kenny got during his 18 month stint, then we may, just may, have a chance of kick-starting a new era and a new cycle that should propel the Club to the higher levels of football hierarchy it so rightly deserves to be amongst! I’d love to see Jamie taking up the assistance manager role though……..!

The news that Liverpool had approached Wigan for Roberto Martinez came out yesterday evening. I read a statement by Gary McAllister that said ‘There is also the problem of whether he can attract the type of player that Liverpool need to get into the Champions League. I think it’s more in today’s game. I think in the past Liverpool was Liverpool but now I think that top players are attracted by top managers, managers that have been and done the distance. I’m a fan of Martinez, don’t get me wrong, but he’s battling away at the wrong end of the league for his entire Premier League career.”

Could be true Gary, but in the last three seasons we had Benitez, Hodgson and Dalglish, and we did attract top-dollar stars, almost two dozen of them! We did not however obtain Champions League football so perhaps your reasoning here does not hold that much water. Note that Klopp with Dortmund built a team that played high-pressure football that no one could keep up with, culminating with a 5-2 crushing of mighty Bayern Munich in the German cup final: not many star players in the Dortmund line-up I believe…and if there are, they weren’t when they first got their! In the end today’s game is in the running and the tactics, not really in the primadonnas! I am in no way promoting the candidature of Martinez, and I am sure the Club will speak to a few pretenders before a final decision is taken.

On a final note, thank you Kenny! Thank you for what you have done in the past, the present, and what you will be doing for our beloved Club in the future. Because no one is greater than the Club, but you are part of its successful history and its legacy and that speak volumes of what the fans think of you!


  1. Well at long last, some common sense honest journalism which I could have written myself as it mirrors my thoughts exactly as a lifelong fan of the club and Kenny. Well said and let’s hope the uneducated we have seen ranting over the last few days take note and get a grip.

    1. Spartacus why didnt you write it? Are you to smart to bother or is it you are just a lazy oaf? Stupid ignorant little man.

  2. FSG have saved us from being mocked by the media and other clubs – really? You don’t get on Twitter much, do you. Particularly the freakin debacle yesterday when the club sent out a tweet asking who people wanted as manager and why, then removed it, then said it was for a ‘fun interactive feature’ on the LFC website…retweeted by the media and other clubs with glee as evidence of how the club is in chaos!

    Also, a large part of the problem people have with Kenny’s removal is not just the fact he’s gone, but how it was done. Whatever you thought of him as a manager, after everything that man has done and sacrificed for LFC HE DESERVED BETTER. FSG have shown mimimum knowledge and/or caring for the heritage and heart of the club and shown they want LFC to be a ruthless money machine. Do we want LFC to be another Chelsea?

    As for wanting a Martinez or Rodgers, again, really? FSG in removing Kenny have declared that only Champions League is good enough. I like Martinez and Rodgers but neither of them have the goods to deliver CL in their first season. Which means this time next year they will be sacked and this friggin nightmare begins again.

    1. Direct quote from your article (cut and pasted) ‘ Lest we forget that these people saved us from possible administration and more importantly from being mocked by the media and rival clubs.’ I didn’t write that mate, you did. Also, I didn’t say we don’t need to move on. It’s the manner in which we are being forced to move on that is wrong imo.

    2. Actually Sandy, the little I know about the US Club (Franchise) owners, FSG has shown enough patience & respect to KD. I am sure, when KD was contracted for 3 years, he was given a clear priority for the club, yet KD kept persisting with the idea that a Carling Cup win made a successful year. Besides, we all fans, took Hodgeson to cleaners for his six months, but the owners gave KK enough time, 18 months & more importantly, gave enough money. For a side, finishing sixth, KD was given 111mn (& also had the option to call back 2 highly expensive loaned players), to add 10 more points. It’s not only CL football, but in over 50 years, this had been the worst season for LFC & that too after that sort of spending. Had it not been KK, we fans would have asked for the Managers head, after finishing behind Everton.

      In other blogs, I have written several times that, I personally don’t want KK to be sacked, better he resigns himself on personal ground & FSG gave him enough indications. Those garbage purchases were absolutely KD’s purchase (That’s why now the owners are trying to limit Managers scope), yet Commolli was sacked; KD was instrumental in Suarez fiasco, but the Director Communication got sacked, after Lucas’s injury, KD could have called back Acqualini, but the Director of physical science got sacked.

      KD should have step-down by himself, because, everybody could see he was out of modern football management after almost 2 decades of wilderness & at 61 he had hardly any time to develop. I believe the owners wouldn’t have done the harsh thing. Actually, had it been pre-planned, I am sure Mr. Henry would have come to Liverpool to announce. They asked for a annual report from KD, which was enough signal for KD.

      KK was, is & till death ‘ll be my hero, but we need to look forward. At the start of the season, almost all pundits predicted a top 3 finish for LFC & I don’t think our squad is that bad (despite lot of garbage purchase), from the support of 45k houseful kop, I am sure someone like AVB can take us to CL next year. We should support the owners & new Manager (hopefully it’s AVB or Deschamps; I knew Klopp won’t come)

  3. Couldn’t agree more.we can make a case for one manager or the other but at the end we can’t be sure of the outcome and that’s the beauty of the game.

  4. 1) Rafa Benitez
    2) Frank Rijkaard
    3) Frank De Boer
    4) Michael Laudrup
    5) AVB.

    The rest are not even deserving of an interview, end of!!!!

    1. The more I think about it the more I think that Rafa won’t get the job. They’ve just got rid of one manager they didn’t want (bearing in mind Kenny wasn’t their first choice) but had to retain this long because of fan sentiment, they’re not likely to hire another that will put them in the same position. They’ll interview him to placate the masses but I’ll be surprised if he gets it, Then again given the last week who the hell knows what they’re thinking.

  5. @sandyg-pls tell me why u think martinez or rodgers wont be a success? Well let me name a few managers who were not accepted by fans like u.
    1.Rafa-yes he won two la liga titles at valencia but where was he before that? Any guesses? He was in a 2nd division spanish club.
    2.Klopp- he won Bundesliga with Dortmund twice and before that he was in a perennial relegation battling team called FC Mainz.
    3. Wenger- He was brought from J-league in Japan by David Dein though he built a gud team at Monaco before that
    4. Guardiol- he was picked up from Barca B after 1 year of coaching there
    5. Last but not the least Billy Shankly- the most influential man in LFC history. He was rejected by us twice cuz he hadnt won any trophies and after we gt relegated he was appointed and he became a legend in world football.

    So a sincere request to all fans. Dnt be a bunch of twats and boo the manager if he loses a few games. Sing louder than ever and encourage the team. We dnt need a legendary manager when we can make one ourselves.
    YNWA JFT96

    1. I didn’t say they couldn’t be a success, just that given their current levels of experience they are highly unlikely to get us into CL next year which is FSG’s goal. And that being the case they would be sacked next year and we start rebuilding AGAIN. They didn’t give Kenny time, why would they give it to anyone else? It’s not worth it, better to go with someone who has CL cred.

    2. The problem is that you need to have the ability recognise the next great manager. Moreover, you take a risk when you have to, in this case we don’t. We can simply choose a manager who can guarantee success with support from the owners – Rafa Benitez – provided he is of course still willing to take the reins at Liverpool.

  6. We need a group of players who can play as a TEAM, not a bunch of individuals/so called stars who can’t play for each other when it matters. This may sound a bit obvious but too many teams place responsibility with individuals. Whoever the new manager is, he has to get the best from all his squad.

  7. FSG has approached a number of managers according to the media.  These coaches have talent & potential but many of them are young & inexperienced. Is that really what Liverpool requires right now in the present situation? Indeed is that what FSG would want right now? Clearly based on the removal of Kenny Dalglish Champions League football is a priority. So what happens if Liverpool are 7th or 8th next season? New manager? Will FSG come up with the money for a another group of expensive signings? Indeed, will the big-names want to come to LFC the longer they remain distanced from the European Elite?

    I am concerned about the overall direction that things are moving in. Most of the key positions in the club have been removed and are open. There appears to be a lack of leadership looking in from the outside. The comments of the Wigan chairman are telling … nobody in the boardroom!

    I live in Boston and have coached soccer in the area for over 20 years but I grew up in Liverpool. FSG have shown that they can run a big sports “franchise” in Boston with great success. They have also shown that they understand that LFC is a top soccer “brand” worldwide. However, I think most of us are starting to question their understanding of professional soccer and, most of all, Liverpool Football Club. LFC has a heart & a soul!!! Sometimes change is needed & often change can be painful. However, for a club like Liverpool the challenge of reaching the top still needs to retain some links to its recent past and its rich heritage. The Red Sox were similar in this respect. If FSG wants a good return on their investment they have to get the next coaching appointment 101% correct. They cannot afford a trial run. Liverpool fans will not tolerate it. Personally, I would have given Kenny Dalglish another season. However, I understand why he was removed as modern football is about the money. Not to be in the Champions League cuts off the major source of revenue & prestige in the modern game. To say otherwise would be to hide your head in the sand.

    Additionally, their is the undercurrent that all the major clubs need to position themselves for the coming European League. A club of Liverpool’s stature & rich history has to position itself so that in time it doesn’t become another Corinthian Casuals in the history of the game. FSG can do much off the field to enhance this possibility. The way they rebuilt and renovated the Red Sox is testament to this. On the field it is a different matter.

    I have it on 100% accurate authority that FSG has made no contact with Rafa Benitez. They are selling Liverpool FC, the fans and themselves short if they do not at least hear what Rafa has to say. Look how strong LFC has been on the field as recently as 2009. That is both in Europe and the Premiership. This is in spite of the fact that LFC, at the time, were beginning to become unstable off the field. This has triggered the decline that the club now finds itself in right now. Still they were a force and Rafa was the reason.

    Looking around many, many LFC web-sites it is very clear that Rafa is a strong & popular choice of the vast majority of the fan-base. Yes he has his opponents. Rafa was never the darling of the media. He was also not popular down the East Lancs Road as he was never content to stand in line and tip his hat to SAF. Look what he brings to the table … a track record of success, tactical acumen that is second to none, great knowledge and understanding of the transfer market and most of all, in my opinion, he is resourceful. This is a fantastic asset and one that Liverpool truly needs right now.

    Everyone remembers Istanbul but the resourcefulness Rafa demonstrated just to get us there! If my memory is correct just about everyone on Liverpool’s books played a part in that great run. Names like Le Tallec, Biscan, Pongolle, Carson, Welsh, Josemi, Warnock, Nunez, Potter, Kirkland & Mellor may not loom large in Liverpool folklore but all played their part in that great triumph representing the Reds on their way to one of their finest hours.

    Liverpool fans we need to band to get together. We need to let FSG know that they at least need to talk with Rafa Benitez. Findout what he has to offer, listen to his thoughts and his visions for LFC. If it is not a fit then so be it. I fear that because he is a connection to the past and because of some of the negative press Rafa is being pre-judged by FSG. Rafa is a modern manager who understands not just the game on the field but what it takes to get to the top. He has done that already and has not been
    funded in the same way as so many of the top clubs he was competing with have been.

    Again, FSG has to get the next appointment right. A poor choice of leadership may lead to them taking a similar path to their predecessors even though they have far greater credibility in the sports industry. They will alienate a passionate group of fans who are renowned throughout the football world. As they themselves demonstrated with Kenny Dalglish, they cannot expect the empathy of the fans just because they are good guys.

    As a sincere Liverpool fan I just want to see my team challenging as they should be. Rafa Benitez has taken us there before and has the not just the potential but the ability to take us there again. He is experienced! The facts speak for themselves. John Henry & FSG own Liverpool Football Club. For this investment to come off please don’t neglect the heart and soul of the club. You don’t necessarily have to pick who the fans want but Benitez is a great choice and would be on the list of any of the elite European clubs. We are trusting you to make the best choice from the pool of candidates you are putting together but at least speak to Rafa. You might be surprised to learn that a great choice is already in your own backyard. YNWA.

    1. Great post mate really, i’m happy to see finally a post that represents facts and sense together, i could never write it as or better than this, and this few words should be printed in our heads: “Liverpool fans we need to band to get together. We need to let FSG know that they at least need to talk with Rafa Benitez.” because now we should take some responsibilities like the guys that have manifested the same thing yesterday, this is an important moment and the best person (i’m not talking only about manager) to be in that role is Rafael Benitez, he’s one of us, he’s part of the club, he’s in the history of the club and he knows the club better than anyone else is in the club right now, and John Henry shouldn’t fear because KD as failed, Benitez is a modern manager, he’s one of the very few who knows the game in every aspect, he knows english, spanish and italian football, the three biggest leagues in the world, he won in every team he’s been, he’s internationally considered, now we need the best and he is.

  8. Great article. It’s a real shame that Kenny didn’t have that extra bit of tactical nous to see us through some of the more more tedious lower league teams at Anfield, and we were all desperate to see him succeed. It would have been more respectful to give him another year, but I doubt we’d have been much better than maybe 6th or maybe 5th at a push. Decisions like playing Henderson out wide and persisting with Gerrard as part of a central 2 eventually cost us (and him). I’m sorry to see him go, but let’s not fight & argue with each other – football is about enjoyment and a bit of relief from the boredom of working life. Let’s get behind our team and manager, whoever he is, and enjoy ourselves in the way that only LFC fans can. I’m personally hoping for benitez, but most of all want to see the end of fans bitterly arguing on these type of forums.
    Here’s hoping for some more good cup runs and a proper assault on 4th next year, then onwards & upwards!

    Oh, and let’s not start attacking the owners. They’ve been profesional and decent so far, saving our a$$ last year. They might’ve pulled the plug on Kenny a bit early, but it was a difficult call and I can see why they’ve done it.

  9. Bob paisley had no managerial eaxperience, he was a physio and then a coach! And he didn’t do to bad if I can remember right! I,m not saying give martinez the job! Actually my preferred No 1 choice would be didier dechamps, his managerial record is quite extrodinary! Have a look at his record its quite eye catching! I know fsg did fancy him before appointing KK along with AVB (but his get out clause was £14million) so I reckon it will be 1 out 4, with the other 2 being laudrup and martinez! Honestly fellow kopites, would you’s be happy with 1 out of the 4 mentioned? Y..N..W..A jft96! And we all should let fsg make their decisions without protest, petitions, they are the guardians of liverpool f.c, trust them! And act as 1, not us and them, hope Kenny comes out soon, with statement saying he never done what he wanted, but back fsg, like he always said: these (john and tom) are good people and want what’s best for liverpool! 8th, 52 pts, behind everton I,m sorry but shanks himself would struggle to be manager next season! We all love to have an opinion, but no hatred against each other! We liverpool fans stick together, and fight against the rest!

  10. Well Kenny has left us. Water under the bridge. All we can hope is that the owners know what they are doing. When Newcastle sacked their manager, many of their fans went against the owner but look where they are know…I look at their progress and hope we can do the same thing.

    I am still upset over the way Kenny was sacked but we as a club and fans need to move on.

    We can only hope they know what they are doing.


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