Bring Torres………..Home!

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Bring Torres Home!

Why not? Now I am not one known for usually causing a stir at EOTK, but I am known to be quite a provocateur at times. So for those with a sound coronary system and an innate sense of forgiveness I propose the following!

With our ex-idol denouncing his unhappiness with London life and still haunted by the love the Kop and Liverpool fans the world over had for him (something he has not even come close to at Stamford Bridge!), apart from the marginal consideration and dismay at not being a starter in the CL Final in Munich, would this be the right time to tempt him back?

Question is: would the fans want him back? Would he be a fantastic pairing with Suarez? Can he return the El Nino we all knew if he comes back to his real home, Anfield?


  1. Why not?He seems to be recovering his form.Though I doubt if he’ll want to.Returning to an ex is always fraught with risks.It was never as good as you remember.

  2. Of course I would love to have him back but the reason he left was partly to do with the state of lfc and if he comes back he will come back to a worse lfc than he left. And then what do we do with Carroll? He wants to go to juve, a top club that can offer him a starting spot

  3. Just because he might want to leave Chelsea I seriously doubt he would want to backtrack and come to LFC. Going over old ground and having media pressure and more expectations and criticism on him again. He’d probably go abroad…Some of you LFC supporters have your head in the clouds, no Champ league football, why would he. Move on, stop thinking about the past. Kenny, Rafa, Torres, it was great at the time but you can’t recreate that. Torres would have the passion like when he first came to the club and then the fans would just turn on him.

  4. It will never happen … FSG were quick to sell him, because they needed the money to perform their PR stunt … For the same reasons they would never appoint Rafa to be our manager, I can’t see our current set of cowboys bringing Torres back home …

  5. No brainer..Torres and Suarez with Gerrard behind them?..we can all dream I suppose!..YNWA

    1. Hell yes bring him back!!!

      And as for the salary – he took a pay cut originally from Atleti – hoping it happens but resigned to seeing him lift the Premiere League Trophy with that London team *runs off to shower off – after typing that*

    2. Antoine I honestly think that his salary demands would not be the stumbling block. Aquilani too has offered to reduce his wages drastically in a effort to stay at Milan!

  6. Hell yeah. We want him back!!! Agreed Torres and Suarez would be most feard duo in premiership

  7. partnership between him and suarez is what i’ve been dreaming of…but come on….we all know no way he would come back….he should believe in King Kenny and FSG….he is not coming back anyway….not again…

  8. indeed we should, honestly moving to chelsea showed dividend for him winning both cups, but settling on the bench for who was well known for scoring 20 odd goals for liveprool and ath madrid, is ridiculous. going back to liverpool will rekindle his form for sure

  9. hello tonio,

    nice to see your provocation back. Or that’s me coming back to write here.

    I would be glad to see nando and Luis playing together, under Kenny’s orders. But el nino decided to leave: 1.Late (that obliged us to pay Carroll in high cost) 2.Without saying thanks or goodbye to the fans and the club (or he’s done but never seen that).

    I don’t know actually how much he costs. At least 20M.

    Many fans would love to see him back, but many fans were blindly backing Kenny when he was fired, and many again abused FSG of having done the “impossible”.

    But now FSG will act in their way and he should back them.

    IMO, Torres is past, he need fresh air, we need fresh air. He should have reflected before leaving us, he should have reflected of not thanking us/club. Let the past and Judas behind… except if he’s doing great apologizes…

  10. Give me a proper reason for taking him back? Not scored goals, not popular at Chelsea, lied to our fans, is disrespectful to Chelsea now, never wore a black armband for the Hillsborough anniversary. Piece of filth who has no place back at Anfield.

  11. Have you all forgotten the crass way he left? How it spat in the face of the supporters who loved him? Not much in the way of integrity left in the game…any action so long as we win is that it????..Makes me sick even to think of it…Let’s have Owen and Mascherano back as well shall we?…I’d stick to playing on the xbox if I were you boys…

  12. Yes !!!!!!!! Bring him back !!!!! Torres’ soul always in anfield , and i believe that Liverpool will be better like before…

  13. I think maybe Torres has learned the hard way it life is not just about winning trophies at any cost.A great family life in the right place and for the right club with loyal support is a big plus point.If Fernando did the biz for us (and I think he`d be great with Suarez)then his leaving will be forgotten by the fans.Only problem I can see is I think it was FSG that engineered him out in the first place for the big fat fee.If that is the case then no return for the prodigal I`m afraid.

  14. If he want to come back. If he really DOES.
    But practically he never come back to anfield.

    TORRES! Go back your home team ‘ATM’
    LFC is not your team anymore, you know.

  15. Lets face it, Fernando would at least score double the amount of goals Andy would, 4 then.
    In seriousness, i’d take him back if it was for £20-22 mil. But Miereles might make a bigger impact if he came back when AVB takes over…


  17. bring him back?? and let him insult us again??
    I’m not a fan of Liverpool, remember that?
    I never kiss Liverpool batch, remember that?

    I’m happy to tie my hope with Carroll instead.

  18. Yes bring him back sign AVB he would play the 3-3-4 formation Torres carrol Suarez now that would give us the firepower we need for the glory days to be bk FSG this should be your plan B check our history books look at rush when he came bk pure deadly YNWA now sign him and make sure sterling gets the chance he deserves he’s better than downing….! Holla

  19. Even though her hair is blonde (again) and she scored a couple of goals for Chelsea recently (after a year) I would not take her back. Simply because Ms.Torres is an injury prone Primadonna instead of whom LFC could get (and pay) three better up and coming young players who are hungry to play for LFC and not hungry for more $$$

  20. Great idea! what about Alonso too and the Didi man.
    Need to think not dream its got to make sense if we want it to work

  21. just as much i hated him for leaving LFC, i can never forget how great torres was at LFC.. Fernando Torres was Liverpool’s true NO:9.. and i know he will be lethal again playing alongside Gerrard, Suarez & Carrol. but then again we do need Rafa to bring the best out of Torres and Gerrard..or may be an attacking coach like Paul lambert or Harry redknapp

  22. Most of you fans on here are an embarrassment to LFC. you sound weak and pathetic and desperate. No wonder LFC is in the state it’s in. Get real, Move on, and stand firm. We don’t need anyone to come back. There’s tons of new talent out there. Move on and stop living in the past!

  23. I would love him back but who would lose out… Andy carroll ? :( and i think he just started to show some unreal skills

  24. Swap Carroll for him. Torres is the better striker, and fits the style of play at anfield. YNWA

  25. Has anyone actually watch Gerrard this season? He’s 50% his best. And don;t say because of injury because he’s been back long enough. He’s over the hill, legend yes. Next you’ll be asking for Robbie Fowler. The young kids like Sterling, Coady, Suso, and the other guy in midfield are the future. They’ll be pushing for 1st team spots soon. In the meantime some other up and coming quality signing from abroad. Gerrard-Torres one one of the best partnerships 3 seasons ago. Alot has changed in 3 years and some footballer age a lot in 3 years.

    1. I’d give him the number 50 as a provocation. The amount of millions he sold us for. The lad needs to humble himself and kickstart his carrier again because right now he is only relying on the fame and prowess he built with Liverpool Football Club!

  26. would love to see torres back i think he would come back for the love he felt at lfc he will never get that at any other football club

    1. for all u know it was under his shirt and he didnt want to draw attention to himself. he’s a private person.

      the problem with the world is that the smartest people are quiet and the idiots are the loudest.

  27. The lad didnt wear an armband on the hillsborough anniversary, along with several other of those rent boys. Agree with antoine on this. I think its more likely that he would sign for man u than uś

    1. for all u know it was under his shirt and he didnt want to draw attention to himself. he’s a private person.

      the problem with the world is that the smartest people are quiet and the idiots are the loudest.

  28. This time i’m with you Tonio xD…i start saying that i don’t think this will happen but i would love to see him in red again, honestly it’s clear that he’s a LFC player, i’m serious, i still see him with the red shirt even now that he wears a blue one, surely he will be a fantastic pairing with Suarez, but it’s clear that: Torres come back = Carroll departure…i think that for a maximum of 20 millions it’ll be a good deal, but Rafa must be the first to come back, the rest is less important right now

    1. Why is it no matter what Carroll does nobody gives him an ounce of respect yet Suarez can pretty much sacrifice a kitten and still come out as the hero and victim that everyone loves, we won more games with Carroll in than we did without so he must have some effect on the team, if Torres does come back I’d much rather him paired with Carroll and I think he’d prefer it to Torres and Suarez together is an accident waiting to happen both greedy, lose the ball constantly and both drama queens that can only be bothered when they want to hence we only started playing in the final when he came on Suarez did nothing up to that point Carroll will be a star IF SUPPORTED and not ripped every single chance people can

      1. simple really Saurez was magnificent in all but a coupole of games and Andy was rubbish in all but a handful of games.

  29. forget about him hes 29 and on the slide . buy loreinte if were going spanish,ps is anybody else getting worried with the way our club is being run , to sack daglish fair enough but to not have a capable top [ no avb martinez etc etc ] replacement is a scandal . were are a laughing stock again and im sure the anger im feeling is with the majority of liverpool fans . tom henry and tom werner better start showing a better approach to running our club ie future planning and less media leaking . its getting embarrasing listening to brendan rogers and de boer saying no to interviews . sort it out or else we will turn against the lot of ye . no nando back please

  30. We need to go for real undiscovered talent which is available out there. If Newcastle can scout cheap African strikers why cant Liverpool do the same? Dont Liverpool like like African players? There isnt a single African player in the team. Not for the sake of just having an African player but players like Ba and Cisse would be cheaper and yet give us the goals we lacked last season. Forget Torres, he has got his ego.

    1. In all fairness the Reds had bought two high profile players (at the time) in El Hadj Diouf and Salif Diao but both failed to deliver. Then there was Momo Sissoko who in my view was a decent midfielder who was then shipped to Juventus and after an extraordinary first season fell victim to persistent injury. If no one else comes to mind I ask forgiveness……!!!!

  31. PLEASE NO TO…..
    Roberto Martinez
    Rafa Benitez
    Brendan Rodgers
    Fabio Capello
    Andre Villas-Boas
    Pep Guardiola
    Didier Deschamps
    Jurgen Klopp
    Michael Laudrup
    David Moyes

    FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    If liverpool appoint middle class manager, only middle class player will join liverpool.

    BUT if liverpool appoint SUPERP manager, sure all the SUPERP and fantastic players will join liverpool.

    Before this, liverpool already try managers from:
    FRANCE (Gerard Houllier).
    SPAIN: (Rafa Benitez).
    ENGLANG: (Roy Hodgson).
    SCOTLAND: Kenny Dalglish.

    So now go for Holland Management… because Holland always got talen, that is Frank Rijkaard who bring Barcelona to the Top & also Luis Van Gaal that win 2 La Liga title in 3 season with Barcelona.

    Both also like to play Attacking Game. So i hope liverpool will appoint FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    And Give Them Money To SIGN:
    Higuain (Striker)
    Ibrahim Affaley (Right Winger)
    Eden Hazard (Playmaker)
    Kagawa (Left Winger)
    Lucas Biglia (Defensive Midfielder)

  32. Lets talk about facts:
    1-lfc scored fewer goals than relegated blackburn
    2-lfc didnt get relegated because of a quite good defence ( better than arsenal , spurs , magpies , chelsea )
    3- the defenders were johnson , skertel ,agger , enrique and pepe.
    4- 4 out of these 5 players were bought by rafa.
    conclusion: BRING RAFA BACK.

    1. Please come out of the world of Championship Manager and back into the real world….
      Thank you

  33. Akash Id love to be living in the world you do…..
    Higuain (Striker)
    Eden Hazard (Playmaker)
    Kagawa (Left Winger)

    Forget them. They wont come no matter how much we pay them.
    Now that you know this can we move on?

    1. Glad you pointed that out Jevon. People need to come to terms we are way down the pecking order and that players will opt for teams that are in the top ranks of that pecking order before even taking us into consideration.

  34. torres left us when we were much better than we are now so what makes u think he would come back when we finished 8th ! we need to get real we are gonna end up with the bents and defoes and the likes of villa torres aguero there gonna be outta are league till we get get back into the top 4 and challenge.

  35. No thanx, I understand us wanting to talk bout something other than the manager fiasco we witnessing but plz let’s just forget bout judas!! However if he’s willing to come warm the bench on a Pay As You Play, then maybe just maybe!!!
    Oh and Akash,we signing Messi with Ronaldo too,haven’t you heard:)

  36. If Rafa returns, Torres returns. If AVB arrives, Torres does not. Everybody knows deep down how much of a legend he was for us, as much as it hurts. Sometimes though anger is hidden and in Liverpool’s case the anger at Torres is hidden in the bitterness that we lost his quality. Front 3 of Carroll, Torres & Suarez YNWA

    1. Rory yes mate we are in the wrong hands again!these American owners are only interested in the big buck,
      God!i hate money grabing zionist bastards!

  37. @rich:
    i’m not talking about Carroll, i’m talking about Torres and i simply said that if he’ll come back it’s pretty obvious (to me) that Carroll should leave cause they can’t play together as well as Torres and Suarez can, nothing less nothing more

    And people must stop to say “FSN will not appoint Rafa because a sentimental manager is already been a failure”, because if our owners are so incompetents to not understand that there’s a difference between Benitez and Dalglish well, we’re in the wrong hands…again…

  38. Seriously I’m with getreal on this – are you guys on something????? Torres ain’t coming back and the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas are figments of your imagination…..

  39. Forget Torres, he is yesterdays boy, Carroll is the future now, we dont need anymore strikers, bring pacheco back, he is brill

  40. very reasonable choice, realistically, Eden, Hugain and else are not realistic right now with no Champion League games ahead. Why not Torres?

  41. First thing first : he hurt us by saying things we never expect from him just after joining Chavs. if he not happy now, its his call. hes a grown man. get over it. but if, only if, he begs to come to Liv in public, saying deepest sorry, and begging to come back to liv, then we can consider … remember, consider.
    for me, it is better we put our eye on other goal getter. if we prefer from spain, they got many. Llorente for instance :) … not some 29 yo ex Reds player.

  42. 1. torres joined our close rivals and said he never loved the club… he’s now as hated in the kop as he was at chelsea! he wont be loved again and hance won’t perform at his best.
    2. we’ve got to face facts why would a world cup/champions league winner want to join an 8th place team chasing Wigan Athletic’s manager… sadly there’s alot of work to do before we get back to the days of the torres’, alonsos’, mascherano’s etc, we can only get behind the mid-table signings we are forced to settle with today….

  43. Nando will be back at athletico and the Russian slob will throw money at them to get falco in return. With dogba getting off they’ll spend up big on someone and toss Torres at the same time.

  44. I’m getting sickk with all the news about the next Liverpool manager.. can they manage media expectation about this..? I’m also embarrassed about how deschamps, guardiola, de boer, even some one like brendan rodgers said “NO” for the offer.. oh my God!! ohh come on now.. Brendan Rodgers?? Really???? and now Harry Redknapp?? WTF!
    we all should be afraid now lads…

    Ohh.. and please NO NANDO.. he just win the championship I bet he is their “Hero” now.. lol..
    move on please..

  45. Doumbia at cska looks good. Aerial ability, can dribble, fast, accurate african who scored 5 goals in 7 champs league appearances. £20 mill.

  46. I would take El Niño back anytime, however I would imagine his wages are prohibitive and Chelsea would want a significant transfer fee. The reality is that there are cheaper, younger high-quality strikers out there, which in turn suggests that Torres is stuck at Chelsea (much like Schevchenko a few years back) with no way out unless Chelsea are willing to take a massive hit on their investment and Torres to agree to much lower wages – both unlikely in my view.

  47. We don’t have a bad team. We are just either desperately unlucky or hopeless in front of goal. Torres’ last season at Anfield was poor. I’d risk him for £8 million. Chelsea will want more than that. We can’t afford to risk more. Henderson and Downing were a disaster. We’d be better buying 5 cheap young strikers than one expensive flop. There’s no competition at Anfield. Our front line couldn’t hit the side of a bus with a banjo.

  48. Torres won’t come back. He should have stayed in first place and Partnered Suarez. That would have been immense. He will go Malaga or back to athletico Madrid- which means Chelsea will get falcao. Another player we can only dream of signing right now….. Anyhow our major concern and priority is the manager because who it is will give us an idea if the type of players they will sign. If its Martinez we will end up with diame and Moses type players. We got enough average dross already. We need to unearth gems from European football like Newcastle have done. If rafa came back he would go for better calibre players cos he is a more reputable manager. I think fsg are pissed and rightly so that £120m has been poorly utilised in transfer market. They have sacked nearly all the boardroom, so they must have plans for these positions

  49. mcmananan leaves for nowt hes a legend fowler sold hes a legend. owen leaves for madrid every one hates him torres leaves for chelsea every one hates him. see the picture macca and robbie are scouse. its easy to hate people when there not scouse.

  50. Get Torres back now!!! He should never have left in the first place!! We could play Him on the right, Suarez on the left and the big man AC up front. Torres has created 18 goals this season for CFC – 18!!!

    Thats probably more than the whole LFC team put together!!

    Ahh I would love to buy a new LFC shirt and have 9 Torres on the back!!

  51. Yes I’d have him back (for the right money) and also keep Carroll. Carroll will come good, Torres would get back to his old self once he was back with us and all this would releave some of the pressure on Saurez to score all the time. We would also have plenty of scope for changing tactics especially during games……YNWA

  52. Not going to happen because drogba is now out of picture… So he’s staying put unless they get a manager that doesn’t like him and ships him off… Or they get Benitez and we watch Torres come back to his potential… It’s hard to c him back due to his age, wage, and price tag… He made a mistake leaving is, even the trophies he has won are meaningless coz he did not earn them… I feel sorry for him, but it will never and can never happen

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