Crunch time at L.F.C.

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By Matt Volpi

May 16th 2012 was an extremely sad day for Liverpool Football Club. It was the day the King was deemed not good enough to manage his kingdom. Regardless of what you think of Kenny’s latest reign, his media conduct, his signings, his teams, the departure of a living legend is always a sad day.

However, this is not a crazy decision. It should not be treated as that. Whilst everyone had their view on it, there were definitely reasons for his departure, and I believe over time people will realise it was the right thing to do.
A lot of people have said that he should have been given another season, possibly until Christmas if things do not improve. But picture this – January 2013. Kenny has stayed on for another summer, yet his shortcomings as a manager have continued and results are no better than last season. He is then fired, leaving in a much less dignified way than he has now, with his reputation having been dragged through the mud even further. Because of the slow start to the season, Liverpool finish 7th or 8th again. Key players such as Skrtel, Agger, Suarez have had enough of the clubs failings and leave. Due to our lack of stability and low league position we can’t attract top quality players to replace them, making the next season even more difficult.
Right now, in the present day, we are closer to becoming Aston Villa then we are to challenging for the title. The club has been on a bit of a downward spiral of late, and this summer is massive.

Sacking a manager is always a risk, but in this case I think keeping Kenny on after enduring our worst season in the league for 50 years would have been more of a risk. We cannot afford to slip any more or we could be completely sunk.
It’s crunch time for FSG. While I am not sure about the way Dalglish’s exit was handled, I appreciate the fact they have done it a week after the season has ended and seem fairly keen on appointing a new manager. Whoever it is has to be absolutely guarenteed to take the club forward. While Dalglish is a great man and motivator, tactically he seemed a bit simple at times and often the team never really looked like it had a specific Plan A or Plan B in games. We need a manager who sets his team up in a specific way week after week, and lets each player know EXACTLY what their job is, which is something I never saw under Kenny.

This is a scary time for the football club, and the owners must act quickly. Many positions in the club need to be filled. It’s unbelievable that we are now without a Director of Football, Manager, Director of Communications, Head of Sports Science and C.E.O. Not to mention the stadium plan that has been scrapped and is looking further away than ever.

Big decisions are about to be made. The search for a new manager has already begun. Gossip, rumours and hyperbole have already shoved Kenny Dalglish’s sad and shocking departure from the club he did so much for out of the limelight. I sincerely hope that he can find some way to be part of the club in what ever way suits him best. Until then, while it is never easy to say goodbye to a legend, we must try and realise that it may be the necessary step for the club to move forward.


  1. Why do you put the view that at Christmas things would be worse and Kenny would leave? If you see it the other way, and there is more chance iwould be, Kenny would be doing what he and everyone desries, bring the team back to the top.
    Just because you think it might go bad we should sacrifice the King now. I think he would have liked to continue and he deserved more repect. It was a bad decision by the owners.

  2. This season was our worst in 50 years, therefore is it more likely we will finish 5th next season or 8th again with the same manager? It’s much more realistic to imagine things continuing the way they were then to expect a massive change in form with Kenny.

  3. Until agger jonstone and then kelly got injured all around the same time we were in contention for a top four finish.I believe this squad is not as bad as some would have you think,none the less kenny is gone and another five or six people so its up to fsg to prove now that they called it right.

  4. Is FSG another name for the Venky Brothers?! Seem to have as much knowledge of how to run a football club as each other

  5. Do we need a director of football?
    Shankly just used scouts and sorted out his own players.
    Better to get an analyst (or contract John Moores Univ.) to dissect the play of Premiership teams and our own players.
    Let new manager scour less fashionable leagues for players to fit Liverpool style.
    New manager needs to be someone who understands the way we play. Martinez maybe, AVB not really.

  6. We only need a great manager
    Kenny was too kind with pl ayers and did some mistakes singning expensives players like downing henderson or carroll
    Suarez is too exited and gave a bad image of lfc next manager will change that

  7. The game has changed, football is only a money making exercise for companies, if Liverpool dont do well in the next 3 seasons i would think fsg will drop Liverpool fc from its portfolio.Football clubs come under so much scrutiny nowdays and only the clever people would buy a club where they would get back more than they pay in.As for a new manager whats the point if you dont do well these days you will be fired thats it,so really FSG should have stayed with Dalglish 1 more season because personally i think that the mistakes made this season would have been rectified next season.

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