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We face a lot of uncertainty as the owner goes through the interview process to hire the next Liverpool manager. The vast majority of Liverpool fans (including me) are worried however some are taking it too far.

Many have been signing petitions to bring Rafa back, others are signing petitions not to bring Rafa back while some are signing petitions not to make Martinez Gaffer.

And someone went as far as Tweeting US President Barack Obama asking him for help!!!!

@BarackObama Get Rafa Benitez the Liverpool job and youv’e definitely got my vote in the US Election! Fair Deal??

WTF is Obama going to do?

Come on Reds, take a deep breathe and chill.

I disagreed wholeheartedly with Kenny’s sacking, he didn’t deserve that however now we need to move forward. Expressing your opinion is one thing but trying to get a manager hired by using petitions and tweeting the owners (or even Obama) is way out of line in my opinion.

The owners deserve a chance to prove that they can build a management team that can win trophies and achieve high league positions. The results in the next couple of seasons will judge the decisions they make this summer.

Tweeting Obama is not going to win us trophies or help us get Champions League football.

I need another drink.

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Ps. I did receive a Tweet from the person who tweeted the above to Obama.

Haha thanks for writing an article about my tweet! Was only having a laugh! Geeeesshhhhhh! lol 


  1. This is ridiculous!!!
    Spirit of Shankly does not represent liverpool fc neither LFC fans majority, please understand that!!, there’s a few followers of Spirit of Shankly union (SOS) and they think represents all of us.

    Nesv knows what they are doing!!

    so spirit of shankly shut up and support your team, stop doing ridiculous things in the name of LFC

  2. When people started calling for Rafa’s head. That signalled the end of the club for me. Its been all downhill since he left. The fans are the ones destroying the club now and nobody else. They are so far up their own back sides they can’t see it. It’s really turning me off football in general. Its pitifull seeing the comments on forums these days. People need to realise the owners have got rid of the debt. They gave Kenny money and he wasted it. They are looking after their investment. I don’t blame them. The decisions made over the next couple of weeks will shape the future of the club. People need to shut up and give them a chance in my humble opinion.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Well said. I hope people read what you say and take it in.


          1. Of course I did it, and again i tell you, due to impatience SOS launch a time bomb, and now, people are counting the seconds, and obviously FSG haven`t say anything yet, so that create an atmosphere of stress and people starts to do ridicuolus things, like the one u can read above.

  4. why is everyone turning on everyone lets all stick together ans suport the next manager Y N W A

  5. Hear hear. We talk about the Liverpool Way yet apparently that doesn’t apply to fans. SOS decide to exercise it via an open letter to the owners. The fans have become arrogant meglomaniacs and that will hurt the club more than anything.

    1. correct! thats what i think too… We just need to support our team in the good and bad ones, and support the manager that FSG choose and be what we are… fans, not fans with director’s aspirations

    2. May be just an open letter in good terms but SOS or anyone else who want to do a thing like this need to thing in consecuenses before do it.

    3. That’s what happens when you unceremoniously sack a legend, moreso without giving him sufficient time to prove himself incompetent. Imagine giving the next manager two-to-three years and yet they gave KK only 18 months. In all fairness, KK’s team was playing brilliant attacking football and just needed a little tweaking in the next season to get it firing on all cylinders (like his ’90s team of Barnes et al) but guess what Ian Ayre and the owners did?? – they pressed the panic button which is self-destructing the club only to the benefit of Manure and co. Nobody should be surprised when LFC goes on freefall next season. I myself don’t envy the next manager’s job, especially with all that is going on both in the boardroom and on the terraces!

  6. Was only having a laugh with my tweet. Pretty sad how seriously you have taken it. It’s no hidden fact that a large majority of Liverpool fans want Rafa back! We need to be challenging for the top 4 with Rafa! Not a top half finish with Martinez!!

  7. I too was unhappy that Kenny was sacked and the way he was sacked BUT as a fanatical LFC fan I will unconditionally accept the new manager, even if its not my preference. I accepted Hodgson because he was OUR manager. It didnt work, he wasnt what we wanted BUT we are LFC club and we must unite 100% behind whoever comes in. Hard times but we must move forward now to be ready for next season.YNWA

  8. This is getting embarrassing. Why can’t people just shut up and let the owners, I repeat, the owners do what they think is best. For years i’ve been hearing people say about the old days when we didn’t wash our dirty clothes in public and we should bring that back. Well it’s now here, at last we have a group in charge that is doing things quietly and all we have had is days of speculation. The reporters have nothing to write about so they are making most of it up. People also have short memories when it comes to Rafa. Yeah he gave us glory but the football we played wasn’t very attractive. For that reason I don’t want him to come back.

    1. Being owners does not automatically translate into doing what is best for the Club. Lest we forget, we have gone for 20++ years wihout getting the Premiership title. Do we need to be reminded which manager who last brought that title to Anfield??

  9. Fsg listened to the fans when they wanted dalglish as the boss it didn’t work out so they got shut we have to swallow our pride let them get on with the task ahead and get behind them and hope that they come up with the right solution to bring our famous club back to where we believe we should be

    1. This is where I get lost. How can we easily say “…it didn’t work…” with KK? Honestly 18 months of which the first six were brilliant and we crucify him as incompetent. Gosh!!!!

      Very soon it will be 44 years without the Premiership title but with 44 different managers, guys.

  10. Some fans want Rafa and some don’t BUT THE GREAT MAJORITY WANTS RAFA BENITEZ (i’m also sure that a lot of “Rafa hate writers” around the web are ManU and Chelsea fans scared by his possible return because he was the only able to kick their asses constantly), and they’re right, i want him back too, he has prove to be great in every aspect and he’s one of us, there’s no better choice

    1. Rory is right, certainly if you look around at the polls.

      It’s interesting that after Hodgson’s departure, polls were more ambiguous, with both AVB and Dalglish doing equally well or better than Rafa in the voting. Like in politics, a year (or slightly more in this case) is a long time in football.

      Fan polls cannot and should not form the basis for the decision of the owners. However, they should also not deter them from seeing what is patently obvious, namely that the outstanding candidates are not AVB or Martinez (although they could develop into great managers in the future) but the likes of Rafa, van Gaal and Mourinho. Clubs take a gamble when they have to, for example when they want to bring revolutionary change to a team (which was the idea behind the appointment of AVB at Chelsea). In the case of Liverpool, the team needs evolution and not revolution – we have had enough instability over the last 3 years already and big money has been spent to bring the squad where it is today.

      Kenny Dalglish may or may not have been the man to take the team rebuilt since the departure of Hodgson to the next level. In his absence, Rafa Benitez is the manager who can come back to a club and to a team that, by and large, he knows better than any other candidate. Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one – and in this case it seems to be staring the owners of Liverpool FC in the face.

      1. The most sensible comment so far. If taking on a new manager – any manager, is a calculated risk, then that calculation should be based on who is most likely to get us to where we want to be. Thus, it seems obvious that someone who has an extensive record of achieving the goals FSG are aiming for should be at the top of the list. The likes of Benitez, Capello, van Gaal, Mourinho etc should be the sort of calibre a club of Liverpools standing should be getting simply because there is more chance on balance of them being successful – their record proves it. It’s not misty-eyed sentimentality for days gone by to want Benitez for the job (though it was for Kenny), it’s because he has a history over multiple years of winning things in different leagues, in different countries. The fact that he has been at LFC before should be seen as a positive bonus, and thats why I think he should get the job, not because I’m some sort of blinkered Rafa-lover. If there is someone out there with a better chance of making the club successful, show him to me and I’ll back him to the hilt.

        1. As Voland says, it may well be that in time, the likes of Martinez, Rodgers and even AVB prove themselves to be excellent and highly successful managers, but to say that X should get the job because he is young, or because his teams play attractive football, or because he has had one previous successful season is just far too much of a risk.
          We taken risks the past two seasons, and it hasn’t worked out.
          I want someone who’s record proves he can get teams into champions league places, who’s record proves he can win championships and trophies, who’s record proves he can build successful teams, who’s record proves he can bring good players into the club and who’s record proves he’s done it more than once. It just seems like common-sense to me.


  12. So are we all supposed to not have an opinion on who we want. Some people are annoyed that Rafa might not hav even been interviewed. The Obama thing looked like a simple joke,,,,o thats right we can’t have a laugh anymore either?? P.S worst finish in 50 years in PL if it was any other manager what would you say?!

  13. Firstly, The Liverpool way ended with Shankly, Paisly and fagan carried on the style of management, but Shanklys way is long gone and the fans need to let that go, its history, one no one can take away from us,18 titles and 5 cl’s set in stone, Liverpool will live forever, it will outlive me, because the city loves football, and will survive.
    The sacking of rafa did indeed signal the end of our search to reclaim that Liverpool way, as with each manager that comes along the fans try to guide him into a certain style of play, but it doesnt work, because it only worked for the squad who learnt it first hand from shankly paisly and fagan, the latter two not so much but the players who knew it under shankly, some still remained.
    Akin to fergusons initial squad, and the changes with players coming and going, but a few remained like giggs and scholes who knew what was required.
    Liverpool need to support their players and Manager, but refrain from trying to emboss their wants and desires into the ether/media, because it unsettles the manager.
    Feeling like they have to impress the kop or win it over to survive, and the owners unless their choice wins every game, will in time buckle to fan pressure if results arent as expected……like kenny……like rafa.
    I realy want a top manager with good tactical understanding and charisma to deflect pressure from the squad, and a man motivator to keep us frosty for 38 games, ending the silly scenarios where we trounce top teams then buckle to bottom clubs……That isnt acceptable, so the players should get the stick….Publically… NOT the manager, unless his tactics deserve it.
    A new standard needs to be set and adressed.
    A new foundation for a new generation of players and supporters, because trying to turn back the clock is actually our fatal flaw as a club.
    Adapt or die.
    The Old Liverpool is dead.
    20+ years without a title is proof of this.
    We’ve had some poor owners, and some average managers from then until now, but under rafa we came close, but even then we were trying to revive the glory days.
    FORGET THE PAST GLORY, and work on making a new chapter …A new Liverpool, one where supporters support whats now and not what WAS.
    Maybe a new anthem alongside the fields of anfield road, because we over use that and take away its power to inspire, now its just a few lines repeated every 15 mins or so….Its not enough.

  14. If we want it enough, no amount of money from rival clubs will make us weaker, Bilbao made United look like a pub team, because they play for their basque pride.
    Wheres the pride in playing for the Liverbird.?
    it doesnt have to be based on whats gone, but what it means to represent us as a city.
    And I just dont see it in players like Adams henderson and Downing, if and when they score, they give their little celebration, but it doesnt feel like they’re part of our family, when stevie scores it looks like he’s gonna pop with pride.
    Its up to us as fans to re-establish our identity, and make it one players look up to, the kop used to rock with chants and songs, these days its just a slight sprinkling of fans singing proud, the rest roll off the F-O-A-R, as i mentioned, and its sullied its majesty.
    maybe as fans we’re part guilty for the demise of our steely determination which helps us get the job done against lesser teams, the atmosphere drops, the oposition feel or sense we’re for the taking if they apply pressure.
    I put out an SOS to anyone reading this to pass it around……. Please whoever is close enough to those who have any kind of authority amongst the fans to get together to come up with a new anthem we can all sing during the match, something worthy of a new era of hope.
    Ps…….Van gaal would have been a reasonable shout for the top job.
    He’s a task master.

  15. FSG Have made a big balls up, Sacking a legend for playing exciting attacking football, Carling cup ( yes small trophy ) FA cup finalists, 8th in the league ( yes not good enough.).he should have been given another season to sort these problems out.The standard is set no champions league you get the sack. Thats why no manager wants the job. we are left with the dregs of Martinez, Who is he by the way . whats he done. does he have any pulling power for players ?. dont think Rafa is the best, short memories, playing defensive against mid table teams. Playing for a draw against teams we should be beating comfortable.To many duff players on high wages.But i must admit he is the only answer to the situation. Championship football season after next , then Yanks out, got to be. Football is a bit different to a man with a big stick smacking the ball from another who throws it at him. If he hits it he runs round in a circle.
    complete plonkers Henry and Tom.

  16. Listen, this is all well and good, and voicing opinions is a great healthy form of discussion. There’s one simple fact that we need never forget… This is Liverpool football club, the most prestigious and renowned club in the world, and just as we always have…. You’ll Never Walk Alone, and that’s how it should be regardless of who is the next manager. We have very little control over what happens. We need to back FSG and who ever they choose to follow Kenny. All we can do is have hope and our hearts and a passion for Liverpool Football Club. Walk on and never forget who you are and what this club has done an will do. YNWA

  17. But Rafa created a new Liverpool!!! it’s so damn clear, don’t you remember a second place in PL, an FA Cup, community shield, a Champions League, a Champions League final, a semi final lost because of an own goal that could have been another final, maybe a victory vs ManU, we were feared across all europe, we were the able to eliminate Barca, Real Madrid, Mourinho’s Chelsea two times, Inter, Milan, Juve, we were beating every european top team! how can someone still forget this!? too many guys talk about the Rafa’s reign like the only thing that counts is the last year, so sad…and everybody knows the situation of that year…

    last thing for those who continues to say “no Benitez, we must look forward, look what happened with Kenny…”…IT’S SIMPLY RIDICULOUS HOW THERE’S PEOPLE THAT SERIOUSLY COMPARE BENITEZ AND DALGLISH AS MANAGER, SIMPLY RIDICULOUS…if the owners thinks the same, meh, we’re in the wrong hands…again…

  18. I think the reason we have this manager merry go round farce is because FSG were certain Dalglish would accept the new Director of Football role or similar. I think they expected him to say yes and then would appoint Martinez as the young progressive manager. But when Dalglish refused their offer FSG were left in a difficult situation. Martinez on his own without a senior experienced director of football would be too much of a risk. So the search for a director of football who would be willing to work with Martinez and under a new regime is now underway. FSG are not looking for a manager they have him already in Martinez, they are looking for someone to fill the newly defined role of director of football. This is the reason why it would appear every name in world football is being touted because we have the young progressive managers in the Martinez ilk and we have the older experienced ex managers in the Dalglish ilk. Somehow FSG need to create a dream team to fulfill their vision for the new regime that is in the process of being set up at LFC.

  19. put aside the champions league and title winning aspirations for a moment and take a reality check.
    until we get a new stadium to put us on par with the other big teams in the league in terms of match day revenue, we can’t compete in terms of player recruitment. We need to start using the youth we have previously invested in, look to build for the future and set out a roadmap. We won’t win the title in 2013, but we need to show progress.

    as for rafa, i agree wholeheartedly he is a legend in his own right. but is he our future? i think not. we need to support the new manager, whoever he is (as long as he doesn’t advocate lumping it forward and route one)

  20. Come on you reds! Let FSG do their job and be a true LFC supporters during high and low.Too bad Kenny has to go. Some of the players are far too rich/complacent to understand the spirit of LFC. They just couldnt care less whether we win or lose. They should have been sacked in the first place! I will support whoever that will be appointed as the next manager and lets move on positively…YNWA!

  21. I for one will vote for Capello,someone who has the balls to fight the FA cheaters in a first place.He knows the hidden rules of the game and seems to be perfectly aware about the mood at Anfield,he has a strong relationship with Gerrard which is a key point for the rebuilding process in case he is hired.

    Indeed coz if it weren’t for JT Capello would’ve never refused the job at Chelski, a London based club.

    His so called competitors bar Rafa can’t keep the pace with him in all categories,Martinez is just a survival expert,AVB an idealistic theoretician for the EPL whereas Capello is a modern day GLADIATOR who fought for glory in every city from Rome to Madrid via other cties such as Torino, Milano and even London.

    He might be perceived as an old lion but his sole presence will force respect from his Italian counterparts since the managers coming from that Mediterranean boot
    are very popular nowadays in England.

    My heart goes with Rafa though I suspect him to remain the same with that extra-oz of both arrogance and stubbornness that summarize him very well.However the current owners seem not interested in an other strong willed and popular manager at Anfield, may be they need just a hired hand to reach their hidden goal from day 1 which is fully running the club on their own.

    That’s why I say Capello is a safe bet for all parties, with few additions and more steel in the midfield the latter will bring back hope at Anfield by restoring confidence or at least a truce for a while until we can see clear yet again throughout that dusty road of glory.

    Meanwhile we the fans, are in a serious need of a PSTSD* therapist after such an everlasting nightmare since 20 years or so?

    On a serious note, come on guys stop dividing the Liverpool house,let remind you we’re in a middle of a big storm and we seem not being aware of the dangers surrounding us,I give FSG just another week before we’ll hear about the main players wanting to depart Anfield after inquiries from the other sides will overwhelm us.

    Yet if I had to make an immediate decision I’ll pick a manager to be in charge ahead of a DoF and not the other way around as seem to do FSG.

    I’d chose Rafa above all bar Capello.Rafa is a divisive figure right now whereas Capello imho has what it takes to steady the ship for let’s say 2 or 3 years until we can bring in a relatively young manager to monitor the ship when it’s at cruise speed and every piece is ushered in and well in place.

    Mark my words Capello is the only one who can take the league by storm as he did twice in ‘la ligua’,wanna an example? Isn’t he the first one who pointed out last year that Kelly is a good prospect for England after the game vs Arsenal at the Emirates? and oall of a sudeen the latter has received his first call-up.Give me a better eagle eye in the EPL and I’ll buy it. Imho FSG should be happy to hire someone who has the flair and the ability to cope with the UEFA rules, shouldn’t they?

    Indeed Capello is a proven manager who dealt with the biggest egos ever in England during his spell as England manager.Liverpool should be an easy task (bread and butter) for him given he has as I said a strong relationship with Gerrard and seems to be fully respected by Carra who was given a chance to play many times in the national squad under Capello’s regime despite the fact he was unfairly barred by Ferdinand and Terry at the time thanks to the Murdoch’s biased media .

    So what’s wrong with FSG? Why do they want us to believe they’re planning big for the long term when we just need to fix the mess right now.

    *PSTSD (post-season traumatic stress disorder) a syndrome that hits mainly the LFC fans.

  22. The Obama tweet is a killer :-) I also think FSG have badly handled this matter. I still feel Kenny deserved more respect than what he got and that KD should have been released only if a new gaffer was in place.

    That said, the club is theirs and there is little we can do to stop being a laughing stock right now. Sad days :-(

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