Hollie Cavanagh bows out in style by singing YNWA on American Idol [video]

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Hollie Cavanagh didn’t win American Idol however the young Red left a lasting impression with a wonderful rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone. It Paul Dalglish who had suggested to Hollie on Twitter to sing the LFC anthem and her reply was “maybe”.

Good luck in the future Hollie, YNWA.

Thanks to Randy Saba @SabaYNWA for submitting the video


  1. Just brilliant, song with passion and beautifully. As a life long red this song always makes the hairs stand on end and a chill down my spine! YNWA JFT96

    1. i thought she was brilliant singing youll never walk alone my wife was in tears and if she brought it out on cd she would make a mint excellant performance and such a singer .hope she has a good future in music .well done hollie

  2. My neice has come a long way ,she sang that song so beautiful, she has been wanting to sing that since the begining of the series she finally got her wish Red forever

  3. I wasn’t crazy about the arrangement in the beginning, but I’m so glad she got to sing that song! It ended beautifully! I just wish she could have worn an LFC dress or something.. ;)

  4. Understand Martinez has informed FSG – NO LONGER INTERESTED – IS THIS TRUE ????????//

  5. Extraordinary. Goose pimples, hair standing up on the back of my neck, eyes welling up and chest puffed out – that made me proud. well done Hollie & EOTK for bringing it to us. Awesome.


  6. Always walk with my head held high! Thanks for this video at such difficult and very crucial time for our club! And was rooting for her… great song, brilliant performance! Come on Hollie a CD and you’ll NEVER WALK ALONE!

  7. Ouch, she murdered that song!
    Brought tears to my eyes for all the wrong reasons……sorry!

  8. An old highly emotional song from the movie of the same name starring Susan Hayward and in his first role, Robert Wagner. A true story of a soldier who has fought in the war and comes back wounded and on crutches.
    This would be a huge hit were Hollie to have her recording company(which I’m sure she’ll have due to her very unusual timber in her voice)market it for all the returning soldiers. It might even become an anthem of sorts because the lyrics and melody are so powerful.
    Hollie did a beautiful job and in my opinion, out sang Jordon Sparks by a mile.
    Had Hollie done this song during the first couple of weeks on Idol, perhaps there would be a different ending.
    Good luck Hollie…I’ll be listening for your single of this magnificent song.

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