Luis Suarez scores for Uruguay [video]

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Luis Suarez scored for Uruguay today as the they were held 1-1 against Russia.


  1. he is a pure classy player n he is not likely to come by. What a player we’ve got at LFC. hope he continues playing like this and UCL wil b our limit. Splendid work Suarez. U r da bst. YNWA

  2. Suarez,i ever believe ever u scored the goal l’pool must be mentioned.juz kip ur head strait, you’re always a gem!

  3. shame we are not buying anymore world class players, next year will be the same, give the ball to him and expect him to do it all bar the odd gerrard moment, ?

    what a joke these owners are, we should be adding much better players for him to have on the very team, how much longer is liverpool going to go on trading with just maybe the odd world class player, if you where suarez you would be thinking , let me play with cavani, lavezzi, aguero, etc that type of player, pay out fsg or fuck off

  4. Alway commited to something he does.he always make liverpoolfc proud anywhere he goes.that’s my man keep the good works up.we love u man.liverpoofc 4 life.

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