And the new gaffer is Brendan Rodgers

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The BBC and many other news organisations are reporting that Brendan Rodgers has signed a three year contract with Liverpool to take over the helm as manager of the club.

Welcome to Anfield Mr. Rodgers, you have my full support.




  1. Yep, let’s all get behind him.

    I do hope that we push ahead with FSG’s idea of a different management structure, since I think that is the way forward. We can’t afford to match Chelsea, United, City or Arsenal (until we get a bigger stadium) pound for pound, so we have to think differently.

    Reports seem to be saying that the structure is going to be more traditional. I think that would be a mistake. Early stages though- I’m sure everything will become clear.

    Welcome to Anfield Mr. Rodgers,

  2. This is the good news, Liverpool can no longer attract the top managers in the world, but Rodgers has the potential to be one of the best.

    He has a very good knowledge of football at all levels from the lower English divisions, to coaching youngsters and coaching top players at Chelsea. His style of play will make Liverpool one of the best teams to watch and given time Liverpool will be back as one of the best teams in Europe

      1. How can anyone be disappointed about this he is a good maneger we would of went backwards if rafa came back wit his defeneve football i really belive Brendan is gonna be our savior give em time rome wasnt built in a day…YNWA

  3. i hope he is the right man for the job . i wonder will he be sacked if we dont get top 4 , we need a big name to work with him

  4. if brendan is unveiled as our new manager, lets give him the time and support he needs.

    get behind our manager no matter what, this is what makes us LFC.

    Welcome Brendan, you have my unconditional support


  5. I think he’s the man for the job , he has got potential, and has knowledge of the game , hopefully he knows how to spend transfer money aswell

    1. You think he is the right man for the Job? Why exactly?

      What has he done to earn one of the best jobs in world football?

      Yanks out

  6. This is terrible news. He is clearly not experienced enough for LFC. Failed at Watford, Failed at Reading, decent at Swansea.

    This for me shows our owners have ZERO ambition, and clearly are looking for a manger who will be a yes man and who is used to working on with ZERO transfer budget.

    This is going to end in tears. And it will take YEARS to recover from this.

    Not impressed at all

    1. spike go away and support chelsea for real madrid, ya glory hunter.

      Liverpool dont have the money to compete with top teams any more so they need to gradually build a team and Rodgers is the best young manager around

      1. Up yours retard boy. The facts speak for themselves.

        I’m glad that you have already accepted mid table nothingness for the next half decade.

        This is nothing to do with being a glory hunter… this is about common sense, and being able to recognise that our owners vision for LFC is not about challenging for sod all. You might start to realise this about 4 games in to the new season.


        Does his CV stack up to manage LFC?

        1. ” The facts speak for themselves ” do they.

          There’s no way to find facts for managers who over achieve more than other managers with less resources.
          Rodgers retired at age 20 and still made his way up to become a premier league manager, so is clear he has a good knowledge of football and people in football know how good he is.

          Swansea were the clear favorites for relegation this season but Rodgers turned them into one of the best passing sides in England in the space of two years.

          You must be one of them idiots with unrealistic targets like Guardiola, Mourinho or Hiddink, Keep living in dream land if you think liverpool can attract these types of managers currently.

          Anyone with half decent knowledge of football knows Rodgers has the potential to be a brilliant manager, maybe that’s why a prick like you hasn’t got a clue what your talking about.

        2. Spike if you dont like it buy the club! Im sure someone with your knowledge of bringing success to sports franchises will having winning trophies in jig time.
          The problem with the internet is it gives people like you a voice!

        3. At the moment does LFC’s CV meet the requirement for a high profile manager. Let us get behind the new manager and always remember that FSG are trying to do their best. If they can get Mourinho, they would but i don’t think LFC at the moment appeals to any top manager. So let us help Rodgers build a bigger stronger LFC.


      2. How can you say he was decent at Swansea?! He has impressed the league with his results and style of play. Everybody had expected Swansea to be relegated.

  7. i’m glad, didn’t want a big time charlie, all the most regarded bosses (excluding wenger) just go and buy at over the top prices top names, i think sourcing youngsters and then working is the best way. makes it feel like a club and not just a business. come on brendan. YNWA

  8. i didnt want kenny out but cant do anything now the media picked our boss again like woy one of fergies friends and word has it rodgers is a big utd fan just hope it blows up in the medias faces and we win the league! well we can hope

  9. I was against Martinez because I’ve seen how lucky Wigan were against Liverpool and Man Utd. I’ve seen them play in the last 2 seasons as well and I wasn’t impressed.

    For Rodgers, his Swansea were the only team who outplayed us at Anfield and we were kinda lucky not to lose that match that day. I’ve seen them play against Man Us, Arsenals, etc. They outplayed Arsenal in passing.

    With more quality on the final third (which we have with Suarez), I think his philosophy will propel us to the next level.

    Overall, I’m quite excited with this appointment.

  10. we need to stand together and our home fans need to sing and relly need to get behind the team i have went to games and i go nuts so if you go to the game come home horse please! we need to help our team 100%

  11. AVB supporters, please have a look at how Chelsea played last season. They looked like us during Houllier’s time. Slow, old and lacked ideas. I think Rodger’s work at Swansea is one that I’ve admired.

  12. Welcome to Anfield Brendan.

    Spike says ‘What has he done to earn one of the best jobs in world football?’

    Spike, what planet are you on? I have been a Liverpool fan for over 30 years, and even I can acknowledge that at the moment the Liverpool managers position is far from one of the best jobs in world football.

    Brendan Rogers has a clear vision as to how he wants his teams to play football, an attractive brand of football and has achieved wonders with Swansea.

    I don’t expect instant success simply because our squad is nowhere near good enough but hope given the time, Rogers can produce a successful team that plays attractive football. I just hope he’s given the time..

    1. You are deluding yourself…

      Brendan Rogers record at Watford:

      On 24 November 2008, Rodgers was appointed manager of Championship side Watford. It was his first managerial position, following on from spells in charge of the Reading youth team and Chelsea reserves.[8] Watford won only two of their first ten league games, and were in the relegation zone by January. However, Watford’s form dramatically improved, and Rodgers was able to guide them to finish 13th.

      Brendan Rogers record at Reading:

      After Steve Coppell resigned as Reading manager, Rodgers quickly became the favourite to replace him.[10] He later distanced himself from leaving Watford, stating his “concentration is fully on Watford”.[11] and that those linking him with other clubs were questioning his integrity.[12] Rodgers agreed a deal to become the manager of Reading on 5 June 2009, after a compensation package of an initial £500,000 had been agreed, which rose to £1 million.[13][14] The Watford Supporters’ Trust stated that Rodgers’ reputation was “severely damaged” in the eyes of the supporters, but the Trust did “thank Brendan for his efforts last season and wish him well for the future”.[15] On 11 August 2009, Rodgers got his first win as Reading manager with a 5–1 win over League Two team Burton Albion in the League Cup first round. Despite a good start, a very disappointing string of results followed, leading to Rodgers leaving Reading by mutual consent on 16 December 2009.[16]

      Wake up… and smell the coffee. He has won NOTHING ever. He is CHAMPIONSHIP manager at best

    1. Spike, I am genuinely amazed by the negativity. I think we need to be realistic when looking for our next manager.

      In terms of playing personnel I put us at present behind Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. So realistically we are aiming for sixth.

      We cannot offer a manager Champions League football or realistically challenge for the league so I’m not sure who you are looking to attract.

      I fear fans like you will hound another manager out if results don’t go our way because he’s not your choice!

      Since when do fans pick the manager?

      1. Steve, your last statement is not apt. Don’t forget fans pay their hard-earned money to watch the manager’s work/product in the field so it is in their right to pass whatever comment they feel.

  13. “I don’t expect instant success”

    Good, because you are not going to get it.

    He will be sacked by Christmas…. just like when he was at Reading.

  14. Wow -at least there seems to b a plan -4 manager positions …fenwqay represent some of the top sportsmen in the world so I’m going with that they know what they doing -this is my life fenway so don’t do wrong but I’ll give u time because YNWA

  15. Unconditional support for B-Rod..Get behind lads..
    @spike:Who says only trophy winning managers can manage liverpool?what logic do you base your argument on?Was Shankly a WC manager before he became one at lvpl?So many managers from capello to benitez to AVB hv all failed for club and country even after winning league and champions league medals.Pardew is a nobody and newcastle almost qualified for champs league in the 1st season of being promoted.So why cant Rodgers?He is a good coach and has very good philosophy.
    Get behind or get out…YNWA>

  16. The ink isnt even dry on his contract, and we already have him getting the sack at Christmas?

    I’m ready to support BR and Liverpool FC as we transition into the new structure that is being put in place. Lets see who he brings in during the summer. Lets see who he ships out as well.

    If he is able to get the boys playing attractive football week in and week out, then he deserves the opportunity to get the job done his way.

    If Spike is right, I’m sure he’ll be happy to remind us all of his great powers of observation. But if your wrong Spike, I hope you get on board and support LFC. You might want to think about going decaf with your next coffee as well.

  17. I think the bottom line is that the ‘big’ name managers that we want simply didnt want the job. So i say lets get behind our new man, he is young with plenty of ideas and i hope they come off. YNWA

  18. I think rodger too soon to manage a big club but since we are not a big club in EPL, he is capable to become our manager. I support rodgers, welcome to Liverpool!

  19. Once again yanks clearly having no clue in hiring a manager………..H&G fired RB hired mediocre Hodgson aka the hobbit then FSG approached KK to take over he stabilised the club in six months then kick started the rebuilding of the club took us to 2 cup finals won one & we back in europe even though its on thursdays only to fire him to hire Rodgers.
    Am sorry if we ain’t pushing for top 4 by xmas i can hear Rafa’s name being chanted at Anfield thats a fact

  20. FSG showed their intent when they sacked KK..Carling Cup win,2 cup finals,Europa League,8th – Not good enough! That gives me optimism given their record with Boston Red Sox not winning World Series for 80 something yrs..they turned it around! Spike get a grip! are obviously a passionate fan and at least you are not a deludedly over-optimistic knob-head or head in the sand LFC TV type! Facts about Watford and Reading true but out of context ie Rogers was still learning and players were not good enough and he needed more time for his philosophy to reap rewards.Liverpool have players technically good enough and last years signings have had time to blend into the squad.
    I personally think BR is the right choice,much better than Martinez.
    Man City completed most passes last season with players costing tens of millions,Swansea were 2nd in that stat,beating Arsenal,Man Utd with a bunch of inexperienced bargain basement Championship quality players in their 1st season in the Prem.
    Get behind him,this is how the greatest club in the world should play football! YNWA

    It’s not a backwards step..Roy Hodgson was a backwards step! Good luck England! Chelsea won Champions League with dull organised defensive football sure we can too!

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