Brendan Rodgers – a new manager, but is it a step forward?

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The decision has been made, John W. Henry and the Liverpool directors have decided to appoint Swansea’s Brendan Rodgers as Kenny Dalglish’s successor, according to several high profile media sources such as the BBC. The news has been met with a fairly positive reaction, of course there will be sceptics, but I think fans are willing to give Rodgers a chance. Rodgers has been given a 3-year contract and Liverpool have reportedly had to pay around £4million compensation to secure his services.

Rodgers is known for his continental approach to football management, after travelling to Spain in his early twenties to observe the philosophies of clubs such as Barcelona and Valencia. He guided Swansea to an 11th place finish in their first Premier League season, which has impressed pundits and journalists a-like. It also seems to have impressed the Liverpool owners.

Some may argue that Kenny Dalglish used traditional and outdated tactics but that flaw is not likely to be repeated with Rodgers, who is a young manager with fresh ideas. And what better place to learn than under the stewarship of Jose Mourinho, where Rodgers was manager of the Chelsea reserve team in the mid-noughties alongside the Portuguese manager.

Only time will tell how successful Rodgers will be, but with time and patience from the fans, I think that Rodgers’ new approach could benefit the club in the long term. If an experienced Director of Football is appointed to assist him from above, steps are definitely being made to catapult Liverpool back to where they belong.

Welcome to Liverpool, Brendan.


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  1. With a new director of football (a world class appointment) Rogers – untried and untested at the higher level – will be a success story. If not, the Fenway Sports Group will be throwing their money down the drain. If this is what we were going to be fed with, why sack Dalglish – who is by far more experienced than this fellow?

  2. Yeah but, to me it seems that in the last three years we’re giving to much chances to anybody and we’re going down year after year…i hope we’ll do better next season but i highly doubt it, so sad to me however to see that FSN completely snubbed Benitez (the only top manager who wants to come here since we’re snubbed by others like Guardiola since now we look cause we are a mid rank team with an ownership that manages a football club like a baseball one…i ask myself what the hell they give Rodgers a 3 year deal if they’ll sack him if he will not finish in top four…because top four is our goal next season right? meh…

  3. The BBC’s Pat Murphy believes that Brendan Rodgers has been appointed as a traditional British manager with control over all football matters, which means no Director of Football. I am intrigued to find out which way FSG have finally decided to go in terms of the club’s football management structure.

  4. What the hell! Sacking the King for a guy who has one good season in the EPL. Everyone knows Martinez built that team! Its disgusting..

  5. FOOTBALL – beautiful football – that is what fans want to see and now they will – and be warned no-one will be guaranteed a place and that includes Stevie G and that is how it should be.

  6. A lot of you are already putting him down. A year from now you will do a U-Turn. The man knows how football should be played. Unlike Martinez, whose only achievement has been to survive the drop, this guy has got his side to play attractive football that has yielded results even on a relative shoestring budget.

    All the best Brendan. YNWA.

  7. Liverpool fans need to show some respect and faith. Brendan is an absolute gem of a manager and a man. From a Swansea perspective I am devastated to lose him. Mark my words, one day he will lift the Champions League trophy, although not with Liverpool; it will be with a big club!

    1. What Swansea achieved this year with that team is nothing short of remarkable, while Liverpool stank it up something shocking. If Rodgers can do that with Swansea (is it right that they didn’t even have a training ground?), isn’t it a small leap of faith that he could do amazing things with LFC squad?

      Haters need to give themselves a slap. We were shite in the second half of the season in the league. Change was needed, and hopefully this will be the impetus to start moving up the table.

  8. More whining and whining and whining about the guy’s resume. Did all you “fans” know that Shankly managed Carlisle, Grimsby, Workington, and Huddersfield before joining Liverpool? Then, he completely transformed the squad into a world power. Rodgers almost definitely won’t match Shankly, but he has my full support. All of you talking shit should just go wave a plastic flag with Chelsea.

  9. Give the man a chance for gods sake new ideas new direction, he has studied under some of the best.

  10. Ok Brendan Rodgers wasn’t my top choice, but nobody can say that Swansea didn’t play decent attacking football. For all these idiots who are already giving the fella a hard time, ya need to wind ya necks in and let him crack on. Ya was all moaning when Roy Hodgson was playin his style of football. If we finish 6th next season it’s an improvement. Realisticly 4th would have to be the minimum position we finish. Back the new manager and stop being so insulting, you wouldn’t like it would you?

  11. Welcome Brendan… YNWA
    Just hope he gets enough time to build his own team; but definitely excited and hope to enjoy watching good football from my team finally

  12. good luck to him, only time will tell. every manager we ever appointed was a gamble, we were lucky that they worked out. time is what he needs.

  13. Why get rid of Kenny ? We finished 37 points off the top . We’ve gone 20 years without a league title , always looking back , we all thought this is it let’s show em all when Kenny came back , but sadly it wasn’t to be . So now let’s back Brendan Rodgers and look to the future , ya never know he might just be a diamond , he might be the best thing to happen to us in years , I actually feel quite confident we’ve got a real good un . Good luck fella , make us dream .

  14. Doesn’t mean a thing if he did a good season, somebody knows the story of Gigi Delneri with Chievo Verona in Italy? well, for who doesn’t know read here the voice COACH

    5th place with Chievo after a promotion in Serie A than with Porto, Roma and Juve, three disasters so, a good season means nothing, manage a top club is another thing, we’ll see…i hope that he’s good enough for the situation but again, if he’ll fail (maybe after a 50millions summer) FSN will be forced to ask Rafa to rescue the ship because (mark my words) after ANOTHER failing year we’ll lose Suarez, Agger and Reina to say three names, so at this point next season will be a in or out one…i think that Benitez was the best choice but unfortunately i’m not the owner :V

  15. Guys _ this guy is not a team builder or a style changer – he inherited a good team and was very lucky indeed. Good luck to him at Liverpool – he will laways be remebered as the man that took us up, kep us up, but not for improving what we had created by others.

  16. Welcome to lfc brendon congrats on getting the job hope you can shut up a few idiots call themselves lfc supporters

  17. Rodgers comes to Anfield it was a 0-0 draw and Swansea get cheered off the pitch. Liverpool go to Swansea on the final day of the season and get beat. I’d say in terms of tactical know how Rodgers 1 KK 0.

  18. If u guys continue 2 talk this ur shits, that will make the case more worse 2 that of Roy hodgson. The way forward now is to support this young man, lets hope n see what he can present to us.
    Remeber Jose Mourinho was under the wings of the Great SIR BOBBY ROBSON, we all have to start somewhere. Good Luck to Rodger. WE ARE LFC and YNWA!

  19. All the rantings wont change a thing guys, even KK asked us to back the new man in charge! What will you do now BR haters? Support another club then? shame on you people who call themselves a Red!

    1. “even KK has asked us to back the new man” . . .
      … that’s a sure way for me NOT to – as far as I am concerned KK’s judgement is far from laudible, in fact it is laughable and he should get back nto his box, the incompetent fool

  20. Liverpool are now finsihed as a big club; this is the worst management appointment in LFC’s history, it is a step backwards taking on a manager with only one year of top flight experience – who exactly will he be able to attract to the Club, what sort of international player is going to want to play for an unknown manager? “B” graders only i’m afraid, or expensive brtisih flops.

    I think FSG have just resigned LFC to mediocrity for the next decade… how the might have fallen

  21. Rodgers has been STUDYING football for the last 17 years.
    He will have more ideas and tactics to fall back on then an explayer who has become a manager who would have mostly played 442 and would only learn what he has to do then how it was put together and what is expected of his team mates.

  22. Opta stats 2011-2012
    LFC Kenny vs. Swanse Rodgers
    Total passes 18.794. vs. 20.975
    Pass accuracy Gerrard 82% vs Britton 93%
    Total Spend. 108M. vs. 7M
    Team pass accuracy. 80.9%. vs. 85.7%
    Possesion. 50% vs. 55.3%
    Succesful pass. 15.213 vs. 17.813

    Think about it..
    Even shankly is a mediocre club manager before he had change in LFC.
    Im very exciting and salut with owner step of revolution here. A very uncommon idea and brave yet lots of thought behind the step. Not like G&H while sack Rafa and replace with Roy, without strategy and plan at not feel this kind of excitment that time..

    With this kind of hunger in rodgers.. Without track record of primadona managers.. Like Guordiola, AVB.. But in other side this will be a huge power..He got full of motivation and spirit to do his master work. He got full energy to change and prove..With the club like LFC with the culture and the financial back up.. Its a strong formula to be great-success!

    Welcome Rodgers..

    I support my club,my managers, my owner.. Lets work together with this new spiritt! YMWA!

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