Brendan Rodgers Appointed Liverpool Manager. Analysis and Uncensored #LFC Fan Reactions

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Swansea City have confirmed that Brendan Rodgers has agreed to take up the vacant managers job at Liverpool FC. After weeks of intense and on the whole, irritating speculation linking EVERYONE to the LFC hotseat, it is the forerm Watford and Reading and Chelsea Youth manager who will fill Kenny Dalglish’s shoes. The Redmen TV react to the news and bring you the uncensored comments of Liverpool fans from around the world…


    1. Stupidly knows no bounds with trolls like you, at least you should have left a decent post, instead of some mad gibberish.. Bet ur a chavski fan, but only became one after 19 may 2012, precisely at 22.50 you loser

  1. Brendan Rogers to finish what Hodgson started and send Liverpool into the Championship. I hope that John Henry thinks the parachute payment is worth it.

  2. dalglish won 6 games at home ? jesus the man should have been sacked sooner !!! brendon rodgers is a class manager,he worked under MOURINHO at chelsea with steve clarke ??? dalglish signed SHAMBOLIC players who dont play for the team ? BUT FOR THEMSELVES !!! WE NEED TOO EMBRACE HIS SIGNITURE,AND MOVE ON ASAP ? SPEARING HENDERSON ADAM CARROLL ARE AT BEST VERY SLOWWWWW,WHEN ARE MY FELLOW FANS GONNA STOP LIVING IN THE PAST…

    1. Good on you mate , I have watched the redmen for 42 years and do not live in the past . Everybody says how good Moyes is he came from preston

    1. Good on you mate ,about time we tried a young untested manager . I think even with the squad we have got he will work wonders

    2. we don’t need “big” signings. just thoughtful ones. i think we could be looking at our next long term manager, beautiful stylish style of football. come on i say. YNWA

  3. I’m looking forward to see what Rodgers can bring to our club. If he brings the same kind of football he played @Swansea it could be a good appointment. I had my personal favourite (Klopp) as my 1st choice. But Rodgers will have the same support I would have givin Klopp, 100% nothing less.

  4. we need to back him to the hilt. give him our full backing good luck and best wishes Brendan

  5. Rodgers appointment provides some relief; hes young, talented, and honest. He has a proven ability to get the most out of what he has, something that I think is needed at LFC. Big signings would be nice, but getting the most out of the current resources is probably what will be required for 2012/2013.

    Also, how dignified and honest have Swansea and Rodgers been in this process? Almost as impressive as Swansea’s results this year is the way the football club has dealt with this process. Best of luck for the upcoming season Swansea!

  6. glad to see an end to the merrygoround,rodgers good young manager him and van gaeal look like a good management team

  7. glad to see an end to the merrygoround,rodgers good young manager him and van gaeal look like a good management team

  8. As much as many may feel that we are showing a lack of ambition by appointing a man with only one season of Prem football under his belt, I’m quietly confident this will turn out to be a masterstroke by FSG. I may have no managerial experience myself nor do I profess to having any more insight to the professional game than the next fan but I do consider myself a honest football fan as well we being a loyal and a proud Kopite. Since day 1 of last season I’ve been impressed with Rodgers, not only for his style of football but his general attitude towards the game and the manner in which he carry himself. I’ve said this to a number of mates, both fellow fans and other footy fans that I believe of all the new young managers to come into the Prem, he;s the one I see a star for the future. Well it would seem that star has appeared earlier than I (or others) have expected, but I’m generally delighted. When Martinez was linked with the post there was a part of me that recognised the logic and the potential his signing could bring to the club but at the same time I was unsure it was the right move. However, for whatever reason – call it gut instinct – I have no reservation about Rodgers impending appointment. I’m actually pretty excited! Naturally time will tell if FSG and/or myself have got this terribly wrong but there’s something that for some reason tells me this is going to work out. Let’s see. In the meantime, I hope our players and all our fans give Rodgers the time to prove his worth and get behind him and his philosophies. Good luck Brendan :) YNWA

  9. Good appnt. Well respected for his footballing nouse. Mourhinio recruited him to Chelski. Swansea tanked us home and away last season and I was one who applauded them off the park at Anfield. FSG are committed to us winning the EPL and getting back into the CL. Doubtful that either Dalglish or Rafa could achieve this – tho’ latter’s record stands up. We won 6 homes games last season under KD…just not good enough and I love the man for his blood runs through LFC. Fans who say that FSG are cheapskates, have low horizons and are not committed to LFC, are frankly Knobheads. FSG save us from going into extinction and have a long-term plan for restoring our former glory…which was interrupted by their signing of KD over short term…which never worked out!!! BR will be given time, financial support and management backing for the project of getting LFC back into the big time. We should all get behind the new manager….The King is dead….Long Live the King!!!

  10. They didn’t even talk to Rafa the c**ts.

    Perhaps just as well with 3 new directors all pissing in your face. Rodgers will get paid well but will soon be frustrated when the implications hit home of him being just a USA-style ‘manager of motivation’ (+ media punchbag) with about the same power Steve Clarke had 3 weeks ago.

    He’ll need 3 signatures to purchase a light bulb!

  11. As a Swansea fan I am gutted to lose Brendan; there is a saying that history repeats itself, whilst I wish him all the best for the future, he was learning the job in Watford and jumped ship prematurely to manage a far bigger club in Reading. He was a failure only winning 5 games in 6 months and not one at home.
    Again he has not really established himself in the Premiership and again he is off, again prematurely in my view to manage a huge club like Liverpool with massive expectations, a far different proposition to Swansea.
    I hope that I am wrong only time will tell.

  12. welcome and start ur plan nw cos the earlier the better and make sure u dont sign late signing like carroll also dnt give any player chance of unwanted mistake that we cost u lose trophy like reina dose.good luck

  13. I wanted Rafa back.
    As a football club we need to move forward.
    All great managers start somewhere and they have something about them, why not rodgers he had swansea punching above their weight last season.

    Best of luck Rodgers, make Anfield a fortress again.


  14. I’ll back my fellow Irishman for 1 year. If he gets us champions league in his 1st season then i’ll be really happy.If he doesn’t get it going after that i’m afraid other fans will turn on him quickly.Luck of the Irish & all that.
    Buck Rodgers will bring us back into the new century. YNWA!!

  15. Good luck Brendan!
    I was at Swansea last game of the season.
    The Swans played good football and outplayed reds in midfield.Time to light a
    Fire under a few of our underachieving stars.

  16. We have all got to get behind this bloke even if you dont fully agree with the appt. personally im delighted, his swansea side played some of best football in europe last year!! We know theres not a huge transfer budget but id be happy to see a clean slate & everyone given a chance, esp joe cole & aqua man (i dont care if he’d rather be in italy – he’s under contract & milan have taken the piss!) i do think though that its time carra took a back seat & maybe just played carling cup & helped coach upcoming youngsters like coates & jones.
    Also as other fans have said, huge praise to swansea, their fans chairman & everyone associated with the club for the superbly admirable way they have conducted themselves over this whole business.
    COME ON YOU REDS!! Renewed optimism for next year, first time in ages i have a gut feeling we’re heading in the right direction – thanks brendan! YNWA!!

  17. P.S. you so-called ‘fans’ need to have a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror for slagging off the guy ALREADY before its even 100% confirmed – take your depressing comnents away and bury them along with a bloody great hatchet in your head ( dont worry theres a very good chance you’d miss the pea-sized brain rolling around between your ears!)
    For gods sake this is a brand new era, judge him jan 2014 if you have to but get behind him & see what happens eh, do you really want to be the miserable wank biscuit who says i told you he was going to be crap & we’d get relegated etc etc moan moan!!!

  18. well said shotbro.totally agree.the bloke had a good season with swansea,he’s defo an up and coming manager. We as reds must give respect and get behind him.This is part of us moving forward.

  19. First off, everyone has been talking about the Liverpool Way.. about how in the past, when things need to be done, its all done in the back and when the club is ready to make an annoucement, they did.. FSG has done a fine job of it.. they havent said anything in the press.. former liverpool players and the twitterazi have been going bonkers about this.. all Ian Ayre has said is that, they have a shortlist of players.. which club wouldnt..
    Next, if brandon rodgers can get Liverpool playing like how he did at Swansea, we will be fine.. Liverpool still has some world class players and that pass and play style will bring back the good ol days..
    Next, everyone has been having a go at FSG for sacking Kenny for not getting into the champs league and its all about the business.. well frankly, it is all about the business.. without earning any money, you cant progress the club.. the club itself can only do so much.. alot of fans have to understand that its a WORLD game now.. supporters all over the world buying gear.. not just in Merseyside..
    Lastly, as a die-hard liverpool fan, i am going to stand behind the new manager and support him till the end..

  20. I will wish him well, but I will not get behind any manager until he proves that he is worth it! This is a huge gamble, but the guy is honest and hard working and with the right players and the right attitude and an end to all the press garbage and negative talk, he may just prove to be what we need. After all its not always the big names that prove to be the best at everything and we have had big names and still not got anywhere. Give him some credit and some respect and wait and see what happens. YNWA

  21. To be very honest, my first preference was AVB; not that he had been the greatest Manager since sliced bread, rather after Woy & KK; I had been very nervous about British Managers, who had been extremely biased on fellow countrymen. I was & still not sure if a British Manager can nowdays’ bring top continental or Latin talents.

    Gone are the days of 60s to 80s when the states of British Isles (including Ireland) could produce top talents & out of top 20 European National sides at least 4 of them were always from those tiny Isles. In 70s & 80s LFC could produce a Barca like team mostly with British based players; today’s it’s done by Championship teams.

    It’s not possible right now for anybody (be it Morinho or Guardiola) to bring established top players to LFC, even with obnoxious money (which I don’t want also). We have to collect top U23 talents & build a team to compete for EPL title, say for 2014-15 (which is most realistic). AVB could have brought the best from Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese & Latin talents to LFC & build a team of next Gen.

    I had never any issues with BR as the Manager as long as LVG & Begarestien joins LFC with the role profile they are expected & the 3 can work together. If for the next few years this 3 can work harmoniously to build the LFC legacy, probably FSG ‘ll do something revolutionary in British Football. My worst fear is, if such 3 highly self-respectful & strong personality can’t work together (all 3, BR showed his personality by denying the catwalk, we all know LVG & Tixiki left even Barca), we ‘ll be going through the same exercise next year.

    Only the platform is set, the hard work is just coming & I can see a difference between the cowboys & these yanks.


  22. Jonah if you want big singnings you need big money like citizen. Capello,guardiola,mourinho are too expensive. It’s better to put cash on players. Dalglish was the worse manager since evans he spent money for bad players

  23. Maybe wasnt my first choice, but an inspired choice by FSG. Will support the guy all the way and hope the negative comments will soon fade. Those who called for KD’s sacking got theyre wish. Now FSG want to go down a new path with a new manager, new ways of thinking and i hope everyone gets behind him

  24. Welcome to Liverpool Brendan Rodgers. I think he will do a fantastic job. Better that Roy and Kenny. Lets be realistic, we have to look at Champions league the season after.

    He may struggle getting big names at first but we can still compete with best in the world on thransfer front.

    Lets all get behind Brendan. YNWA!!!

  25. To me it seems that in the last three years we’re giving to much chances to anybody and we’re going down year after year, i hope we’ll do better next season but i highly doubt it, so sad to me however that FSN completely snubbed Benitez, the only top manager who wants to come here since we’re snubbed by others like Guardiola because now we look (cause we are) a mid rank team with an ownership that manages a football club like a baseball one, i ask myself what the hell they give Rodgers 3 year deal if they’ll sack him if he will not finish in top four, because top four is our goal next season right?

  26. Doesn’t mean a thing if he did a good season, somebody knows the story of Gigi Delneri with Chievo Verona in Italy? well, for who doesn’t know read here the voice COACH
    5th place with Chievo after a promotion in Serie A than with Porto, Roma and Juve, three disasters so, a good season means nothing, manage a top club is another thing, we’ll see…i hope that he’s good enough for the situation but again, if he’ll fail (maybe after a 50millions summer) FSN will be forced to ask Rafa to rescue the ship because (mark my words) after ANOTHER failing year we’ll lose Suarez, Agger and Reina to say three names, so at this point next season will be a in or out one…i think that Benitez was the best choice but unfortunately i’m not the owner :V

  27. Swans played class attacking football last season. Love to see it at anfield. As for the “big names” who exactly were you hoping for? We can’t offer champions league football which is a bigger deterrent than a lesser known gaffer. Additionally, we only have a rumored 30 mil (maybe 40 when we offload kuyt and aqua) so I don’t know who you think that is going to buy that is straight quality with hazard and hulk already set. Cavani? No chance when Napoli currently offers more. Excited for b.rodg

  28. We don’t care who comes to anfield one or the other the memories of istanbul turkey should come back.the year of our trebile should be back…rodgers is our man-he will never walk alone from cape town

  29. IMO, Dalglish should be persuaded to take up the DoF position not only to preserve the soul of Liverpool BUT in case something terribly goes wrong on the field of play with Brendon, Dalglish will always be there to steer the ship through stormy waters, like what he did the last time.

    Please FSG, re-approach KK for this position (DoF), for the sake of the club.

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