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The title of this article represents the major factor in paving the way for Brendan Rodgers to enjoy a successful tenure at Liverpool Football Club.

If this new-age manager is accepted by the players, the Kop, and the fans, then he will have the base on which to etch his very distinctive blueprint on the team and which will eventual propel the Reds to play hi-pressure entertaining football which will successively lead to success!

I am in a very positive mood. I had written an article some weeks ago which I had titled ‘Cracking the Whip’, and my word have FSG cracked the whip! At the time the American owners had shown the door to Comolli, Bruckner and Cotton. Dalglish was this hanging on, albeit by a thread! Since then even King Kenny was asked to leave, which will lead to Steve Clarke and Kevin Keen, plus a number of other backroom staff, also looking for pastures new.

Back to acceptance! While Pepe Reina had hoped for Rafa to come back (apparently), Steven Gerrard and Bellars have already pitched in to offer full support for Rodgers. I firmly believe that although the ego of these top stars is always difficult to deal with, there is also a general understanding between the players that they will need to do more! They know that if they play the ‘Rodgers Way’ with their undoubted quality and higher average standard than Swansea, it would translate into an awesome footballing spectacle!

The Kop and Anfield in general made life for Roy Hodgson unbearable! The aura of Kenny Dalglish was too overwhelming to withstand, even for a man of experience like Hodgson! The fans made it clear they wanted him out and Kenny in. Notwithstanding the many attestations of affection post-departure, many performances during Hodgson’s brief reign spoke of ‘we don’t want you to manage us’. This is an attitude that we cannot afford to greet Brendan Rodgers with. The players need to put aside their huge egos, and the fans need to give him time! This is a ‘from scratch’ project! This is a completely different way of playing football!

The topic now is not why the choice fell on Rodgers, it is how will we shape the team and the players to make sure the Reds play the same intense game the Welsh outfit played to rave reviews last season! The task ahead is to recruit the players that suit that style, and to ship out players that don’t! The game Swansea played was based on stamina, continuous movement, and every player playing for each other not for himself! The massive overhaul I expect is not with players coming and going, but in the way the players train at Melwood, the way the game is prepared and the attitude with which the players hit the turf game in game out!

Welcome Brendan and good luck!


  1. It is as much about how you talk to people and Kenny still unfortunately has much to learn in that department. Great player but never a great talker! I look forward to Brendan giving press conferences without the cringe factor I got when Kenny did them. Good luck to him, I have a good feeling about this appointment.

  2. I think it all sounds good so far with Rodgers, quite happy with him,next week should be very interesting when we find out who the other people are, regarding player purchases,transfers etc etc

  3. Newsflash: La Nazione, which is the main paper in Florence, claims that the Reds and Fiorentina are in discussions to swap Juan Manuel Vargas with Kuyt! Would not be a bad prospect, given the 28 year old peruvian is one of the most exciting and powerful wingers!

  4. Interesting times for LFC, the redevelopment of Anfield gets more likely and a manager with real vision joins us. Commercially we are healthier than ever, all down to Ian Ayre, a great academy waiting to be exploited.

    We don’t need big changes to the squad, only some tweaking. A right-winger and goalscorer are badly needed, that isn’t too much to ask. Rodgers has £30+sales to spend which will be a decent amount?, Im sure we can do a lot in the market If needed.

  5. i loved kenny in interviews he took no shit and i hate FSG but brendan is not slagin kenny off and repects kenny unlike some fools but brendan is winning me over he knows what we are and who we are and he might take no shit like kenny or fergie but when you are at the top you can get away with want like baconface never spoke to the BBC for years

  6. I see a lot of people are now talking about the re-developing of Anfield being about to start. Am I the only one to think that one important aspect of this has been “swept under the carpet”? I am for the new stadium with greater capacity and I admit other opinions on the keeping of “Anfield” have their weight but it will NOT be called “Anfield” at all! No company is going to cough up near to £180M to have the name remain unchanged! They will want it to be called something like say , “Meacy’s Biscuits Anfield”. True historic ring to that! I would rather we moved and Anfield was given the glorious retirement with all her history unmarred! I am 74 years old and went to school just next to Anfield back in the early 1950’s. Whatever happens THAT will always be the ground for me..
    Come on let’s leave with our name unchanged and begin a new millenia “across the park”.

  7. I think if Anfield is redeveloped there will be no scope for futher development if needed in the future,whereas in Stanley Park there could be left the opportunity of further development if wanted.Also leaves open the opportunity of Everton moving into Stanley Park if they manage to find a billionaire sheikh or oligarch of some type.Sorry ,must’ve been having a nightmare.

    1. Joe. The target seems to be 60.000 +/-! FSG either seem happy with this or probably studies have shown this to be the best solution. Apparently the redevelopment is concentrated mostly around the mainstand. From what I have been reading here and there it seems they are planning to remove three rows of houses in that direction. My take is that FSG will redevelop as a new build is not making much financial sense.

  8. I had serious doubts about this guy. My choice would have been Capello or Rafa.
    Having said that, maybe, just maybe this massive gamble will pay off. Let’s give him a chance.
    Welcome to LFC Brendan Rogers. I will support you. YNWA

  9. Gerrard is a loser…he was a winning and top player only when managed by the man that he has contributed to sack…with his favourite managers (Woy and KD) he has been a good player, nothing more…when players are important in club’s decisions it’s a bad thing, ask if in Barca, Bayer or ManU players can give feedback to sack your manager…(your best manager)…meh

    if Fiorentina will swap Vargas for Kuyt i’ll be the next LFC manager…no chance that Kuyt will accept to play there, Fiorentina will ask for young players and money, Vargas is good but not so good for LFC in that role, maybe Downing is better -__- Vargas could be good as left back but a little bit risky obviously

    1. I would give Downing another season myself, but I would have a go for Adam Johnson on the right!

  10. Rory
    It’s the likes of you that have destroyed this great club. The “rafa cult” in all their ignorance have divided & destroyed the club just as much as H&G did. You all need to join him in his next venture wherever & whenever some chairman is foolish enough to give him a job. LFC doesn’t need this type of “fan”.

  11. Yeah Tonio, Adam J. will be better, i agree

    Sorry Joey but that is not “Rafa cult”, it’s “Fact cult” and LFC are not divided by this since as you can see in various pool and articles around LFC were for Rafa at 70%…so just realise that YOU’RE a minority SO in case, it’s that 30% that LFC doesn’t need

  12. When H&G was ousted from Anfield there was a glimmer of hope that we will bounce back to the top four. But seeing the way LFC being managed last 2 season I certainly have no realistic hope of us in the top 4 this year. I personally feel that we should have had a slightly senior and more internationally recognised manager to take over from KK. Compared to other teams we do not have a political turmoil in the dressing room. But even then i cant see Brendon able to manage the likes of Bellamy and gang or even get to talk to top footballers across the world and try to lure them to the club. But being a red will support BR though I am not convinced he is the best option we had. As man city proved You pay peanuts you get monkeys you spend millions you get trophies.

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