New Liverpool Away Kit

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This seems to be the new Liverpool away kit for the 2012/13 season




    1. There is going to be a dip in sales because of that colour and whoever designed it should have known better.

      1. There is as much blue in the away strip as there is in the home strip. Even if there was blue in the strip, do you see blue affecting the Man Utd strips that have been blue, even though Man City is also blue? Get out of the dark ages

      1. Your both wrong in a way… we never wore blue when shanks was boss,we wore a blue quartered kit in the very early
        days of lfc.

      1. LFC did wear blue,just as Jim said! They wore blue and white quarters,(similar to Blackburn’s).They were the colours used when the club started out.Anyone who knows the history of the club will tell you the same!

    1. Go to the official LFC site and you’ll see it’s not blue or grey, it’s straight black

  1. There was blue in the last one and our old kit had blue in from bk in the day look it up

  2. Unless it’s a mistake on the LFC website the Gk shirt appear identical & also black. The rules say the Gk shirt must be different to all other shirts & for good reason.

  3. The pictures on the website are just silhouettes as the design hasnt been officially released yet, remember they did it with the kits last year? apparently these posters are up in jjb so more than likely true, plus they get released tomorrow night so not long to wait to find out

  4. all of them are blacked out on the site until they reveal true color when available.

    1. The player on the left of gerrard is the fat spanish waiter Enrique ! I hope we get rid of him.

  5. Sorry, if this is really silly, or maybe because the picture quality isn’t great, but I can’t put a name to the player on Gerard’s left, who is it?

  6. The kit on the site is blacked out with only logos showing, the kit above looks black/grey

  7. From the leaflef I got, it looks like it will be black with grey endings. Sorry for the quality of pic, but I did it via my mobile, not good enough. Thanks for sharing and the link to the website, where the English version is also available, have a look, lads. YNWA!

  8. ….it has a grey v/round panel at the neck/chest and a grey panel across one of the legs of the shorts…

  9. Never mind black or blue. More importantly, what’s going on with Enrique’s chin? He looks like he’s turning into Rafa

  10. To my knowledge i think Liverpools original away kit was white and blue.The 1997 Yellow kit had change Blue shorts and blue Carlsberg sponsor on the shirt.The 99/2000 kit was green and blue.The 2000/01 kit was Gold and Blue.The 2001/02 was White,Blue and Yellow Trim.We also played in Black and White stripes once with blue shorts.So Blue is not a new colour it is actually the original colour.

  11. Last seasons 3rd kit had blue in it, i don’t know the exact figures of how many were sold but i did not see many people wearing them.

    Thanks EOTK for this article tho.

  12. The kits are on the LFC website now.. My god.. it looks like a grandad vest! I thought they would run the design past people before it got approved? Maybe they asked Stevie Wonder? I think the goalies kit will bring about fits of laughter and stop the opposition scoring! Probably comes with a red nose too!

  13. I’ve seen the kit. It is black with gold Liverbird and sponsor, with grey bits around the collar and sides of top and grey bits on the bottoms as well. No blue!!

  14. Absolutely dreadful. What is that yoke all about?

    Away kit should be white with black shorts, not feckin blue and grey.

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