Dirk Kuyt to Fenerbahce

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Dirk Kuyt has signed a three-year contract with Turkish outfit Fenerbahce.

Dirk has been a great servant of Liverpool F.C. Thanks for the memories Dirk, good luck in Istanbul, YNWA

Below is an excellent video created by @MostarLFC showing Dirk’s 50 EPL goals for L.F.C.


  1. Bit shocked tbf. I know he was considering options, but the new gaffers only been in place a few days, doesnt look like the signals were very positive for Dirk.
    If this IS true, we’ve lost a valuble asset, sure he misses chances, but he was the most determined player in our squad all last season, never stopped running and never dropped his head.
    Regardless of his goal tally, for me, he’s up there with the all time Liverpool greats.
    And should be treated as such in years to come.
    Just a shame we couldnt of had more success with him in the side.
    I think had we signed him NOW he’d have been part of a glorious future. YNWA DK.

  2. Good luck Dirk. What a servant to our club in 6 great years, 3 of which were testing times. Never forget Mr Duracell! Thanks for the memories and YNWA.

  3. Not shocked. The writings were on the wall. Great servant worth every penny of the then Stg 10 million the Reds spent on him 6 years ago. Good Luck Dirk and thank you for wearing the Liverpool Red with pride!

  4. so sad. we lost our flying dutchman. never have the skills of the dutches but to the hell with it! what a WARRIOR! pure soul and heart, a true liverpool player. bad start at the transfer window for LFC. thanks for the memories. YNWA DIRK!

  5. Best of luck Dirk & many thanks…possibly one of the most under appreciated players at Anfield for a long time.

    A true red and will be missed by those of us that understand the game.

  6. I think he might have had another season or two but with Rodgers coming in and him not starting many games last season he might have felt now was the right time.

    Whilst not one of the technical greats I’ve been fortunate enough to watch at Anfield certainly the one of the most committed players in my lifetime, I would even add that his attitude put some of the local lads to shame at times.

    Good luck Dirk, you’ll always be welcome back here!

  7. Dirk Kuyt Is Liverpool Legend. He always score when ever liverpool need goal.
    Very sad to lose him but i wish him best for his future. GOOD LUCK DIRK KUYT.
    A milions of thanks for your HAT-TRICK against manBUSTER united. Any reds who scores a hat trick against the scum is a hero! WE always LOVE YOU…. Ummaaahhh! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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