Kuyt leads the way out!

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Dirk Kuyt has left Liverpoool for Fenerbache after six seasons on Merseyside. The 31 year old relentless Dutchman paves the way for what could be a mini exodus of highly paid stars out of Anfield, not even waiting to have a word in private with the new manager!

With Maxi Rodriguez almost certainly leaving and with Joe Cole and Alberto Aquiliani set for crunch talks with Brendan Rodgers, it seems highly likely that this trio could join Kuyt in pastures new. With Aquilani reluctant to leave the Serie A and the other three players mentioned in their early thirties, the Reds could find this solution refreshing in more way than one! Not only will this pave the way for the arrival of new blood, it will also drastically reduce the wage bill as this quartet are probably small change short of netting Stg 500,000 a week between them!

I doubt very much that any of the players signed during Kenny’s tenure will be shown the door; on the contrary those that did not live up to expectations last season will be given another chance to redeem themselves. Personally I do not see much more outward movement if not players going out on loan to gain experience, but there will be players coming in!

Our defense seems to be sorted with multiple options available to fill in for injured or suspended players. Our holding midfield will welcome the much missed Lucas Leiva back and perhaps Steven Gerrard should play a la Xavi Hernandez in dictating and implementing the latest ‘tika taka’ cliché which Brendan Rodgers favours so much.

Granted that Bellamy is still phenomenal despite his age, and that Downing will be on the ‘redemption regime’, the left flank seems covered as well. What I think we really need are: a talented attacking midfielder (unless Aquilani does a ‘prodigal son’ return), an out and out left winger (Adam Johnson?), and a striker that slots it in the back of the net even with his eyes closed (Clint Dempsey?). Alternatively to Aquilani, Suarez and Coates would not do any harm in convincing the extremely talented and highly rated fellow-countryman Gaston Ramirez to join the Reds from Bologna!

Guys forget the Cavani and Hazard type of targets which are totally unrealistic for the Reds. Those are players for the Man City and Chelsea model, they are not for the model Liverpool Football Club is after which is self-sustainability which makes commercial sense and which is more in line with the up and coming Fair Play rules. We need to be realistic! We need to spend wisely! We need to buy players that want to play for LFC and that suit the new style of game we will present next season!


    1. Opinions are divided as to weather Jay can really ‘cut it’ in a high quality Liverpool side. My take is that the lad is Liverpool through and through and gives his heart out in the park, but whether he has that innate quality that Lucas has is something I have not seen a glimpse of so far. I do see see him being sent out on loan unless Rodgers keeps him as back up!

  1. what do you think of sigurdsson, i could see him slotting in behind suarez comfortably providing both goals and assists

    1. Well it seems Brendan Rodgers wanted him at Swansea and he suggested to Hew Jenkins to buy him outright because he not only fitted the system perfectly he also was a terrific goalscorer! I think he would fit with the Reds and he would not burn a whole in FSG’s wallet!

  2. All the best Kuyt. You will never be forgotten. Especially the hattrick against the scum. YNWA!

  3. I’ve quite often criticised Dirk because i desperately wanted a more skilled and fast player in those positions but i know i’ll miss him, i think i miss him already if i think about, he was my dad’s favourite player, always the last to give up, one who always give 100% in and off the field, good luck for the future Dirk, i’ll never forget you, and i’ll cheer for you, YNWA

    1. I agree 100% He frustrated me at times, but then I knew he was giving his heart for the team and the fans. Will definitely be missed but he was wise enough to realise that his Liverpool career was taking a downward trend.

  4. In my opinion, the players that don’t cut it would be Spearing, Cole, Adam, Maxi and Downing. Players like Sterling, Shelvey and Coates should be given more chances in the first team and at the same time, would save us some cash. Like what you said, Liverpool should go for Adam Johnson and Gaston Ramirez to create more creativity in midfield. Additionally, a backup for Lucas such as Diame would be great as well considering he is available on a free.

    1. I see that the only dumbo in the team Adam is not on the list. He is the first useless article that needs dumping!

  5. Think you need to look at this again!
    The Role in front of the back 4 needs to be addressed! Gerrard can’t play it and is Lucas mobile enough and has he got the variation in his passing? I expect Lucas if fully recovered to start in that role.

    The 2 attacking centre midfielders ahead of this I expect Gerrard and Henderson to occupy these position initially.

    I don’t expect (or want for that matter) Downing to stay. Doesn’t work hard enough for me and lacks the arrogance needed to play this system.

    Gone: Aurelio, kuyt, Amoo, Darby
    Transfers out: Jones, Maxi, Downing, Spearing, Wilson, Aquilani, Cole, Pacheco.

    Promoted to first team: Sterling and Suso

    Transfers in: Joe Allen or Jordy Clasie Both Midfield (Compete with Lucas).
    Younis Belhanda – Winger (If we can convince him to forfeit the CL).
    Matias Suarez – Forward

    1. Matter of opinion really. Lucas is fantastic in front of defense and Gerrard will become less and less mobile so his vision should be used to dictate the tempo and as a link between defense and attack. If Gerrard and Hendo occupy these positions I don’t know. I guess Rogders will decide.
      You don’t expect Downing to stay? Seriously? And what do you suggest we do, give him away for free? As for the other players you wish coming to Liverpool I guess that too is a matter of opinion and I respect that!

  6. Luuk De Jong makes sense to me along with a Gaston Ramirez a free Diame and cover for the left back/wingback role. And get rid of Maxi and Spearing

  7. Do you have a message for the Liverpool supporters who took you to their hearts?

    “Yes I do and I would say to a big thank you to them. I had six wonderful years at Liverpool and it was a pleasure to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world and the best supporters in the world. Not only me, but also my wife and children will miss the LFC supporters. I’d like to thank everyone for all the support they gave me and I will miss them, but LFC will always be in my heart.”

    Says it all of the man I guess! YNWA

  8. Dirk, Thanks Heaps For Your Valued Service To LFC For The Past 6 Seasons!
    You’re a Real Champ!
    Once a Red, Forever a Red Through & Through!
    Wish You Tons of Luck With Your New Club
    We Salute You & May God Bless You & Your Family Fella!
    You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  9. we lost our DIRK and left only with a DAGGER, I hope we don’t lose our SHARPNESS next season.
    Wish you all da best Dirk “Mr. Durracell Bunny” Kuyt YNWA

    1. Sharpness is what we lacked last season! Sharpness is what we need to rediscover. We need a striker that can knock it in with his eyes closed because with all the chances we had, the woodwork we hit and the penalties we missed…..!

      1. That was for his name DIRK. ^_^
        dirk = type of dagger (= small pointed knife) used as a weapon in Scotland in the past

        Now, we only possesss a DAGGER (Daniel AGGER) :P

        Dirk was not a prolific goal getter for us, but he had so many good moments that will live in LFC fans’ memory, a BIG GAME MAN that will be missed, stell-mind pinalty taker, missed him already, YNWA Dirk.

  10. Kenny Dalglish hated Maxi to the bone even when Maxi proved to the world that he can score more goals than the combined of Carrol, Hendo and Downing.

    I suggest we get Keita from Barcelona who is willin to come to LFC. He is a gud creative midfielder used to tiki-taka kind of football. He is goin at only 6million. Wats your take on ths opinion?

  11. It will take a few bunnies to replace the duracell bunny Dirk Kuyt..sad day..a great player for younger players to model themselves on for attitude no matter how talented they may or may not be.

  12. I personally will miss Dirk. His heart made up for any lack of skill. I remember during WC he was knowcked down hard and got back up with a “that all you have” look on his face. Instead of rolling around 8 to 10 times “in agony” like Drogba, Dirk prided himself on his toughness. Really refreshing to see someone in the world’s toughest league acting tough.

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