Liverpool’s new away kit

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  1. Not sure about the grey round the shoulders.
    All black would have been better, and why do all the warrior promo pics have the players jazzed up to look like really rough. Gerrard looks nothing like that, he looks like he’s been sleeping rough in a bag fulla nails

  2. Okay…Come on! That’s a pretty nice kit. Liverpool made an awesome move to get away from these big companies like Adidas to something more fashionable and new. This coming season is all about out with the old in with the new and I’m excited!

  3. Warrior offered a much better deal financially. So if the club are making more money who cares what the kit looks like. As long as the home kit is red and the away kit has the badge on it I’m happy enough

  4. Was skeptical of the design at first but it’s grown on me. Don’t know that I’ll be buying it (already got the new home kit so money is an issue for such things) but I think the squad will look brilliant wearing it on the pitch.

  5. Apparently the hoop is a gesture to the sailors from the early 1900s who worked the docks.

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