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The departure of Steve Clarke from the Liverpool management and technical staff compliment will not be the last. Clarke is the fifth hi-profile casualty of what proved to be a season of much promise and very little reward. More will follow him out of Melwood in the coming weeks.

Now that Henry & Co have cracked their whip to almost BDSM level, it’s time for Brendan Rodgers and his lieutenants to instill a new regimen at Melwood! The players need to step up to the plate. They need to do this for starters by implementing what Rodgers has stated “It is quite simple. You come in and do a hard day’s work. You make sure in training and on match days you come in and you can take your top off and wring it out and it will be soaking wet”. In hindsight, we saw too many pictures on the Clubs website of players seemingly having a field day during training and smiles all over the place! Could it be that Kenny & Co did not get as much as they could from the squad? Our intrinsic inconsistency must have a culprit: someone must have been doing something wrong!

There will be no wholesale changes this summer. If the Reds lose any player, it is not going to bring in any real money and the only player for whom clubs all over Europe have been throwing us money for is Luis Suarez who is thankfully NOT FOR SALE! The famous money-ball concept: that of buying players within the 25 year bracket with 5 year contracts for possible good re-sale value is not going to work with the players brought in the past 18 months, not after their first disappointing season. The Club needs to nurture the talent it has in-house and bring in the necessary inserts to make the ‘Rodgers Way’ work! There will be no spending spree this summer either. We went down that road and it did not work. FSG have gone down a different and less bank shattering route: overhauling the management side from the ground up (even though they actually started at the top working their way down).

There is no doubt that Brendan Rodgers knows what he is talking about! The pessimists may call it luck, but he did bring a low-budget Club into the Premier League, finished 11th, and played some of the finest football to rave reviews. Will it work at Liverpool? If it doesn’t it most certainly will not be Rodger’s fault! This time, the brunt of the blame will have to fall on the players. I believe assembling Swansea’s squad for their first Premier League season might have cost them round about the same amount we spent on one ‘very expensive player’, but Rodgers and Co imposed their training methods and their game plans on their players and they pulled it off! In the end, it was the players that went for battle, and it was following their General’s tactics that made them win the war.

Brendan Rodgers will not be looking over his shoulders for advice! He will not be consulting with his assistant manager to decide if the team needs reshaping during the course of a game not going to plan!

He might kick off with an advantage here over Dalglish! Aside from the humongous task of changing training and playing methods, which will certainly be his top priority, he will have the added benefit of having Lucas back, a back four that was getting better and better, and the possibility (God forbid injuries during Euro 2012) of having Gerrard and Carroll hit the start of the season in much better form than they did last year! Gerrard does not do half the running he did a few years back, but he is still as influential as he ever was and he is the person that can ‘mediate’ between Rodgers and the players! He can and will do this as he will lead by example!


    1. Morning…! Spending spree meant as 23+35+20+20+6 million ecc, ecc! :-) We will spend wisely, possibly with one glamorous spend on a top top striker!

  1. i like many others wish brendan well, i hope it goes real well for him. but like others i have doubts, i still think SG, andJC, had a lot to do why rafa was not spoken too. both at the end were glad rafa went, also stevie had many disagreements with hamman who thought rafa was superb, JC was and is a houiller fan as when we won in istanbul one of his guests were houiller. as stevie said he was in the ring the owners kept him in touch, he said brendan was the 1st choice. because common sense still says rafa was the right choice, its a big season for brendan and liverpool fc i wonder what will happen if we finish 10th?or lower playing nice footie does not allways mean sucess, look at west ham over the years.if they can sack kenny after 2 cup final games, and 8th finish what will the fans say if we finish lower with no cups? yes he needs time but so did kenny only this time unlike kenny the fans wont, be on brendans side like king kennys. i hope he proves all doubters wrong because we need this. and i hope all fans get to anfield, and away games to back him. he desrves that and i will be one of those fans. but if it goes all pear shaped its the owners this time who are to blame i wonder what there next move will be then? lets hope it does not, but only time will tell…

    1. I beg to differ on some of your points. Kenny did not bring in a radical new style of play: what he did bring in was belief! Evidently, with 7/8 new players brought in to overhaul the team, 18 months time, two cup finals (one won one lost) and 8th in the table was just not good enough for FSG and I believe that under many aspects it was no good enough for many fans, me included!
      The fans WILL give Rodgers time because Liverpool fans are not only loyal, but intelligent. They KNOW Kenny will not be coming back so they will not ‘do a Hodgson’! They also know that Rodgers play a radically different game so they will understand that it takes time!
      What people like you seem to misintepret is that Rodger’s game is based on putting on a nice show. Wrong! Rodgers game is at keeping the ball away from your opponents and at producing a hi-pressure game primarily winning the ball back in the opponents side of the pitch to catch them unawares!
      I have no doubt about Rodgers to be honest, it is really up to the will of the players if you ask me!

  2. We have already got rid of Aurelio and Kuyt from the Squad and i would expect Maxi to also follow them out the door. I dont think Maxi will have the legs to play the pressing game Rodgers will implement. Aquilani will eventually be sold to an Italian club so that is another big wage earner off the books.

    I do however think Joe Cole will be brought back as he seems a Rodgers type of player. In addition to this i can see us signing Sigurdsson as he fits FSG’s buying strategy and as we all know is liked by BR.

    Ideally we need a winger as well.Hopefully we can get Adam Johnson who is known to want first team football. This coupled with a young striker somebody like Luuk de Jong who can be backup to Carroll and Suarez but also come on and offer something different in games and i would be a very happy man.

    So out:

    Cole (return from loan)
    De Jong

  3. No ofence regarding J-cole but Id say Maxi runs rings around him, and Rodgers game plan wont be implemented right off the bat, he’ll use what he has plus any players the owners OKAY in the transfer window, then next season will be up in the air, as was kennys 1st, where kenny fell down was his methods to inspire concentration though tactical play, at least Rodgers will have us tighter as a unit, I think Rodgers will convince Maxi to stay for 1 more season because of the midfielders we have he has the skill to play to a set design, I cant see shelvy or Adams or indeed aquaman being able to handle it, cole was passed on by Kenny because he wasnt pacey enough.
    Brendens ethos will be gradually shoehorned in during the season, as he’ll know Liverpool were not too far away from being a top 4 side, just a goal finisher like Cavani was missing, and Lucas.
    I agree with Toni, I think one top class striker will be unvieled and a very clever midfielder.
    Shelvy on loan to maybe westbrom if Clarke takes charge, Maybe cole following Kuyt to Fenerbahce on loan or spurs if they Lose modric.

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