Just a matter of time (From an L.F.C. fan in Tanzania)

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I was not shocked when I heard the sad news that our Legend King Kenny Daglish was sacked, I saw it from the start of the season. When Raul Meireles decided to walk alone and Join Fernando Torres, It was just a matter of time before we hear the king has also walked alone the reason being team selection, the king did not get well his techniques. King Kenny did a lot for our football club and never in my life I will never blame the King for a bad last season. The FSG saw a need of changing the system and building the future so that our Football club may regain its title as the most successful European Club. Last year’s signing were very far from the promise of rebuilding LFC, with the exception of Henderson and Carrol, all other signing did not show the indications of the future. Henderson and Carrol are young Players which in three seasons they will be world class only we should give the time. Do you remember when Lucas Leiva arrived in LFC? In July 2007 how long did it take him to become LFC player of the season? Four years I hope every LFC Fan real missed him last season.

My point here we should give time to Brendan Rodgers its not easy with the current squad to go and win the league, we should Give him at least three years and judge what he has achieved with LFC. Most of us (fans and supporters) are eager to go back to UCL nights at Anfield but that also will take time.. Let’s Give BR enough time to rebuild LFC and give enough chance to young players who will bring back the glory days of Bill Shankly. As a Liverpool Fan and supporter I will always live with the wisdom of our legend Bill Shankly
‘if you do not support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win’

Welcome Brendan Rodgers and you will never walk alone. Bring them tikki takka and we hope to see the Football which erected LFC above all European Clubs in late 70s.


Denis-Dar es salaam Tanzania


  1. Dennis, i’m your neighbour in Kenya and you’ve put it all out there let’s hope BR and the signings will be given a chance.

  2. The problem with giving time for BR to succeed is that Suarez whom I am sure is desperate to play CL football will leave for greener pastures and I won’t blame him. So be prepared to lose him if it’s going to take about 3 seasons for BR to lift Liverpool up to where we belong.

  3. Just a matter of time – dont agree, now while we are not city, chelsea, psg or real madrid.

    We have to simply get on and start buying 4- 5 better players and thats as simple as it gets.

    The time for talking is done, yes we have a new manager, new stat, we need to get on with being very aggressive in the summer and jan transfer market.

    While i want players like Cavani,Iker Muniain, Javi Martinez, Alvaro Pereira, Christian Eriksen.

    We maybe have to set our sights on great younger players that are less of a name but have shown much pace, power, skill and talent already but without the big name tag.

    Players that we simply have to be in for or looking at are-

    Ever Banega
    Christain Tello
    Gaston Ramirez
    Isaac Cuenca
    Markel Susaeta
    joe allen
    scott sinclair

    there are just some of the players that would add pace, power flair and would not come with huge prices,

    Its time this club wakes up and the owners pay out and i mean pay out now or we will not be in the top 4 never mind top 6.

    Its action time not talking time?

  4. Tim agree with you and its no good just going one step forward and then 4 back!

    Reina and suarez i think will be 100% on to go at the end of next year of we have not got into the top 4, thats almost bang on and you cant blame them.

    But its still not to late for Liverpool to have a real go next season but that is down to two things –

    1 FSG and what they want to do with the budget and do they really want to win?

    2 Brenden Rodgers going after those better players and bringing in 3- 4 better quality rather than 4- 6 average squad fillers!

    If i had my way thi sis the team id love in that great new kit of ours –



    I know there will be people saying thats not possible, in life everything can come true, but that my mates is down to the owners?

  5. adam, spearing, cole, aquilani, eccleston,danny wilson, brad jones gk, can all be sold now.

    downing can go but then i cant see us signing two wingers and every body else, but if the owners want to spend then use the downing cash to help out! i hate downing think he is just dreadful full stop, id take 10 – 11 mill for that donkey to be fair.

    downing – say 10 mill
    adam – say 5 mill
    spearing say 2- 3 mill
    aquilani – say 3- 4 mill
    wilson say 1. 5 mill
    eccleston – say 500,000
    brad jones – say 500,000
    cole – free but we get rid of his crazy wages
    aquilani – like cole but we will get around 3 – 4mill but save his crazy wages and use them on a better player and save the wage bill

    all above if you add kuyt, darby, auerlio wages that have been cleared now that they left and the 900,000 we got form the kuyt sale,then we have some money to use to help the owners out if they are indeed being tight?

    we need 4 quality players at least.

  6. adam johnson, ? can any one tell me why?

    I have just got back form lunch and people are raving mad about him!!! cant figure as to why.

    1, he is lazy.
    2, he has a tarining problem, one of my work mates used to work at the city training ground, said he is very lazy and bad attitude to go with it!
    3, he is not that quick, he cant use both feet, in fact he is so one footed its crazy.
    4, he has not done a thing at city and before that not much either.
    5,what has he done in order to have a 16 mill price tag?

    If why buy people like adam johnson, there will be fans in 3 months time telling me its another downing, just watch

  7. Just seen this on the offical lfctv fourum ! and i just could not even believe what i was seeing!

    Is this below is what we are coming to in and what Liverpool fans want to see then this club is all done!

    Below is the post and i just cant even work out why someone has this view, Im sorry i really cant!!!!

    If we cant spend more than below and after 4- 8 weeks of scouting even in the summer cant come up with better players then with arsenal, city, utd, newcastle and chelsea we are not even close.

    •Krasic (6m)
    •Sigurdsson (6.8m))
    •Diame (free)

    All 4 cost a miserly 12.8m

    + a top class striker for lets say 18m

    We would have a really strong squad when you include the current lads.

    That is the post!!!!!!!!! cant even dream it up can you, i will say again if thats what we have got this summer then this club is over.

  8. reports form my mate in france saying that if psg fail with bids for Zlatan Ibrahimovic then Andy Carroll will be there second choice.

    If this ever was the case, and its a big if then there you go, Liverpool have to then go out and buy CAVANI……!!!

  9. 1. Jones
    2. Johnson
    3. Enrique
    5. Agger
    7. Suarez
    8. Gerrard
    9. Carroll
    11. Maxi
    14. Henderson
    16. Coates
    19. Downing
    20. Spearing
    21. Lucas
    22. D Wilson
    23. Carragher
    25. Reina
    26. Adam
    30. Suso
    31. Sterling
    32. Doni
    33. Shelvey
    34. Kelly
    35. Coady
    36. Eccleston
    37. Skrtel
    38. Flanagan
    39. Bellamy
    42. Gulacsi
    47. Wisdom
    49. Robinson
    – Aquilani
    – J Cole
    – Pacheco

    Barclays Premier League squad;-






  10. fcuking saloman kalou- we have to be joking!!!!!!!!!!!

    if thats the case then Liverpool is all done, over, finished, if we are targetting this type of player then im burning my shirt!!!

    1. Rather than burning your shirt, can you please send it across to me? I will support both LFC and Kalou!
      I am sure you can buy a City or Chelsea shirt!

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