Redmen TV : Sigurdsson, Diame and Sturridge to LFC?

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The summer transfer speculation begins here as The Redmen TV look at the latest facts, rumours and frightening speculation concerning Liverpool FC. Is Gylfi Sigurdsson a definite? Is Mohamed Diame coming on a free? Will Rodgers raid Chelsea for Daniel Sturridge and Kalou, or will Gaston Ramirez and “The Great Dane” Niclas Bendtner be on their way to Anfield?


  1. I hope u reply to my email with ur thought after my comments……..rite wer not gunna get any player we say wer interested in becoz wer all mouth typical lfc boasting wer gunna sign this player and that player wen we will end up buy blue square conference players coz no top players will cum to us coz they want trophies and europe and wer not gud enough to offer them that we are the hasbins ov english football………

    1. i haven’t heard BR boasting about buying anyone! he only mentioned siggy (if available). nothing like giving the bloke a chance! such an optimist john!

    2. Obverously you are not a red and if you are pft not a true one, an u hav nt got a clue. The amount of shit that I have just read that has came out of your mouth u have got to be a bitter blue or scum (an if you was a red then you would no who the scum are but just in case ur not it’s man U).

  2. Sigurdsson good. Diame on a free good. Sturridge, if we could get for 10 – 13 mill would be brilliant. Kalou only as a free and no extortionate pay package. Bendtner no.

  3. wouldn’t touch bendtner with a barge pole! the others, YES! and throw in adam johnson and joe allen too and i’ll be a happy fan!

  4. Watching Robben play for Bayern againist Chelsea & for the Dutch is a basis for my reservation against sturridge. How about Walcot (Who supports Lfc) instead?

    Has Diame’s heart condition been soughted? I’d rather Celtic’s Big Vic at a fair price bearing in mind what happened to Muamba.

    Kalou on a free? Not bad for a squad player.

  5. Diame had his heart looked at and passed fit for W.Ham.. Sturridge is a primmadonna..I like Walcott, Sigurdson and many others. Look-there are hundreds of players out there and you can speculate all day but it’s best to just wait and see what the club does.

    And for John the idiot that spells like a 14 year old girl texting her mates…you clearly have no clue about Liverpool Football Club. Most players in the world would be thrilled to play for LFC if given the chance. We are in Europe you numpty and we were one of only 3 clubs in the prem that won a trophy last year so go back to texting with your little playmates you little girl.

  6. Liverpool fc is a BRITISH club, that flag would be better suited at a r.o.i league fan site. And as any liverpool fc fan knows, we do our dealings behind closed doors. Rumours are just that, RUMOURS.

    1. unless im mistaken the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland (aka UK) = british, your trolls would be better suited at a manure site. Well done england, italy in the quarters….give big andy the chance with shrek, gerrard a+, johnson b- you need some improving.

  7. Here we go again! Over reacting to newpaper gossip, sigurdson is the only 1 who is a definite possibility! Diame is looking for a big pay day (and will end up at a club like west ham), he won’t be coming! We have carroll so bentner is a no, chelski will want £20 million for sturridge (who is greedy) so that’s a no! Brendan rodgers seems a smart person, so his targets will be hush hush! So be patient and we will see who arrives and who leaves (can’t wait till aquallani f*cks off, what a waste), and I really hope rodgers is trying to get a bit more money for joe cole by pretending he is in his plans, I hope scouts have found some cheap (cheap compared to last summers prices) quality players for once! Got a good feeling about next season, a bit like england, with less expected, we might be surprised! Good luck brendan! Y..N..W..A and hope Stevie g , Andy carroll, Glen johnson, Jordan henderson and Stuart downing have a good run in euro 2012!

  8. John,

    you are a moron. Liverpool do not say that they after any player as they do their business in quiet and only state their interest when a player actually signs.

    All this talk about players is made up by people who have no contacts within or any real knowledge about Liverpools dealings.

    If you were a true fan then you would know this.

  9. @ John – you must be some bitter blueshite??!! No we won’t get every player we want (who does?), but the rest of your little rant is pathetic! Oh and stop writing like a little girl texting!!

  10. John is obviously not a LFC fan. Looking forward to BR spell at LFC. Quite optimistic for the coming season but I was also for every past season. I’m just glad he’s talking about playing attractive, attacking style of football. We’re a top four club, we need to start playing like it and make anfield our fortress. With less than 2 defeats a season and cut the draws wayyy down. As far as transfers don’t believe it till its done. Hopefully BR knows bendtner is trash, Sturridge is ok but no. Krasic maybe, sigurdsson yes, spend wisely. I say go for pappis demba cisse of newcastle. He’s brilliant and proved he can handle the epl and shouldn’t be to expensive.

  11. I’d take sigurdsson, but I’d also like to see garcia and tello at anfield, we could have all 3 for 20 million if reports are accurate, and all realistic targets at the end of the day.

  12. Next year Liverpool will have about 250 players in there squad.Every single player we hear or read about will sign for Liverpool.Liverpool will surely compete in next years Premier League with 8 or 10 teams.Every one of the team are named Liverpool.The americans have calculated in their money ball setup that this is the only way to win the League

  13. Oh man read today that Agger and Bendtner are really really good friends, and Agger would be excited for Bendtner to get his career back on track at anfield…5 words to describe “The Great Dane” U.S. dollar has brighter future

  14. To John,
    What kind of shit he is talking about? What kind of a person who claimed to be lfc fan, for saying lfc as a has been in EPL? I doubt if he is ever a lfc fan because no fan can ever say degrading comment like he does to his club. He can criticize any players but the club?

  15. I haven’t watched your vedio , but by the comments I read , if I was you I’ll close this post becuz you guys have nothing to do with transfer and Liverpool , watch a different sport maybe marbuls

  16. @ john the manc pretending to be a kopite! Europe and trophies u said! Dope, we r in europe and did we not win a trophy last year, and also lost a f.a cup final! What a proper empty head, numpty,

  17. What could be quite a good regular feature summarising all the transfer rumours and the respective players’ merits and likelihood in coming to Anfield is ruined by stupid comments and constant swearing. I have nothing against a bit of swearing but it’s every few seconds, clearly highlighting the fact that you haven’t really got a lot to say.

    Try cutting out the swearing and conducting a relatively serious analysis of players you are discussing rather than just trying to be funny by insulting them.

  18. Wanyama rather than Diame, Sigurdsson yes please, + I think I’d rather our new scout setup identified new players for the midfield / forward positions rather than taking on Chelsea seconds…

  19. @John You are not a an LFC fan. If so, not a very good one. I would take all 3 players, if we are interested.

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