5 fixtures in Genesis of new season…….2012/13

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By Denis Kessy

West Brom(A), Manchester city(H), Arsenal(H), Sunderland(A) and Manchester Utd(H).
First five games at Anfield, how many points can we collect? Interesting… very interesting!

LFC facing three title contenders in five opening games, with a new Manager and new football philosophy it will be really a tough task. In past four seasons history suggest that Man Utd and Man City have not won a league game in Anfield. Only Arsenal has managed twice in four attempts both ending in 1-2. Many LFC fans reacted negatively with the fixtures schedule. But we should all remember that there no simple games in EPL. Honestly these are the games in which we shouldn’t lose by any means. Winning should be our number one priority and never mind about the draw.

There is no need to fear the big spending clubs in the league when they come to Anfield we will teach them tikki takka footbal. We defeated Man Utd in three occasions and one draw during the last four seasons. Man City only managed three draws and one defeat in four occasions they visited Anfield. In other words the fixtures will give the direction on how we will play during the season; it will measure the strength and depth of our squad and if there is a good chemistry in the team taking into consideration the style of football of Brendan Rodgers. Brendan Rodgers with Swansea played a tactical game against Man City last season and the noisy neighbors trailed by 1-0. I believe in BR tactics of football and the squad we have plus few additions in the summer, we are capable of beating Manchester teams and arsenal in our opening five fixture….

Fear not LFC Fans and supporters because in the last four seasons we did it and we will do it next season. When they come to Anfield in front of the kops.., they will surely walk alone.
2012/13 season countdown…60 days



  1. Totally agree Dennis can’t wait to see it, i am having visions of Beardsley, Barnesy, and Aldo in 86, hope to see the team play like that again. LFC for life .YNWA

      1. Orca16 applogies the IDOT comment was ment here……..IDOT, why so negitave, or is it just another scum fan posting on a LFC blog!

  2. 11 points or more from these first 5 games will be a cracking start, we just need to ensure that we maintain the momentum and not fizzle out. COME ON THE REDS cant wait for the new season.

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