Is this really our 3rd kit for next season?

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I am sure many of you have seen this already, we have seen many variations of it. It is looking likely that our 3rd away kit will look similar to the one below, I guess we will find out in the a few days.

I am not too excited about it to say the least.


  1. Swaggggg…wish the purple was green, but I’d still buy this. Kinda think its fake tho, we’ll see

  2. if you look at some of the training jackets for sale already they have print features with pattern similar to this….

    if it was a dark purple with plain grey sleeves it would be ok.

  3. It looks awesome and trippy, true modern European kit style, it’s revolutionary. It’s awesome. Very vibrant and youthful, message hidden to us, revealing a newer brighter LFC. Next season we will start our way back to the top!

  4. Really doubt this is true. Warrior Football even responded to the rumours of this image doing the rounds. Check out their twitter feed.

  5. I’m pretty sure the badges and standard chartered logo are a photoshop job, but if there is any truth in this Warrior need to have a word with themselves… “we come not to play…. we come to offend your retinas”

  6. All our kits are horrible this year but this one is in a different league. I wouldnt take a set of these free for my school team!!

  7. The F#@K is that s=i%…….Its disgusting.
    What about our football tradition…… after the kit what next?
    Pebble dash the outside of Anfield?
    A water feature in the middle of the pitch?.
    They’ll be selling f*cking hotdogs in the stands mid game before long.
    I DONT LIKE IT whats wrong with white, red, with yellow lettering, or white with red lettering with a yellow number on the back?

  8. Please god no….. I’m having to much fun slagging off the new utd home kit. Whit the poxy tarton jersey.

  9. Owned by Americans… I tried to warn you people… Swallowed up by the American machine!!! Next stop for Liverpool is the MLS… Welcome to America…

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