The 3rd kit is dark purple with white sleeves

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I received a very nasty email from the photographer claiming that I never asked him for permission to publish the photo. He wouldn’t give me evidence that it was his photo because he himself removed it from his site. I didn’t know it was his photo, if I did I would have asked him for permission so his actions made me suspicious.

I removed it nonetheless but I can see why he got nasty. Apparently the guy pictured is the UK representative for Warrior and this photographer took a photo of him with the 3rd kit showing in the background. Warrior probably asked him to remove the photo from his site but it was too late as it is all over the internet now. Looks like it was the real deal after all, they wouldn’t have made me remove it.

Anyways for those who missed it, the 3rd kit is dark purple with white sleeves while the Standard Chartered logo is a yellowish/gold.

Here is a link to the image hosted on Imageshack



Ps. Dear Mr. Alvarado you better right a nasty email to Imageshack, they are using your photo without permission. 


  1. As long as that bullcrap brocade design from the renders is confirmed false, those could definitely be worse. I actually kind of dig it.

  2. This was our treble winning kit. Good Oman I hope so I quite like the Dark Blue not purple lol.
    We need to go back to red and yellow and winning ways.

  3. Well the guy in the photo is the uk rep for warrior-he just did an interview with the Redmen tv. I would say this is real. Hope it doesn’t have any designs on the sleeves like the inseam of the the training jacket..

  4. I like it, looks like navy blue with white sleeves & and orange trim, there are a lot worse ones out there – not too bad at all!

  5. If this is the actual 3rd kit then I must say it’s a much better strip than the horrid bright purple ones being shown. Not bad this. IMO.

  6. I’ve seen this liverpools 3rd kit and my source is a sales manager for’s purple and is gonna be the worst kit you’ll ever see with tattoo sleeves and lilac shorts…it will be good for kids crossing the road coz they deffo won’t get hit by passing motorists and that includes evertonians coz they’ll prob feel sorry for them and leave them alone..YNWA

    1. It’s a load of rubbish some manc has come up with. The purple kit is another fake design. I work at Anfield and they keep their designs secret under strict confidential procedures, but Ive heard it’s either gonna be white or yellow, not purple.

  7. I’m just relieved that it doesn’t look like the mock-up that’s been circulating these days.. But we still can’t see the sleeves if it’s plain white or does it have the Shankly gate patterns..

    All in all it’s a pretty fair kit…

  8. i dont think so its a good kit for us. isnt a lucky colour.what about the blueyellow? first its quality.second also but third one.. ……. we have to change that colour. y.n.w.a

    1. I agree mate, its a total fake pic, look at the second purple kit behind the first one, it has a purple collar, more bored photo shoppers methinks.

  9. It may look real but it’s fake, notice the grey bit round the collar on the black away kit and compare it to the one on the official lfc site, it’s 100% fake. While the designs may be not far off but the kits in this pic are fake.

  10. hey, it’s not half as bad ! it’s quite okay if you ask me, if the shorts are mustard yellow then i’d say it’s a bit over the top but if the shorts are white then i’d say “kudos” to warrior football ! They’ve executed a well done task in the form of a set of credible kits for our LFC :) *happy to say the least*

  11. Has to be said I am really really disappointed with our kits this year, we should never have parted company with Adidas.
    These are Warriors first football kits and they are so out of date its incredible. I went to the shop to have a look at the home shirt the other day, the material is awful and its so plain and dull.
    The away one is based on our 1906 shirt, the funny thing is it looks like its that old!
    I wont comment on the 3rd one because I dont think I need to.
    Lets hope Adidas come back soon when FSG realise how bad the shirt sales are

    1. Sorry Gav, but I have to totally disagree. The home kit is the first one I have bought for about 20 years. What you find plain and dull, I find simple and classic. We finally have a predominantly red kit, with just a Liverbird on our chests. Happy Days.
      Adidas had their go, and came up with some right stinkers. White stripes everywhere when we were supposed to be RedMen. Their kits were also worn on our only 2 European Cup Final defeats, so good riddance. Anyone who doesn’t like it, save your money and maybe buy a ticket to a match?!! Yeah, I know, radical or what?
      And anyone who buys a 3rd kit tends to need their head read anyway, as how often did wear the ‘Cyan’ effort last year.
      As for shirt sales, I think you’ll find that pre-order sales already eclipse anything Adidas came up with.

  12. I am disturbed by the fact that our second kit has the light grey round the top of the shirt,remember man ure having problems when playing in similar away kit years ago
    the players claimed they couldnt see each other,watch how many times we get beaten when wearing the second kit.

    1. That was an entirely gray kit. If our players cannot see the color black there are bigger problems with them than just the kit color.

  13. The internet picture of the kit, is a very poor photoshoot of the real kit. Yes it is purple, yes it has designs on the sleeves, but NO WHERE near as bad as being suggested. The real kit has a round collar around the neck in yellow, yellow hems on the sleeves and a thin yellow line from the sleeve to the neck. The sleeves are not a mauri design, or based on the Shankley gates, just a simple swirl design that is easy on the eye. Once you see the real design, you’ll feel much better.,43186.30.html

  14. At least the kit in your photo looks more like a kit than the clown suit (brighter, louder colours..) that went viral.. Maybe it will grow on us?

  15. Worrior is failing us…I think adidas was better…dnt knw why LFC sign the deal with this unknown sponsor…I’m ashamed 2 buy this year kit

  16. appaling away top, i will not be buying, in fact i am not paying out my hard earned money untill i see some major squad investment?

    Why should i keep paying out for lfc things if the owners are not wanting the best in the transfer market?

  17. I am yet to see this photo but I’ve had it confirmed that the shirt will 100% be Purple. I’m told it’s NOT the ghastly one with the yellow shorts and is something else. Apparently it’s quite classy.

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