iron bars in stadium!

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Dear fellow Liverpool supporter

I just got the news that the stadium Letzigrund in Zurich built iron bars around the pitch to keep the fans off it! I am so shocked by this I cannot describe! As a Liverpool fan we all know the consequences. Haven’t THEY learnt anything from the Heysel and the Hillsborough tragedies? 39 and 96 supporters just went to a game of football and never returned home. Does history have to repeat itself?

Please help me now to let the city know about the 39 and the 96 and that iron bars should be banned from football grounds!

This is the link to the contact form where you can send your thoughts about it to:

Thank you very much and you’ll never walk alone!



  1. Hi Nina

    I was amazed when I read this. I had a look on google maps and there does appear to be a barrier, but its only about 4 feet high and it is an all seater stadium. It doesn’t seem as dangerous as you may have been lead to believe. Although maybe they have modified it, I don’t know how up to date google maps is. I hope they’re not thinking about erecting old style fencing. To be honest, I’d be more concerned about stadia that are not all seater. There’s quite a few around europe and its unforgivable. All seater stadia have been the key to eliminating violence and implementing crowd control in the last 2 decades.


  2. Hiya Donal

    Thanks for your comment.

    Unfortunately it’s not an all seater stadium anymore and google maps is really old. They put up some strong and massive iron bars u cannot go through it and there are no emergency exits! Aswell on the side there is a plastic fence which is also really high…
    So we have a stading sector and iron bars and for me that is just unbelievable…

    YNWA Nina

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