Carroll Will Pay Liverpool Back

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Carroll Will Pay Liverpool Back

Andy Carroll cost Liverpool a huge amount of money when he signed from Newcastle, but I believe he is ready to prove his worth at Liverpool.

Carroll came to Merseyside unable to play due to injury and that didn’t help him when he eventually made his debut in a Red shirt.

He looked slow and awkward and most importantly he had difficulty in finding the net, which brought plenty of critics to view him as “what a waste of money”.

Former Reds’ manager Kenny Dalglish who signed the big Geordie, always protected Carroll from criticism, but there was times he hindered his progress at times.

There were times when Carroll would play well or score a goal and then the next game Dalglish would drop him from the team.

People are quick to judge big money signings and most people had made up their mind about the big striker.

Most people forget that Carroll is still a youngster and with respect to Newcastle, they don’t have the expectations that Liverpool have.

Moving from his home town to another big city is another problem Carroll faced as he had to settle into a new environment.

Obviously getting used to a new manager and a new team’s style of play takes time and getting to know new team mates.

All these things are forgotten about when a player seemingly worth £35 million joins a new club.

But for all these facts or excuses, it is certain that Carroll has struggled to live up to his price tag and has had a difficult start to his career at Anfield.

But towards the end of last season Carroll has started look like the player that shone at Newcastle, his cameo role in the FA Cup Final followed by his performance a few days later against FA Cup Winners Chelsea at Anfield, really impressed people.

Carroll has been rewarded by his inclusion in England’s squad for this summer’s European Championships, where he has already managed to score at this time of writing.

At the latter part of the season Carroll has looked a different player for Liverpool. He has been dominating centre halves in the air instead of looking at referees’ for free-kicks and he has looked a lot sharper in his movement which wasn’t there earlier in the season.

Carroll has started to look like the perfect foil for fellow striker Luis Suarez as glimpses of a blossoming partnership were highlighted towards the end of the season.

A sharper and stronger Carroll will be a major plus for Liverpool next season in their quest to qualify for Champions League football once again, and this can only be good news for new manager Brendan Rodgers.

Next season will be a big season for Carroll and I expect him to pay a big slice of his transfer fee back to Liverpool.


  1. That’s if he fits in BR’s plans. I hope he does!
    I was super excited when the transfer happened on deadline day. I still am!

  2. It is to be hoped that the crowd will get off his back then and allow him to develop his game . By that I do not think they should expect absolute immediacy but look for gradual improvement as the season goes on.As far as buying another striker I do think that bringing one in would NOT upset his development but rather allow some of the over-expecting hype to be eased from his shoulders. That , I think , would be the way for his improvement to show as last season’s crowd expectations rather crushed his spirit.

  3. Without any doubt Andy Carroll will have a huge impact and will help LFC in their quest for a top 4 finish. We should thank King Kenny for believing in AC when the majority of us didnt. I hope RB will make him a lethal striker and form a formidable duo

  4. Carroll was showing his worth at the end of last season,he was finding his form,more agile now he is fit! To top his season off is now with England at the Euros & scored a terrific header from a Gerrard ball! All the sighns are there for next season & feel sure Rodgers will bring him on in the Liverpool shirt,all in all,roll on next season,c’mon you mighty reds,history is calling again.

  5. There are a couple of things that i do not agree with in that post. Paying £35 million for someone does not mean he is worth it. so ur point that “All these things are forgotten about when a player seemingly worth £35 million joins a new club” is not accurate (I expect u will argue that point). Seriously he lacks the football skills and ability to read the game as wayne rooney at 21yrs old and I for one believe liverpool was duped and made the laughing stock of the epl simply because of the amount of money spent to acquire a player who clearly was no world class striker.FSG owners are no fools and thats the main reason why KD lost him job at anfield as he wasted £100 million on players including carroll who at best wud only be squad players at a club seriously challenging for the epl title. Until carroll develop the attacking instinct and ability to read the game, create plays and score goals some people like me will always make a meal of the amount spent to acquire his services. My opinion liverpool needs 2 good striker to partner with suarez. Carroll can be loaned out to develop his ability much the same way chelsea did with daniel sturridge who by the way i believe liverpool should try and purchase from chelsea.

    1. Do people still not understand that we wanted Andy + £15m for Torres? Would it have been better if Newcastle only wanted £15m for Andy so essentially we got £30m for Torres? On net it is irrelevant. Chelski was the one who had to foot the bill, not us… :/
      Plus Andy isn’t on nearly the wage that other big money strikers are making.

      And comparing Rooney to Carroll, really? Completely different players. That’s like comparing Shearer and Dalglish and completely dismissing Alan for not having the same qualities as Kenny.

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