Do Liverpool Need To Sign Wide Men ?

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Do Liverpool Need To Sign Wide Men ?

Many people have been barking on about Liverpool needing to sign new wide players. Downing has been very disappointing and Jordan Henderson looks lost out on the right side of midfield.

With Dirk Kuyt leaving the club recently has also limited our options on the right. It is true to think that Andy Carroll will need service from wide positions, but Liverpool might have players in the squad that can play that wide role.

I would really love to see Martin Kelly be Liverpool’s regular right-back with Glen Johnson playing a new role on the right side of midfield.

I believe both players would form an exciting partnership down the right hand side of Liverpool’s midfield with their pace and willingness to get forward.

Plus, they are both very good defensively. Johnson likes to cut inside quite often, which would allow Kelly to stretch his legs down the outside where he can deliver his trademark dangerous crosses.

It has surprised me how they have not been used before in these positions, so hopefully new manager Brendan Rodgers sees their potential in this new role for the team.

With Johnson and Kelly playing down the right, I’m sure they would provide plenty of service for the improving Andy Carroll.

Liverpool’s middle of midfield could look very strong if the unlucky Lucas recovers fully from his serious injury, to play alongside Steven Gerrard.

This would spell the end for the Scot Charlie Adam in the middle of midfield, but I think he could play a really important role in the team on the left of midfield, with Jose Enrique playing at left-back behind him.

I’m sure many people will disagree with my theory on this one, especially as Adam is not the quickest.

But I think he is quick enough and Adam is a strong runner with the ball at his feet and willing to take people on, and Adam’s left foot could deliver the perfect service for Carroll from the left wing.

Enrique has great pace and could overlap past Adam as Adam will still have the tendency to drift inside with his central midfield role habit.

Playing on the left of midfield would not be too alien for Adam as he played quite a number of games there for Glasgow Rangers, so I’m sure he would slot in without a problem.

This idea of using our existing squad members in new roles for the team could save the club quite a bit of money and also provide great balance in the team.

I think Andy Carroll would get plenty of service from these players playing down the flanks.

Brendan Rodgers is his own man and I’m sure he will have his own ideas on who he wants to play wide for Liverpool.

I just hope he reads this article, it might just work, and if it does, save the club a lot of money.


  1. No he won’t use Johnson on the right as that would indicate using a 4-4-2, whereas Rogers operates 4-3-3 and therefore doesn’t use “wide men”, he prefers inside rights and lefts. So the front three would be Bellamy on the left, Carroll upfront and Suarez on the right.

  2. Though I like the idea of Johnson at RM, Adam as a LM is terrible, Rodgers plays with 2 pacey wingers, Adam is NOT pacey

  3. Do Liverpool Need To Sign Wide Men ?

    If you are seriously suggesting we converting a Full Back and a Center Midfielder into our first choice wingers then YES we definitely need to sign wide men!!

  4. i agree with your idea about johnson and kelly partnership and that is exactly what i have always wanted to opinion, it would be a killer right sided combo..however i don’t think adam should play left wing..if we need a winger then it is the left side i am worried about..but for now i am happy with bellamy and maxi given that left side role bcoz they have done well in that left area.

    1. Its not as crazy as it seems. these days players have to be very versatile and fulfill a variety of roles.

  5. Sound like a bit of a plan, although if paper talk is anything go by and we lose either Aggar or Skirtel,
    I would love to see Kelly / Coates play alternative weeks along either Skirtel or Aggar.
    This would introduce both central defenders to regular PL football for much needed experience and still have a very good partner.

    Just a thought

    1. Yes Alex Ferguson does use wingers Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia and Nani. Also a few years ago when Man U were at there best do you remember a little player called Cristiano Ronaldo?

        1. ofcous I agree wth u steve, lvpl can neva improve wth those inresponsible playz such as Andy carol, hendasn,pepe reina. Charle adams nd downin hv shown dt they can make it,its a matter of form. The intrduction of new faces on d pitch wil definatly bring prosperity in 2 d anfield. A playz lk, Higuane,cavani,falcao oq torres.also wingers lk adam jansn,rodregz,dos santos,affelay, along mdfld lk albato aquilani,javi martnez,nuri sahih,teote nd yaan mvila wl hlf us. Lastly reina must be replace nd d best person dt can fit dt place is krul frm new castle coz he kn prmr league.

  6. Right. Let me tell you something. Andy Carroll will never be a star for Liverpool. He’s not gonna have a successful 2012/13 season.

  7. Why do you think that Rodgers will be playing 442 when he plays (basically) a 433? Charlie’s too slow for LM also. Are you 12 years old because everything you’ve said makes this a very silly post (I can’t summon the effort to dissect it all)

  8. I agree completely about Johnson and Kelly as Kelly is a fantastic talent and deserves a lot more time on the pitch and just by watching Johnson play any idiot can see his ambition and ability down the right hand side. Johnsons pace will allow him to be a deep wingers giving him more opportunity to get those essential tackles and blocks in that he demonstrated for England in they’re poor euros campaign. However your comment about Adam is entirely wrong In my opinion I think he needs to be sold, cut our losses and take what we can get for him he does not fit in the squad at all. I think we really need to persue tello from barca, from video clips I have watched of him he is fantastic his pace and skill are what we need if that is not possible get sterling into the first squad.

  9. I don’t understand how people continue to ask the same question, year after year.

    Of course we need new wide men, and I would hope for three of them tbh! (with Downing heading out to fund the signings)

    Without quality out wide, it becomes far easier to shut a team down by just dropping team and conceding possession. Which teams did to us time and time again last season

  10. We call also use Aqualani instead of buying Sigurdson. When he played in an attacking role he looked awesome in a Modric kind of role. Also Jope Cole could come back and play th eright inside midfileder role with his skill and craft.

    NBot saying they should start every game but already our squad we be so much better and more talented than last year. Aqua could fill the void left by Mereles and Cole that of Kuyt.

  11. Funny thing I have been posting the very same point about Kelly and Johnson since Kuyt left.

  12. The Johnson as a right winger debate has become a pre season topic & will never materialize. Do Liverpool need winger’s? It depends what is classed as a winger in 2012? I don’t believe wingers have existed for a few years now. Wingers were defined as McManaman, Giggs, Pires and so on. The modern day tactics and European influence in our game has changed the 4-4-2 outlook which was strongly based on two attacking wingers. Players such as Silva, Mata, Van de Vaart, Modric are the premier leagues modern day wingers yet they play there trade as the playmaker’s of there teams in 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formations. Gareth Bale is one of a small number of true wingers in the entire league. With Rodgers it appears we will go for the 4-3-3 layout which would mean no wingers required as such. YNWA

  13. Liverpool is my club but i have to say it out THEY HAVE A PROBLEM. If they think to get back into champions league is by mentioning player without buying them then u are dreaming. FSG has to invest to get good result its all WRITTEN IN THE STARS.

  14. First if we are going to stick with 4-4-2 then yes the right side of midfield would be and excellent choice. However on the left, not so much. Adam is lack of creativity. We need goals to win. If our midfield looks like Adam, Lucus, Gerrard, Johnson, there are two defensive players in nature, one play in the middle and one play wide, an old man (but still very good) and Adam. Second I think 4-3-3 would give us more goals and more of Rogers type of plays then we don’t need to make that change. We can keep our back 4 assuming we don’t sell anyone. Middle three can be Lucus, Gerrard and Henderson. Our top three can be Andy in the middle. Luis on the right, that is his best position back at Ajax. Bell on the left with Downing as a sub.

  15. Liverpool just need to have and buy better quality players and if the club, owners and we all cant see that then we are in huge trouble.

    Its not about wingers this and widemen that, but iits about having footballers in your team, downing is not good enough, we need more option down the flanks, just becasue wingers give you that its quality we need, you can cross a ball form anywhere as our gerrard has proved that!

    PLayers with pace are lacking, we could do with 3 – 4 new quality, proven younger internationals.

    Gaston Ramirez is an option and should be brought, can do it all, play in many roles within a team and could give us options left and right.

    Andre Schurrle is a great young player, german, hard working, clever on and of the ball, loves getting forward, can play as above in many many team positions and give us pace too.

    they are just two of hundreds of players that could improve them team, will we sign them, no way – we are shite in the transfer market and i think the way we have been so slow again this summer is disgusting.

    And yet the owners want us to keep buying the kits and etc, fuck that im not buying a thing until i see some money being invested and i mean great deal of cash being pumped into the team, we as its stands will not come top 6 next year with the squad we have at the moment.

    invest or we are done for!

  16. Martin Kelly and Johnson, typical English style football which is long gone, non of them can hold the ball or pass the ball or dribble. We need players with flair and creativity, I hope people will stop making suggestions which is not healthy for our team.

  17. another shite transfer window by liverpool and these con men owners we have again! another false dawn yet again, why reina and suarez are still here god knows.

  18. I think people are worrying a little bit to much. Rogers is a class act and for him to get Swansea playing the way they did, he’s goin to make Liverpool dangerous.

    People are forgetting he wanted Raheem sterling at Swansea for loan. He is going to break into the first team this season and he will definatley be a England international soon. He is also a right and left wide man.

    Saurez plays at his best coming in of the right side of a 3 man attact and this will be his roll next season. If we thought last season he was good then wait and see next season.

    We need a winger and a striker. We have plenty of centre mids who will improve under Rogers.

    We also have alot of amazing young prospects, they will improve massively under Rogers. Suso, Morgan, flanno, Robinson, shelvey, silva, Cody and quite a few more.

    In Rogers we trust !!!


  19. Breden rodgers says he would like 4 players to come in and effect the squad straight away,!!!!!!!

    well i can tell you that guy from glasgow rangers is crap and we are getting linked with dogshite.

    its either pay out or we will suffer big time.

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