Redmen TV : “Two Liverpool Signings by Next Week?”

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After bring invited to their first Liverpool press conference, the lads look back at what was said, including Brendan Rodgers on Liverpool Summer Transfer targets… The new manager revealed that the reds have made enquiries about 3 or 4 players, and hope to sign at least one before the US tour begins…


  1. I hope it will be a prolific striker as we are acutely short in this department. And then hopefully a creative mid-fielder before the season begins. That should be enough

  2. Liverpool needs: Gatson Ramirez, Dempsey, Ryan Boudebouz, Stefan Jovitec and Bastos (from Lyon.

  3. I must say, what a dreadful summer market and do not tell me to calm down, its well under way and we have not signed one decent player, yet again we have let a good squad player leave like kuyt.

    Fsg are you really telling us players like dempsey, borini, are good enough, becasue they are not!

    I feel like we are going going to go through this crap all over again, what a joke of a club we are at the moment, where is the money fsg, if you dont want to spend why on earth do you think we are getting back into the top 4, we will not get into top 8 let alone top 4, marke my words,

    Another shite summer being a liverpool fan yet again, – thanks!!

  4. So we are now letting maxi leave as well, its all well and good getting the value out form the over all wage bill but this is a joke, joe cole, aquilani have done waht for the club and shown very little desire that maxi has given the club?

    Why would we let maxi go and yet keep the very poor downing, for which we could sell to raise more cash? just doesnt work for me that!

    Msci is not young but to think we are to good to then let maxi go is a joke, we are not that good to think that maxi is not one of the better players in the team.

    What a shite summer ahead. just becasue maxi earns well, what we are we to, get rid of all the big wage earners!!!! shite owners and shit club

  5. so now its carroll maybe out the door with the club really wanting to sell! they are ready to take 15 mill pound bids and get rid, and bring in who! another no name player to fill the team?

    Getting rid of maxi, kuyt, carroll and bellamy for bloody dempsey, borini, why we are then back to sqaure 1 with no depth of the squad, what is going on?

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