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Brendan Rodgers holds the hopes and dreams of every Liverpool supporter in his hands this forthcoming season.

Liverpool football club have not been given the easiest start to a season ever but if we are to prove ourselves as serious contenders for one of the top four slots, then it matters not when or where we play the big clubs or how early or late in the season this happens.

Rodgers has come into the job at a monumental time in its history, Kenny Dalglish has just parted company with the club, a new kit sponsorship deal that is one of the biggest in footballing history, and owners intent on bringing the good old days back to the club while still making no excuses for the fact that LFC is still a business to them.

He had what must be considered a fantastic season with Swansea, but with that in mind haven’t we been here before? I recall a certain Mr Hodgson having a great one off season with Fulham and then by jingo he was offered the Liverpool job, and we are all very aware of how that great idea ended up.
What Rodgers brings to the table is his belief in the pass and move game, not the long ball predictable yawn that has crept into our play for the last couple of years and especially when Andy Carroll is on the field, although not Andy’s fault it made Liverpool easy to defend against and even more easier to frustrate.

I have never seen Liverpool play so negatively and easy to read at Anfield than I have over the matches last season. Yes we hit the post, bar and came up against keepers who had the game of their lives, and yes we dominated virtually every game but when Plan A didn’t work our plan B was just to thump the ball long and hope for the best.

Rodgers eliminates that problem, his style of play is so different to what we have had to endure for a couple of years. I am in no way blaming Dalglish for the performances at Anfield or away last season as he can only work with what he had but nevertheless we can question some of the players that arrived.

The biggest disappointment for me is Downing, I wasn’t exactly shouting from the roof tops when he arrived let alone when I saw him play for us, if there is to be casualties this transfer window then Downing must be on the list.

Then we come to Adam, for me he is a squad player at most, yes he can pass and yes he can show passion but his lack of pace is his downfall but under Rodgers and his style of play Adam could really benefit from this new method of play.

Jordan Henderson is a young lad who can possibly benefit the most from the appointment of Rodgers, what Henderson has going for him is youth and willingness to develop, and under Brendan Rodgers he could become a fantastic young player, Jordan has been playing in a position that is alien to him for the best part of last season and deserves a shot a playing in the central midfield role under Rodgers.

Now we come to Andy Carroll a man who in his defence was happy at Newcastle and most importantly never asked to leave Newcastle or determined the fee that was paid for his services.

Carroll is a another young lad who has the potential to become a world class player given the right coaching and style of play adapted towards his abilities, but this is the stumbling block, Brendan Rodgers style is not formulated with a player like Carroll in mind. Carroll needs constant service that plays on his strengths and unfortunately Carroll is not the quickest man on the field, although it would be a utter shame if he was loaned out instead of finding some form of role for Carroll as he is strong and creates chaos in the oppositions defence.

Carroll could be part of any plan Rodgers may have, if used correctly with two quality wide players instead of the long ball route which makes Carroll ineffective completely.

So now what about Cole and Aquilani, well Cole could possibly be decent under Rodgers if given confidence and a run in the squad but Aquilani is a total loss and needs to be sold even released from his contract, he has not given the club anything in terms of productiveness even when he has been in the squad and he himself does not wish to be at Liverpool, so personally I would just get rid.

What is more important is what type of players Rodgers and Liverpool can attract given whatever resources and pull Brendan can muster, with Borini secured and names such as Allen, Dempsey and Sturridge circulating the rounds of Anfield’s rumour office corridors, it shows a concern that although they are all good players, it is not the players we would expect to be attracted to our club or our club to be attracted to them, we would all love the van Persie’s and Iniesta’s of the footballing world to come to Liverpool but without Champions League football and the finance it will never happen.

So what type of players should we expect Liverpool will attract? Well in simple terms exactly who we are linked with, we are not a top four team any more neither can we demand top flight players, simply because we are not the feared premiership or european giants we was, the Europa League has an advantage in getting decent european players but nowhere near the quality that the Champions League teams could and would demand, so to be fair to Rodgers he is shopping within his means and budget and you cannot denounce him for that.

What is needed will take more than one or two seasons to see the benefits but what is clear is that whoever comes to Anfield needs to enhance the squad not make the current level stable, Rodgers needs to be given time to create a squad and the freedom to choose who enters the squad only then will we move forward.

So what is our realistic goals this season? Well we need to be in with a fighting chance of top four by February at least, and have a decent cup run, this will provide the stepping stones for improvement and justify the change of manager.

Brendan Rodgers is a good manager and will need to give him the time and respect to complete the job just as he has embraced the ethos and the tradition of the club, what we need to avoid is becoming like Chelsea who are happy to change manager like a back street prostitute changes men. We must also not accept failure either, what we need is a balance that gives the manager time but gives the club the option to make a change if things go dreadfully wrong.

What Liverpool fans must realise is that we are no longer a force in the premiership, yes its hard to stomach but its true like it or not, but that does not mean we cannot be again and with a manager like Rodgers and a squad that is full of confidence and with new additions, it is possible to return to our rightful place among the top four and back with the elite of europe.

So here we go again a new season, a new manager and a new set of hopes, the journey to Anfield, the banter with friends on the way and the sweet sound of the Kop in full voice awaits us for another fun filled season of joy, upset, frustration, excitement and controversy, what more could anyone want more than that.


  1. i agree with you on almost everything you have said but i think aquilani could be very good for us

  2. Every player suffered under what I think we all saw, that lack of a plan B. When the goals didn’t come, despite us controlling a game and looking good for the first 45 minutes, a kind of desperation set in amongst the players and it all went quite wrong. As the season went on it just got worse. I think that general issue can explain a tremendous amount of what many individual players struggled with. Guys like Henderson and Downing didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves. Henderson was all over the pitch, at times seeming so lost that you had to wonder if he’d even been to training that week. Downing would work to get into good positions and then deliver cracking crosses … to no one. Or maybe onto the head of Carroll who would then direct it over the bar or safely into the keepers hands. They seemed to have the skills, the drive and the general ability but I never saw a proper avenue for application of those skills. There just didn’t seem to be a single established method by which every player could work together to get the best out of everyone.
    I don’t think this lack of team cohesion and lack of a proper all-encompassing strategy can be underestimated in the effect it had. I don’t think KD was hopelessly out of touch, rather that he had some ideas that simply didn’t seem to quite work for long enough. We had periods of great football, exciting football, but to say we only lacked a “clinical finishing touch” is deceptive. There was more wrong with what we were trying to do and the dramatic drop in form at the end of the season, when we should have been improving, was very indicative. We were going nowhere and I think the owners, to their credit, recognised that. We tried Kenny’s way and it wasn’t totally awful, just lacking in something. And I’m not sure Kenny knew what that was. He was probably willing to keep going, to keep trying and see what he could do, but I don’t think he had a clear idea of how to get us out of that hole.

  3. i agree with most of your article but i am a bit sick of reading you can`t attract top players if not in champions league Luis Suarez signed when we were not in CL Man City signed top players before qualifying for CL Arsenal in CL every year but keep losing players the difference between Man City and Arsenal is pay structure it seems to me the real issue with most players is money

  4. The long ball game that made us easier to defend when Carroll was on the field Well forgive me for yawning but how many complete games did he actually play? We were missing Stevie G, Lucas and Suarez for half the season then Adam crocked himself, subsequently the long ball was the only game in town and Henderson and Downing are a waste of space. and add into the mix Reina having a bad season hardly helped by injuries to Cara, Skrtel and Agger.

    I’m surprised KK didn’t top himself.

  5. I disagree that Aquilani has done little for the club.He has been messed about ever since he was signed. God knows how many managers this player has been through? But he hardly beem allowed a period of time to settle in? From what I have seen of him he shows an astute and cunningmaturity of a midfielder, whatever midfield position.His passing of the ball at long range can be precise. Dont forget this player was bought with the knowledge of his recovery from a long term injury.He is bound to be be cynical about his status at lfc considering how he has been loaned or left to sit on the bench. Lfc would be missing out on the chance of s first class player in his prime if they lost him. Beware

  6. kmt i don’t agree with anything you’ve said about Aquilani..maybe if hodgson and dalglish didnt stupidly loan him out then he is a better player than all i mean ALL our midfielders apart from Gerrard i dont get how you could suggest selling him…Borini from what av seen i dont think is an improvement to the current squad..hopefully am wrong..i also don’t get all this things about we can’t attract players because we are not in the CL..tottenham and Newcastle are not in the CL but tottnham just signed Vertonghen a top cut it short i just feel we can get alot of good players if we actually push to purchase them imagine tottenham aiming for players like Oscar etc and us we are linked with Allen..never seen a club so poor in the transfer window, no smart buys at all…for example now, liverpool should push to buy Gaston Ramirez NOW but i wont be surprised if we dont then later regret “ahh we should av got him” blah for andy Carrol..BR would be stupid to loan or sell carrol..keep him as a backup or 2nd striker is a better/smart option..what if in a situation when pass and move doesnt work and we seem to need a physical presence upfront? remember its gona be a longgg season so u see loaning/selling carrol would be stupid especially now that he is starting to play so well..

  7. How can you say Aquilani has given nothing. Was it his fault managers loaned him out? Don’t give me he didn’t want to be there because would anyone want to work anywhere if the boss wipes ya. I remember him scoring a goal at Anfield and he looked pretty happy then celebrating with Gerrard. Then Roy comes in and sends him away. And if I remember wanted to sell Agger. Good move that would have been. If KD told him your staying put your in my plans he might have had a change of heart. Instead Adam and Spearing are running around in midfield . Hope he gets a chance.

  8. Living in Aus proves challenging to source good information, and let me just say the British Media is incredible at generating fanciful stories and it seems a lot of ‘fans’ have opinions of what the club should do, and which players are useless etc… Let me address these people with the following: CONSIDER YOURSELVES LUCKY TO HAVE PLAYERS OF THAT LEVEL PLAYING WEEK IN WEEK OUT FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. INSTEAD OF FOCUSSING ON THE NEGATIVES, GET BEHIND YOUR CLUB AND BE THANKFUL YOU CAN CALL YOURSELVES A LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER.

    Its very refreshing to read an article that is logical, not emotionally or nostalgically driven, and addresses a number of the key issues surrounding my beloved club Liverpool (without going into extreme detail for no reason).
    Thanks for the good read.

    Looking forward to sitting in the Kop come November, hoping to be there for the Wigan game! I’ll be the Aussie singing his f*ckin lungs off for 90+ minutes!

    1. I’m from Aus in Melb myself Billy. I like your article but we can get the same info as everyone in UK if you follow all Liverpool news on newsnow or there papers. Anyway you got me thinking as i have been lucky enough to visit Anfield a few times myself, and my highlight would have to be when we smacked Real 4 zip 2nd leg of champ league final.There is no better place in the world than a rockin Anfield . YNWA.

  9. We as a club owe ANDY CARROLL an apology for the way he is being treated this week – we should show more class than this and I still believe he will come good but even if he does not he would be justified in telling us to get lost and refuse a loan deal – that is not the way yo treat people – p s DOWNING should be sold – will never take responsibility

  10. Cannot disagree that Carroll does not fit Rodger’s tiki taka system. The same way Carroll did not fit Kenny’s pass and move system but liverpool should have used him more last season that much we all agree.

    He has done enough and showed enough determination plus given his age he deserves atleast one more year to prove himself.

  11. Rodgers and Hodgson are nothing alike – Hodgson was sold on his magnificent achievements back in the 30’s, taking football from England to help start up professional leagues across Eastern Europe. Or something like that. Rodgers on the other hand is being sold as a modern thinking manager with a bright future.

    I’m not too impressed with the reputed transfer targets (is Borini regarded as exciting??) but transfer rumours mean nothing really, and I just have to hope for the best that Rodgers’ immediately rectifies the lack of quality on our wings.

    With a few quality additions to the team, and better use of our current squad, Liverpool could surprise a lot of ppl next season…

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