Andy Carroll Is Gone

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Andy Carroll Is Gone

Major news just breaking that Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has moved to West Ham on a one year loan deal for £ 2 million and West Ham paying full wages, with a view to a £17 million permanent deal if they avoid relegation.

It is shocking news for Liverpool supporters, but if Carroll is not in Rodgers’ plans then it is probably better that Liverpool get something for him and cut their wage bill.

The only thing is Liverpool look very short of strikers, with only Suarez and the newly signed Borini, there is Adam Morgan and Nathan Eccleston who have very little experience. Craig Bellamy might also be used as a striker but his legs are another year older.

I just hope that Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers have some sort of plan as to what they are doing because Liverpool have struggled to score goals in recent years and with Andy Carroll leaving it looks even worse.

I have to admit that I did not think Carroll looked the real deal, but at the end of last season he suddenly looked sharper and a real threat, so I would have like to have seen him start the season and if he wasn’t doing it, then try and offload him in January.

Carroll is still young and has plenty of time so he should have been given time to prove himself and I feel he has not been given a fair crack of the whip and personally I am disappointed with Rodgers on this as he said when he arrived that every player would be given a chance to play with Liverpool.

Carroll just arrived back from holiday last week to join the squad in America and played about half a game on Saturday against Spurs and that is his lot. Very disappointing, Rodgers needs to bring in a top class striker to appease me on this deal.

Talk of Agger and Skrtel wanting to leave us too, is this an exodus on the back of how the Americans’ treated Kenny or is just that they don’t like Brendan Rodgers and his new ideas ?

Whatever it is, it is really worrying if some of our top players are thinking about leaving us.

We have some good youngsters coming through, but there is no way that we can rely on the youngsters to carry this club.

Time to let this news digest and see what plans Rodgers has to strengthen us and they better be good.



  1. West Ham have gone through sky sports to deny the deal. Think it’s a bit premature, certainly of the Bbc, which is where I read it. Would be odd given the recent comments by BR and a competitive match this week with no senior striker in the side….

  2. Sky Sports say West Ham are denying this move…so who knows what is really going on !

    Either way, I think it would be a mistake to let him go either way and certainly a mistake to go out on loan…

  3. They’re not leaving because of the way Dalglish was treated, they’re probably leaving because Rodgers and FSG have refused to sign quality, insisting on giving inadequate players the chance to play and plunge LFC to further mediocrity.

    1. Mr Pessimistic. You need to get over it.. Dalglish is gone & we are all moving on. So maybe a positive attitude would be helpful?

      1. Mike never mentioned Dalglish in the context you think, but his pessimism is not without foundation, maybe you should be a little less sheeplish

  4. I feel you should always avoid giving two opinions and those opinions being your preferred outcome…

    “Talk of Agger and Skrtel wanting to leave us too, is this an exodus on the back of how the Americans’ treated Kenny or is just that they don’t like Brendan Rodgers and his new ideas ?”

    Means your article is biased, thus lacks the possibility of fairness…

    On a personal note, I want to see wholesale changes at the club and feel a real confidence with our owners and the manager.

  5. It was never Carroll’s fault that Dalglish massively overpaid for him to compensate for the last-minute loss of Torres. In fact, Carroll’s signing bolstered the fan base for at least a while, and Torress was about £15 million more disappointing than Carroll. Both showed flashes at the end of the season and in the Euro 2012 matches, but Liverpool ended up on the right side of that swap.

    That said, Carroll does need to progress in order to justify his wages and his place on the starting team. I’ve come to appreciate his skill in the air and his ability to dole out long forward balls with his head. That is particularly noticeable when you look at the Olympic competition and see how poor all the teams are in those areas. And, nobody can fault his work rate; he really put in the effort both offensively and defensively. But, his footwork needs practice and repetition, both in passing and in applying forward pressure.

    I think that a loan spell could do him some good by letting a bit of steam out of the room in Liverpool, as long as he isn’t viewed as the sole saviour of a West Ham. Getting £2 million in loan fee would be great, so long as West Ham is also picking up Carroll’s full salary. We are just at the beginning of seeing Rodgers remake this team according to his philosophy, and with a £million here or there that task will go more quickly.

  6. Sky just reported that this is not true ! west ham have made a comment saying no deal in place.

  7. I hope we have got west ham to sign a watertight contract, so they can’t get out of buying him if they stay up.

  8. There is more to developments than meet the eye.

    – Liverpool are desperate to clear the wage bill
    – Brendan Rodgers made it clear that Liverpool would have to be prepared to sell Andy Carroll during the interview process
    – Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger both love Liverpool and are impressed by Brendan Rodgers. But it is decision time in their career. Bids offering more money, Champions League football and instant competition for trophies
    – Kenny Dalglish had alienated a few by the end

  9. “Talk of Agger and Skrtel wanting to leave us too, is this an exodus on the back of how the Americans’ treated Kenny or is just that they don’t like Brendan Rodgers and his new ideas”

    It’s crap like this that makes me think Jamie Kanwar is getting blog posts published under different names.

  10. Going by the rumours we’ll get rid of most senioer players, Aquilani, Carroll, Agger and Skrtl are doing the news rounds currently, Bellars suggested move could be reignited if there’s a lack of stories or what about that fella Suarez, he is sure to go – WhiskeyNose said so. Don’t you just love the silly season. YNWA … unless off course you sell them all.

  11. I think Brendan Should be cautious of his decisions on players in the team if he doesn’t want to invite pressue upon himself..If its anything to go by I would still allow Carroll in the team as he gives us other options but I m keeping my fingers crossed on this scenario as there would be fans inquest into Brendans decisions..

  12. Worrying times for liverpool as a few players have now left and we have only signed one player, time to get the cheque book out and buy quality or I fear its goin to b a long season again. IM STARTING TO LOSE FAITH IN FSG

  13. Calm down, calm down, if there is no news just accept it and dont make it up! But seriously, Kenny never gave Andy Carroll a fair chance and thats what he needs, Rodgers would be a fool to let him go now without giving him at least one season. The lad has understandably lost his confidence but his talent is still there.

  14. The title really surprised me unfortunately the article not even give a clue where the news came from. I wouldn’t say anything until the official announcement released. Keep calm, let the lads do their job and hopefully it’ll cheer us up at the end of the season.

  15. To offload Carroll would be an awful peace of business from LFC. Sure we have overpaid for him but now it’s time to make the best of it and get Andy to be more consistent. I’m impressed by Brandon Rodgers and he was always my first choice but if he thinks that Andy does not fit his still of football the board should have never signed Rodgers. It’s just stupid to hire a coach that believes that a player for which you’ve paid £35 million less then 2 years ago it’s not good enough to even be on the squad!

  16. “Talk of Agger and Skrtel wanting to leave us too, is this an exodus on the back of how the Americans’ treated Kenny or is just that they don’t like Brendan Rodgers and his new ideas ?”

    FFS grow up!!!

    1. We could not only lose Agger and Skrtel, but Suarez and Reina are possibilities as well

      Very worrying times

  17. Jaime Mclaughlin has hurt his credibility by promoting this unconfirmed story, but not half as much as Rodgers would hurt his if he dumps Carroll for a song without giving him a shot. Even more than Carroll, Borini is as unproven at the top level, as are the other players Rodgers has been connected with.

  18. Don’t go big man . You are a good player . Prove them all wrong . You can play in any system . West Ham . Permanent if they stay up . It’s a joke . You are England’s number nine . Every schoolboys dream . Years ago we nearly sold John Toshack to Leicester City I think it was , the move broke down , medical reasons I think ( look it up ) . He went on to be a legend at Anfield . You can do the same . Stay big man . Make them all eat humble pie . You know your good enough . Stay and prove it

  19. I would prefer henderson leaving than AC. He gives us a diffrent option when tikitaka indeed worrying some of our star players want 2 leave. It also concerns me that BR is only interested in players he worked with B4. Br Just get gasto ramirez

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