If Agger Leaves Liverpool Are In Trouble

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If Agger Leaves Liverpool Are In Trouble

The rumour mill is in overdrive right now and although most of the rumours are way of the mark, you can’t help but wonder about the rumours concerning Liverpool.

Andy Carroll looks a definite to graze on pastures new, which on my previous post I broadcast how disappointed I was about this, but with talk of Martin Skrtel and I believe more stronger rumours of Daniel Agger wanting to leave Liverpool, this scenario seriously worries me.

Arsene Wenger has lost his best players in recent years and amazingly has still managed to take his team to Champions League qualification each year, which is where we need to be.

But we are way behind Arsenal at the moment and Liverpool can’t afford to lose their best players, and both Agger and Skrtel fall into that category right now and last season they have formed a formidable partnership in the heart of Liverpool’s defence.

Liverpool need to build on the squad that they have and to lose Agger who looks like the ideal player for Brendan Rodgers’ style of play would be a major blow to Liverpool’s ambitions.

Liverpool’s defence looked very good last season and a strong defence is very important for any team and the last thing Liverpool need is their defence unsettled so close to the new season.

The loss of one of Liverpool’s best players could highlight the fact that Liverpool have slid away from the Premiership’s elite few, and the club could find other team members leaving too for success elsewhere.

With the reduction of class players in the squad if players leave could make it more difficult for Liverpool to attract top quality players to Anfield.

Liverpool has a good looking crop of youngsters coming through but the club can’t rely on them to carry the club forward with their lack of experience.

We don’t want an exodus of talent leaving the club when we are playing catch up to the top four.

The rest of the transfer window will be interesting, but with all the rumours flying around, hopefully there will be more comings than goings to Anfield as we look to a successful season under the leadership of Brendan Rodgers.


  1. i agree 100%

    if liverpool want to seriously challenge, then why would you axe your star defenders? carragher is too old, and the young players are very young.

  2. Liverpool should not let both skertel and agger to go if they really want to challenge for tropies.

  3. Ridiculous article! Agger won’t play 38 games a season, his body won’t allow it. If he signs a new deal then keep him, he is a quality defender, but if not, get rid for £20mil! Be mad not to, and I believe Kelly is the perfect replacement for him

  4. Don’t know why you’re worried, the daily hate mail has said we’re losing Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Glenda, Bellamy, Suarez, Carroll and Sterling. How many have left yet? Not one, it’s payback for that right wing rag to pour a whole load of lies about Liverpool because we’re in a down time. It’s simple they hate us and are trying to destablise us, mark my words come September 1st only a maximum of 2 of those players won’t be Liverpool players. Please note the Echo report that Liverpool have no worries over Agger to city espically at £13 million, who do you trust the hate mail or the Echo?

  5. Better players than Agger have left and we have survived

    It’s not about a player but a team. I will be disappointed if he leaves but will wish him well and we move on

  6. Don’t know what happened there but to finish what I started to say:

    The cheeky bastards have only offerd £13M for him but paid Everton £24 for Lescot. They can stick it where the sun don’t shine and you need a shovel to get around.

  7. This article is way off the mark. Agger and Skrtel were the best of a bad bunch last season. No doubt both had their best season but LFC, in the league, had one of their worst. Skrtel could return to his previous ‘error prone’ self and Agger could become injury prone again. They are both replaceable.

    If we are offered anywhere near £30m for the pair, we should take it! They are at peak value. Coates and Kelly look well up to the task along with Carragher when required and bring an experienced defender who is under 25 with a healthy track record for the money we make from the sales.

    Saying either leaving would make it “difficult to attract top quality players” is just plain weird. Suarez and Gerrard may prove a draw in the current side and possibly Reina but that’s it. Cole, Adam, Downing and Aqualani will all be gone soon, too. Ramirez, Allen and Dempsey to come in, at least.

  8. you jumped the gun with previous mail
    and now more scaremongering.
    You should take a step back if this or of that…

  9. Agger has reportedly said that he would continue to play for the Reds on condition that Jamie Hoofer Carragher is not included in the team. When pressed to elaborate on his comment, Agger added, “Given Jamie’s big mouth and his lack of technically ability what else is there to elaborate? Personally, I think it is a joke and an insult to fellow professionals that Jamie makes playing football his career.”

  10. Jamie,
    I don’t completely agree with this. Although, D.Agger has been a great player, we should also remember the number of times he has been injured. If LFC can get 20 mill + a player for Agger, I think it would be a good deal. Now, I am no expert but I say 20 mill because that can fetch us a good defender with some money to spare!
    Skrtel moving out will be a different problem altogether.
    Having siad that, I hope both Skrtel & Agger sign a new contract with LFC ASAP

  11. Strange thing to say the defence was good last season – the form table for the 2nd half of the season placed us 17th. We are mediocre at best and the quality Benitez brought – Alonso, Mascherano, Torres etc has gone – Agger & Skyrtl have quality and have to be retained.

  12. Liverpool loosing D. agger and M. Skrtel will definately be a big loss to Lfc. Both players were fantastic last season and fit to the playing pattern of Brendan Rodgers, so Lfc should do everything possible to hold on to these players if we want to still be among the top 4. YNWA!

  13. If they want to go, let them. We need players who are committed to the club. If they chose to go, we could always raid Schalke for Benedikt Höwedes and partner him with Coates.

  14. we already are in huge trouble.

    Letting go of Aurelio, kuyt, Tony Silva i can kind of see the thinking behind this, but now we are talking about letting go of;

    Carroll, Bellamy, and with Maxi gone,( a player who was underused last year) the whole set up of the 1st team is weaker now than i can ever think to remember!!

    I dont mind if bellamy goes, he is on huge wages for not being able to play games back to back, and yet he plays ever other 2 and half days for the the bloody team gb, so if we replace his footballing brain and speed then fine.

    Maxi wanted to go back home he is a great little player and we really need a new player like him in his mould. Again as long as we buy like for like and fill his place then fine, remember he was on high wages to.

    Dont really care about Andy Carroll, again we must buy another striker if not two anyway, a better speedy little forntman to link with suarez would be better a player adrian lopez would be good etc, but again Andy ha sthis attitude, if he really wanted to make it here we would have come back to pre season early and get his work in before anyone else, id like him sold but for money to then use.

    If we cant replace the number of players sold with the same or much better quality we are sadly done for!!

    we need;

    x1 mid
    x2 wingers – wide players
    x2 strikers
    x1 left back

    why oh why are we leaving it later and later, crap window so far, and fsg are really taking the piss now!

  15. To get the squad back into anything like strenght in depth we have to replace –

    maxi, kuyt, then

    replace the reportedly moving on –

    carroll, bellamy,

    so far we have borini
    so this =

    kuyt = borini
    maxi = dempsey
    bellamy = gaston ramirez
    aquilani = joe allen

    then what about carroll. we would need another frontman.

    carroll = adrian lopez

    id then sell; joe cole, adjron, jones gk, doni gk, wilson, replace cole = walcott and doni & jones with butland.

    If we going all the way id sell adam and downing and bring juan vargas as part of the aquilanin deal, use the cahs form adam and downing and buy another winger = tello or susaeta

  16. Liverpool are in trouble no doubt, money was squandered last Summer on signings that were not suitable, but equally not enough money will be spent this Summer.Our planning like our team is totally unbalanced. If Agger goes it will only add to the feeling that Liverpool are no longer a competitive team, forget ever thinking we are still an elite team, and FSG can take their fair share of blame for this, we can’t keep blaming past regimes or managers for our current predicament, truth is FSG have been making the decisions for nearly 2 years now and the club surely is only following in the direction in which its been lead.

  17. Great post above, what a real liverpool fan that is, well done and im glad people are not living in a dream world, well said.

    Fsg have the club and have had more then enough time, im still awaiting the management team that ” we will be so pleased with” waiting and waiting and waiting!!!!

    Where are the scouts ! what are they doing?

    Love it when fans are happy to hear that maybe 2 – even 3 players are heading in! why are they so happy we need 5 new players that are better than what we have! why are so many fans brain washed!!!

    we have lost maxi who is a great team player, kuyt, whatever you think of him is a loss, bellamy is going, carroll situation is not looking good for him, aquilani going makes sense and we have crap joe cole back doing nothing, some things dont change.

    We have a weak squad and im right, we can clearly all see that its wealker now than it was last year, big deal we have added an unproven 21 year old frontman, big deal , you think thats going to get us back to top 4, no way.

    IT will only be ok if these players go and we replace and then add more depth but in terms of adding quality not just numbers!!

    If bellamy carroll, along with maxi kuyt, aquilani silva, aurelio all go.

    Aurelio, will not be missed only because he was out all the time, aquialni we can do without and have done so,

    Replaced with better quality must be;

    carroll, bellamy, maxi and kuyt.

    still to go would be;

    wilson, adjoran, doni gk, jones gk. adam, cole, spearing.

    id like to see;

    bellamy = gaston ramirez
    adam and cash = dempsey
    carroll = adrian lopez & walcott
    kuyt = borini
    maxi = scott sinclair
    aquilani = joe allen
    jones & doni = jack butland

    and after thatnot just replacing them but then adding 2 players with quality that can then push for competition within the whole team and add better quality in all places of the starting 11.

    new left back- wing back either alvaro Pereira – aly cissokho or juan vargas for the left back come, left wide man role, downing is not enough or good enough for the whole year ahead!

    A midfielder that can do it all, like a Isco (Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez) or a Osvaldo Nicolás Fabián Gaitán

    is it good enough that buy the end of yet another piss poor summer, all we have done is sell to buy and yet hardy replaced any of the team that we had last year, even if we do that which is looking bleak, what the hell is going on,?

    we will come at best 7th at the moment with the team we have, and thats being good to us!!!!!

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