VIDEO : Goodbye Aquilani (by @Ivan__D)

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  1. It actually doesn’t make sense that were getting rid of him and keeping players like Charlie Adam, Henderson, downing and now buying Joe Allen as if he’s better than him. God bless LFC but were not doing smart things

  2. Nice vid mate, coulda made one twice the length with the times he gave the ball away but i guess he never really got his chance and so we only got to see glimpses of his quality. YNWA Aquaman!

  3. To be honest, that video made me more sad that we are losing him. Brilliant player when given the chance.

    That goal from Torres from his pass was amazing. He was so dominant for us at that time. Wish we still had him to be honest. Think he wouldn’t have had as long of a drought since he would have been playing a lot more.

  4. i also wonder the same thing, as to why we are selling him and he fit Rodgers system perfectly well. so i really don’t understand

  5. he played well for ac milan when he was called upon, why we are letting him go is something very sad and mind bugging

  6. I soppose d major reason is his wage he commands a staggering £125,000 grand per week besides he’s never been allowed to show us his quality either he was shipped out on loan or decimated by injury its just saddeningg we are loosing him..Anyway one has got to learn to live with it and I hope Brendan signs quality players I really feel for our squad

  7. stupid stupid stupid stupid club Liverpool… i just don’t get it.. i simply just dont get it.. i think liverpool is allergic to quality players… i really would like all 3 managers, Roy, Kenny and Rodgers to at some point explain, i wish they can explain to us WHY and WHAT was so wrong about Aquilani.. i mean its so annoying.. just when i thought finally here is a manager that would appreciate Aquilani’s game.. unfortunately we are losing another quality player… liverpool is just that club that loves having average players.. cant believe the managers would rather play henderson or spearing ahead of this guy.. just a shame really.. goodluck Aquilani.. the same is about to happen to carrol just when he is getting IT.. getting what it means to play for lfc.. suddenly he might be shipped out and i bet you whoever comes in to replace carrol is not gonna be better than wat we have… we should be looking to get another player as good as suarez or almost as good… i see suarez out of liverpool in at most 2years time or even after this season.. why cant we just splash that cash and get one proper well known big name player just ONE!!..

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