Liverpool FC Lineup vs FC Gomel

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Carragher captain the Reds tonight in recognition of his 700th appearance for the club. Glen Johnson has also reached a milestone, this is his 100th game as a Red.

Starting XI: Jones ; Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Jose Enrique ; Henderson. Spearing, Gerrard ; Cole, Borini, Downing

Subs : Gulacsi, Lucas, Adam, Shelvey, Kelly, Robinson, Sterling.

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  1. Putting a pretty strong lineup out there tonight (perhaps almost like a final preseason game.)

    As to Agger, I wonder if it’s just BR giving him a little time off from his travels.

  2. If we score a single goal with this attack, things REALLY will be changing for the better.

    On another note, after yet another excellent display yesterday, I really hope we do sign Allen. What a player. And Butland. And Coates didn’t disappoint either.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with spearing!!!! It’s good to c more local lads playing for Liverpool plus hes a good little player . As for agger , if he wants to go then let him, if you don’t want to play for the reds then get lost!!!!

  4. i dont think Br knows what he is doing..i have seen our game in this half and i dont see why carrol cant fit in there is a big hole of missing carrol here all dem long balls would have easily been won if carrol was in there i hope this man knows what he is doing

  5. Halftime review: A complete and utter DISGRACE (as per usual).

    Cant pass, cant dribble, cant cross, cant shoot, cant score.

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