Redmen TV : Fiorentina Sign Aquilani

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The Breaking News is that Italian international Alberto Aquilani has left Liverpool FC and signed a permanent deal with Serie A side Fiorentina… Uncensored Analysis


  1. i wonder how much he cost the club altogether 18M 90,000 a week for 3 years fuck me.18 apps to boot.

  2. So we’ve sold skilful but fragile Aquilani for £5m and will buy solid but average Allen for £15m. Doesn’t sound good to me. Aqua was never given a proper chance by LFC – shame he could provided exactly the creativity we don’t have. Our loss, Fiorentina’s gain.

  3. Rafa didn’t play him, Roy didn’t want him, Kenny tried to get shut, Brendan finally got shut. Can’t believe anyone thinks he would ever have been more than a squad player, and on those wages it’s just not reasonable.

    Sad he never got a real chance, but have to believe there was good reason why he didn’t. Expensive mistake hardly covers it.

  4. Let me tell you joe allen is not average, if he was spanish we would wnat him, its because his name is joe allen and does not sound very attractive!.

    Aquilani was spouting rubbish the other day about starting afresh! his agent is dogshite, coming out with this and that when it suited him and his over rated client.

    I have played the game and let me tell you Redsim Allen is twice the player Aquilani is, and i dont want to hear any more mate!

    Aquilani was draining the wage bill and yes he was on 95 k
    a week and thats just disgusting to be fair, people bang on about him never been given a chance, total rubbish that, liverpool and rafa stuck buy him when no other club even his home town team Roma wanted rid of him! we got him fit and then he started crying about going back home,,
    We where doing well in the league and half way through he started banging on and on about going home!!!!

    He then went to these clubs for peanuts and no one wnated him either – roma, ac milan and none other then juventus,, yet none of them wanted anything to do with him after they had had him on loan, ac milan walked away for around 3.5 million!!!!

    This guy looks the part but i can tell you now he is bang average and the biggest mistake liverpool have ever made in the market, and we all know it.

    Glad he is gone, wages cleared and frees up a place for more honest better fitter pros to come in.

    Fuck off alberto.

  5. So so far we have;





    id like to see;

    adam out – sahin in (not a loan deal)
    spearing out – joe allen in.
    bellamy out – gaston ramirez in.
    kuyt out – borinin in.
    aquilani out – dempsey in.
    maxi out – tello in.
    carroll out – either adrian lopez or walcott in
    Jones & Doni out – jack butland in.
    wilson out – promote younger lads, wisdom, sama, etc.
    eccleston out – morgan is better and so in ngoo.

    Thats what you call replacing players that are not wanted and replacing players putting in good quality for what we have sold and got out of the club, at the moment i dont see us even doing that.

  6. From the day I heard we were signing him I knew it was a disaster , he was a complet waste of money players like him are like rumors to lfc bleeding the club dry of the revenue while doing nothing for the cause any fan saying any other than good ridince is a dope IMO he was a shite player nice little touch but a lightweight, slow,player done nothing for us

  7. Is it beyound liverpool and the owners that we could not pull this off;

    Jack Butland = doni & jones.( buy him now while he is still even at any sort of price, young and learn from pepe).

    Gaston Ramirez = joe cole & aquilani. (wages still saved).

    Clint dempsey = maxi (good squad players must be replaced with the same if not better quality) we are not even doing this at present!.

    Joe Allen = adam, adjoran, wilson, eccleston, spearing.(eccleston is poor, we have morgan and ngoo, wilson is so over rated, adam is not as goos as allen, adjorn just looks shite) none are needed and spearing would bring in around 2 mill.

    Borini = kuyt (done deal).

    That above would be 11 out, out of which doni and jones who had hardly any games and with spearing and adam being average players we would not miss any of them. It is only kuyt and maxi that we would be needing to replace and using resources to do so.

    Borini = kuyt, (done deal).

    Bellamy and carroll – ? who knows looks as if we are going to lose them both, whatever we think of that, we then at least would need 2 players.

    Id go for;

    Bellamy = Markel Susaeta

    Carroll (depending on what we have cash wise id say we could get around 17 mill max, i would not pay anything like over that amount)

    Carroll = walcott- he would cost around 12 mill, and with a bit more that the bloody fsg can add in to the mix id then add that with there cash and buy either vargas or cissokho for the left wing back come left back roles.

    but like every fucking market we will piss it all up.

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