Kekuta Manneh – a hidden gem, CALLING ALL SCOUTS

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Football (or soccer as it is known here) is the fastest growing spectator sport in the US and a great young talent is developing. Many are predicting that the next batch of football stars will be coming out of the US and scouts from all over Europe are starting to look more closely.

Liverpool F.C. has also joined in the chase and earlier this year signed Villyan Bijev, shown in the video below. A player featured in that same video with Villyan is a certain Kekuta Manneh. Kekuta has been causing quite a stir and I would urge all the scouts out there to check him out, hopefully L.F.C. can secure him before our rivals.

Notice the names below, some of them will become household names

Kekuta in action scoring 4 goals

Kekuta scoring a great winner below

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  1. Decent player, but that has to be some of the worst goalkeeping I’ve ever seen. That Dutch Lions goalkeeper either doesn’t come off his line or he dives without extending his arms…wow.

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