The Standard Chartered scandal from a US Red perspective

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As most of you know by now, Standard Chartered has been accused by The New York Department of Financial Services of breaking US law by hiding over secret 60,000 transactions with Iran (full story).
Standard Chartered have issued a statement rejecting this (here).

 As an American I was alarmed and disturbed by this, after all the Standard Chartered logo is on the LFC shirts that I wear. I can’t be hanging around the local shopping mall wearing that can I? Baseball, Basketball and American Football shirts don’t have shirt sponsors, the logo up front is usually that of the team. Many people here don’t realise that the shirt is a club shirt and not a corporate shirt. I still laugh when I remember the story of when I was at the grocery store and bought a six-pack of Carlsberg, the store clerk looked at me and said “I didn’t know that in Europe they have soccer teams owned by beer companies”.

I am sure that Warrior and F.S.G. are not happy with this event, the US market is huge when it comes to merchandise for the club and the shirts are a big part of that. Almost every Liverpool fan here in the US owns at least the home shirt if not also the away shirt and in some cases all three shirts. Web sales figures issued by the club consistently show that the rather small fan base in the USA does spend huge when it comes to shirts and other club merchandise.

Some fans have been quick to say “Drop Standard Chartered, bring back Carlsberg”, some even wanted Crown Paints. Let us be realistic a bit here. Carlsberg had a great deal with L.F.C. and can’t afford to pay the money demanded by the club for the sponsorship when it came time to renew. Same with Crown Paints, they will have to sell a lot of paint to afford the £20 million a year sponsorship.

I believe that the story will likely blow over in a few days and no one will remember it as the news-media focuses on some new story, although the investigations will likely continue. I think in the long run this will be positive for the club, it will put us in more of a position of strength in future negotiations with them. When they announced that they were going to sponsor us we were in the Champions League, unfortunately we have played in the Champions League with their shirt sponsorship yet. Many rumours also mentioned that they (Standard Chartered) were upset about the whole Suarez/Evra affair last season and put pressure on the club over it.

Well, if that is true look who has the moral high ground now?




  1. This is USA garbage as Standard Chartered have stated 99% of this is totally untrue, the fact is USA banks are also likely to be involved. Some mistakes were made but this rubbish about terrorism is laughable, It is total rubbish. Im sure Standard Chartered will be going after anybody who defames them legally, rightly so!!!

    1. Ken no offence mate but are you some sort of retard?
      or maybe your just drunk,what is the bomb that your terrible spelling was going on about mean?are you talking
      about Iran and a nuclear bomb?dont worry mate since the end of the second world war Iran has attacked not one country yes you heard correct,America on the other hand
      is probably close to attacking 100 countries or invaded
      at the very least so i know what country worries me most
      thats right the only country who has ever in the history of this planet used a nuclear bomb and would do so again
      the good ole usa.

    2. The only terrorists that i can see are the zionists from usa israel and europe who want a thirld world war with china,end of.

  2. does people in glass houses come to mind,hope john henry is on the phone telling them what to do,are club wants there name on are shirt dont think so a gang of sharks who wanted to tell us to drop the suarez thing,they got big balls hope there going to grovel to every fan that has paid good money for a shirt that says guess who we support where making a bomb guess who

    1. Ray sorry to correct you mate but it was Iraq that the zionists went to war with not iran and the funny thing is
      during the Iran/Iraq war America and its allies great britain france israel etc supplied saddam hussein with
      chemical weapons to use on Iran,but i think he ended up using them on his own people if am not mistaken? but iam still waiting for the day when tony blair gets tried before the hague for war crimes,crimes against humanity
      and genocide against the people of iraq which iam led to believe resulted in the deaths of close to a million men women and children,blair as booked his seat next to satan
      when his time comes!

  3. This would be the same USA that actually declared war on Iran illegally? Maybe Standard Chartered found the WMD?

    Note in their response “compliance with the U-turn framework established by the US authorities to enable ongoing US dollar trade with Iran by other countries.

    The USA is no stranger to hypocrisy, and yet they wonder why the rest of the world questions their foreign policy?

    Ignorance through arrogance.

  4. Maybe it represent an opportunity for us to find a bigger shirt sponsor. SC was afterall negotiated about 4 or 5 years ago.

    I’m sure we could find someone such as China Airlines who would almost double that.

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  6. Nobody in america banking system has the right to make comments about other banks elsewhere,when your globalist
    government cant even control your own banking criminals that have raped plundered and pillaged the entire american population,christ they even put a bullet in the head of the only good president your country ever had with the help of george h bush then doing the dirty work for the bankers and millitary complex because kennedy was
    speaking out against secret socities and freemasons and had pledged to take them down.Do you know that your country is totally bankcrupt? and the next move is to put
    all the people into fema camps before they can rise up and take the country back?and the use of drones in the middle east is just a dummy run for the 50,000 they plan to use against the american people?open your eyes and smell the blood because zionists who run your country
    mostly have dual us/israel pasports and plan to take us into ww3!so who gives a toss wether standard charter have
    been dealing with Iran,since the end of the second world war Iran as invaded or attacked not one country FACT !
    how many has America attacked? i havent got the exact figure in front of me but it must be close to 100,so this
    business with standard charter in the bigger scheme of things is all a load of bollocks,end of

  7. I agree with TG. Up until the end of 2008 this wasn’t anything illegal considering the so called U-Turn arrangements. American banks have certainly been dealing with the same kind of transactions during the timeframe before 2009.

    Either DFS are out trying to make a name for themselves or something very odd is going on in the states. Americans banks most certainly have very shady dealings so why are European banks the only to be charged?

    1. Grow up and smell the coffee, the USA banking system is the worst in the world, watch RT and learn something!!!

  8. This is so hypocritical, I seem to recall that during the Iran/Iraq war, the US were supplying one side with munitions and the with Intel! People in glass house’s and all that.

  9. Hopefully Standard Chartered launder some of that Iran money into our transfer kitty we’ll soon get rid of it for them

      1. Oh and by the way rich are you American? not that it matters my friend and yes i have calmed down now.

  10. Jim needs to smoke a joint, drink a beer, get a blowjob and calm the fuck down.

    Among the violations of the law, the bank is accused of:

    falsifying business records
    failing to maintain accurate books and records
    failing to report misconduct to the regulator in a timely manner
    evading federal sanctions

    There is no way a bank could do such things. What next the media hacking cell phones to get information. Oh wait…

  11. Well now,Manure sign a new deal with Dodge(y)which of course has blown SC`s deal out of the water and now the dirt is being spread about S.C.???? i wish someone would
    check out the way the Mancs do their dealings! YNWA

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