Nuri Sahin – Welcome to Liverpool

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Thanks to Steven Halliwell for sending the video below of our new signing Nuri Sahin.
Liverpool has just agreed on terms for a season loan of Sahin from Real Madrid. The youngster will become the first Turkish player to play for the Reds. Welcome Nuri.


  1. Excellent. It’s taking shape – a squad confident in passing and possession, built on a solid disciplined spine, with a creative attack moving fluidly around the pitch. Now we just need to get our shooting boots on! Good work BR.

    1. excellent player, sahin, both technically and technically, great signing.
      i also recommend andy carrol and charlie adam to stay but on plan B,
      also try to find dambsey.

  2. do we have an option to buy at the end of season?
    If not Im not really in favour of loaning in players. It tends to be a tactic of lower level teams

    1. Yes it does seem a tactic of “lower level teams”, but it’s apparent that we haven’t got bundles of cash floating about this year and we need to be as canny as possible in the transfer market. – A lot can change over a Season, and if he enjoys himself enough and believes the club have made significant progress come the end of the campaign, he may want to stay on. If we do do well, that may encourage other quality players to come, even if Sahin goes back. We know the worst case scenario, but let’s hope for the best eh?

    2. I dont really think it is a tactic of ‘lower level teams’ any more, it now allows liverpool to sell some of the deadwood and still have quality players on the books and gives us a season to find quality replacement. And as stated above if he has a good season he may be interested in a permanent move and im sure with Madrids midfield options they may be interested in listening to offers. Lets just hope he turns in a cracking season to lift liverpool to the return of champions league football!!

  3. Appears to be a good signing, though on loan. We all know usually what happens to loan players. Real bought. Real bought him for £10 million . But the player got injured and found it tough to get into the team. So the ‘one and only’ has come up with a win-win situation. If the player comes good with Liverpool, he can go back to Real a better player or Real will make a cool profit if they sell him. The player could be worth £20 million by next season. Arsenal wanted to have the option of buying him for £14 million written into the contract, which the player himself was not too keen, even if Real did not mind. The player may want to go back to Real after his loan spell. Then again we may never know, after playing at Anfield, he may change his mind come end of the season. It would be interesting how Liverpool fits in two extremely skillful wingers, both left-legged into his team formation this season. Now we also have young Raheem Sterling knocking on the first team door. We have been crying for wingers for the last twenty years and ony now it has happened. Now, just need to complete the Demsey or Sturridge deal and the team will be set for the season. Now it looks like one or two current players will leave by end of the month.

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