Rodgers to Raheem “You’ll be on the next plane back” [video]

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I saw the sneak peek of the new Fox Soccer documentary “Being Liverpool”. Rodgers sure practiced some tough love with Raheem Sterling and got him in shape. The video below was filmed during the US Tour and Brendan lays down the law to Raheem.


      1. Not completely wanting to argue the Generals point, BUT, until i see the clip in its context, I’m not willing to say its going to make us a laughing stock.

        The flip side is, young Sterling has started 2 games in a row for us, so BR clearly doesnt hold a grudge against the young man for whatever caused the little incident on film.

        I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary when it comes out, and i’m looking forward to the Reds going on a nice run of games soon.

        My gut tells me we are going to hit our stride soon…YNWA

  1. I think these things should not be aired, FSG are gonna make us the laughing stock. Players being showed up for all the world to see is not going to help the lads, rebukes and admonishments should be kept behind closed doors not shown on tv for all to see. I am not impressed, FSG just do not understand the nature of the game.

    1. Not the smartest thing to do. There’s one thing being admonished in the privacy of the club house or on the training ground. But to do so in this fashion is just plain stupid and smacks of shock TV commercialism. These things almost always come back to haunt you.

    1. You start fining players for making mistakes and they’ll play safe, being afraid to make plays that make our game the spectacle it is…

    2. Possibly the most ridiculous statement that I’v e read in quite some time.Where do you draw the line? A bad back pass, missing a break away, causing a penalty,etc etc etc.

    1. Just telling sterling not to answer back – that if he do so in a game – he’ll be on the first plane back. What sterling is supposed to have said is “steady” – meaning “calm down”

    1. Adam Morgan is the guys BR is bigging up. At first I thought this film was a spoof…can anyone explain to me the point of airing this scene?

  2. Vazgen Stirling got cheeky and said ‘steady’ when Rodgers was trying to explain to them that they need to improve their attitude. And General I completely agree.this kind of thing should be kept behind closed doors in my opinion

  3. To Vazgen, Brendan told Sterling to work harder, he said something back, and got told off.

    To Genral Zod, I don’t think this is about alienating everyone in the side, I think this is for the fans to understand how a club of our stature works, day in, day out. Even some of the players LIKED the exposure, you could see it, in Boston. It will be interesting, to say the least.

    1. So Jim, you can tell the owners are wankers from this 60 second clip, or is it the fact that they have sanctioned moves into the club for players playing in Spain, Italy and Holland?

      Perhaps you think we should be scouring the English countryside for the next Charlie Adam, but because the owners are American they dont know Sh*t?

      H&G, now they were wankers for sure, but I’m going to cut FSG some slack myself.

  4. I like BR a lot. And for those who think it is wrong for a professional coach to call out a 17 yr old for having a smart mouth, you need to wake up. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders. The players aren’t princes, they are humans who worked hard on certain skills.

  5. I think BR goes over the top to sterling and its
    a joke how and why FSG let it out to thr public.
    I think that FSG are as bad as hicks and gillett.

  6. raheem was receiving instruction from BR and and said “steady” to him, which is slang for chill, calm down, relax etc.

  7. If you take the time to watch the video, you can see that Raheem is singled out momentarily but Rodgers is addressing all of the players.

  8. Dont you just love this guy – he is in the Shanks mould -and if the youngsters listen they can achieve greatness with Brendan. O K Raheem got a bit of a telling off but look what has happenned since – Brendan has played him as a fisrt teamer and the kid has been magic – This could be the start of a beautiful friendship – Play it again Bren. P S Well done Conor Coady – you remind me so much of the young Carra – now there is a compliment son

  9. Agreed General Zod. Nothing is gained by airing discipline to the public. Keep it behind closed doors.. Just not thinking by making this public.

  10. While I agree that in an ideal world this wouldn’t be released publicly, it’s a fascinating insight into Brendan and not only how he communicates with the squad but the work ethic he’s preaching.
    Good to hear Adam Morgan singled out for praise (it was him, right?), exciting young goalscorer – could be just the ‘poacher’ we crave in the coming years.

    Oh, and to the “fan” who condemned FSG as “bad as Hicks and Gillett”, go away, educate yourself or don’t bother commenting lad. Possibly the most ludicrous statement I’ve heard so far this season. (Actually, no, a mate asked if I’d welcome Owen back yesterday, still haven’t stopped laughing.)

  11. What is with all the negativity on ere about airing you dirty laundary in public…. get a grip will you… he was addressing the youngsters, trying to get his message across what he is expecting….and sterling made a comment, BR pulled him up on it Fair Play…respect works both ways… the more I see/read about BR the more Im getting what he is about !! You doughters… take some time out and ave a seach on the tinternet into shankley and paisley archives… you might learn a thing or to !!
    YNWA !!

    1. well said!! tinternet?? haha!!! I love it. He has every right to blast sterling. If he hadn’t he would have lost the respect of the squad by allowing a lil boy to show disrespect.

  12. BR is referring to the young lad who came on as a right back for us last season against Arsenal. His perfomance was immense.
    Cant remember his name now.

  13. Raheem had 2 great games after this incident, so i dont see anything wrong with airing this…

  14. They wrapped up filming yesterday. would have been great to have ended the documentary with a win against the champions, bud sadly not to be. Still, very promising performance, and can’t wait to see the documentary.

  15. Some of the comments regarding FSG are moronic! This isn’t a new concept you know and if you knew your stuff you’d know that LFC have done this kind of thing before.

    Back in Kenny’s first season in fact. Sure this was a bio-doc on the King himself – but camera crews were given behind the scenes access – including a game v Man Utd – at the hight of football hooliganism.

    Take a good hard look at yourself if you were one of the plebs who posted a comment calling having a pop at the owners.

    At least know your fucking stuff before posting.

    You’re the problem with this game. Fickle armchair fans who change opinions faster than the weather. Please fuck off and watch another sport. You are not supporters.
    Just idiots.

  16. He’s the BOSS, his rights to discipline his player. who’d you think gets the blame when the players perform poorly?

  17. There are some morons on here. I can’t stand people who comment as “fans” and yet don’t know that it was Craig Mogan. How about you try and educate yourself on LFC and perhaps go to a game before commenting. I am a supporter of the club, the players, the manager and the owners (remember they wiped a £300 m debt so I will be forever grateful to them as we still have a club to support!) YNWA

  18. James – Connor Coady is being praised – but note this also – if Rahem listens to Bren he will not only make him a better player he will also make him a better person.

  19. Listen Rodgers was well within his rights. If you work somewhere and you tell your boss ‘steady’ you deserve to be called out! He’s a young lad and probably believes the hype around him. This might keep him on his toes and his feet on the ground. As said earlier the boys started 2 games since so BR holds no grudges. Was probably the kick up the arse the boy needed. Don’t think he’ll be saying ‘chill’ in earshot anytime soon!

  20. Good old coaching IMO. Coaches should be saying these things all the time. It is 110 percent true that these players should have the right attitude. It is a dream to be at Liverpool, something no one has the right to take for granted. How many people out there would sweat blood to be a Liverpool player? Being ridiculed infront of the camera is a bad idea? If the players have the right attitude then it shouldn’t be a problem. Its what they have to live with and they have to show people that they are ready to handle critism and pressure in the right attitude. For example, Suarez loses possession of the ball, his mistake, and he hunts down 3 players to retrieve the ball back. That is what you call die hard attitude. The young guns will have to learn that everyday, and work hard every minute. Carpe Diem.

  21. I’m delighted by Rodgers attitude. Sterling should be chastised as should any player for speaking out of turn when the manager has some advice to give. As for all the idiots moaning about FSG, GET A GRIP!!! THEY SAVED OUR CLUB!! We should be grateful that our club is still a going concern, and not in administration! Get behind the team and the club or piss off and follow someone else!

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