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Heard today that Downing has a future at Anfield if he accepts being a left back. Why not? Against Hearts he looked very assured and was still able to go forward. Looks like Mr Rodgers may have found the position he should have always played in during his career, I know it’s one game, but I was that impressed!

What do you guys think?


  1. I think Brendan did mention he played there for Middlesborough in UEFA league and did very well – definitely a more fitting position for him.

    I love what Rodgers has done so far and will continue to support him


  2. Well he’s a fantastic player when he’s on form. The season before he came to us he completed the second most crosses in the league as far as I remember. Behind only Leighton Baines. So why could he not do it from the back like it must be possible to do if Baines is anything to go by

  3. I thought he looked really steady at the back, an to be honest, as much as I love Johnson, I would rather a natural left sided player played there when Enrique doesn’t. It’s funny really, because one of Hendo’s best performances was also in defence, when he replaced Flanagan against Blackburn. I think it’s always worth seeing if the players we have (and have paid big money for) would benefit from playing in a different position, before we end up selling them off on the cheap.

  4. Hi did fuck all last year except get Kenny the sack
    No goals
    No assist
    …so he has to do something as he is getting pushed out.

  5. I think that’s the position that suits him the most he’s so predictable in his wing play the only asset I see in him is his pace maybe he can utilise his new found position wisely.@ Jenni Goddall you are quite right about Henderson he played right back after flanagan was sent off against blackburn last season and he played wonderfully well maybe we have found another right back in another high priced acquisition of last season..

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