Can we all just calm down.

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Excuse me for thinking everything’s not as bad as it seems. Since about 10pm on August the 31st people have quite frankly been losing their shit over the fact we’ve not brought in another striker/winger. Quite clearly Brendan Rodgers wanted to bring in a few more bodies to help the squad until January and beyond, it didn’t materialise because something it doesn’t, don’t panic.

We have Arsenal this weekend at Anfield and I’m confident we’ll win, I was confident 6 days ago when it was quite clear Carroll, Spearing and Adam wouldn’t be at the club and before we’d made bids for Dempsey and Sturridge. We have a strong team, we all saw them outplay the Champions at Anfield last Sunday, none of the above players mentioned really, if at all featured in that game. We banged on for the entirety of last season that our youth need to be given more of a chance, well guess what, your wish whether you all of a sudden like it or not has come true. Suso, Pacheco, Morgan, Sterling, Robinson and Shelvey all remain at the club and they’ll all get a chance to show what the can do. That excites me. Our priority this season is to finish in the top four, a return to the Champions League, to do that we need to be playing our strongest 11 week in, week out, that 11 is currently at the club and the majority of whom started against City.

The blame seems to be lying at the feet of FSG, John Henry and his team who want to make a profit and sell up apparently. Well I thought the appointment of Brendan Rodgers indicated that this is the new direction, the new era that the club is embarking on, a fresh approach and a new style, I thought we were all behind the long term project that is Liverpool Football Club. ‘We need a goalscorer, we need Clint Dempsey!’ This is what some of you will be thinking. Well let me run a few stats by you; before his excellent season last term Dempsey scored 33 goals in 147 games. The guy is a scorer of goals, not a goalscorer. Pundits, journalists and fans agreed that Dempsey had a great season, an above average season, a season that would be difficult for him to replicate again. At 29 with no sell on value was Dempsey worth a punt? Yes, he probably was, but because FSG didn’t secure the deal and pay above what they wanted too, we couldn’t afford it, OR we refused to over pay our valuation of the player, something we were guilty of under the guidance of Kenny Dalglish and Damien Comolli, who if you want to be business serious about, have put the club in a very difficult situation, money isn’t flying around because we’ve spent a lot already, you don’t fix a club/a business by watching a poor season and just throwing more money at it, you assess the situation and act accordingly, that is what’s happening right now.

Our first team squad is thinner than we’d like but it contains a good amount of quality in key areas. We’ve 4 good wingers, 2/3 strikers, one of the best back lines in the country and midfield that can compete with the Premier Leagues elite , it is not the end of the world. Keep the faith, keep backing the team and together we’ll create something special.



Ben Carr

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    1. Thats the point mate. “Totally destroyed City” as you say but how many goals from open play? Answer big fat zero. That is the issue, and that has been made worse by this recent disaster in transfer dealings.

  1. Said similar in a different way

    Maybe NOT getting our main target this window ensures we could get a younger, hungry more long term striker to fit the system in the window(s) to come.

    Stand together & YNWA

      1. You are dead right Robin. Its very worrying.
        We have ZERO goals from open play in our 2 league games. Also 2 games against mighty Hearts led to 1 goal by a LFC player.
        Suarez thinks 1 spectacular goal is worth more than 5 tap ins. He cares less for the team than he does for himself.
        Aside from the debate about our playing staff we also need to consider what our competitors have done in the transfer market. I think spurs basically bought themselves a 10 point advantage over us in the last week.
        We have slipped further down the league.
        Our only hope is that untried youngsters rise to the challenge.

  2. Not a very good assessment mate. The fact is we only have 1 striker who has scored in the Premiership and he’s nowhere near clinical enough. Look around the league. Most teams have a better forward line than us.
    The point you make about Clint Dempsey is simply ludicrous.
    Throwing money at it? Clint Dempsey scored 28 goals for club and country last season. 6m for him is a steal. It equates to less than 1.5m per season. How is that throwing money at it? Any player who scores 17 in the Premiership comes with a price and rightly so. The decision to not offer the 6m is ridiculous and can’t be defended.
    You go through the squad and state we have a good defense. Do we have the left back position even comfortable let alone have sufficient cover? Do we have cover for the right back. Kelly isn’t that good. You say we have 2/3 strikers. Really? We have a number 7 who creates plenty but is wasteful in front of goal. We have no one else who has scored in the Premiership. 4 good wingers? Please reply and tell me who these are and how many goals they’ve scored for Liverpool.

    1. Well Chill out mate!

      I do agree that Dempsey should have bought for 6m and that he would have been a great signing. But you can’t blame the Manager for that. And I would say that you have to give FSG some credit as well. What they are trying to do now, should have been done a long time ago. I think if we do this for 2 transfer windows then we will be able to get players whose prices are not inflated.

      No matter what happens, I will always support Liverpool. I will buy the merchandise and watch them at Anfeild.

  3. We can play Gerrard, Suarez, Borini, Pacheco, Morgan, Yesil up front in a three of any order. That is not a bad bunch at all, no need for doom and gloom yet!!

  4. People including myself needed to vent our frustrations coz we were led to believe by BR that a couple of signings were imminent. Btw, I’m not blaming BR. He maybe is as disappointed as us fans. Now, that the dust has settled, we are calmer & will look to move on. We hope, the youngsters mentioned will be given ample opportunities & step up. In (we trust. YNWA!

  5. Feel better now but still worried if we have a couple of injuries to key players but fingers crossed if they all stay fit we can compete with anyone

  6. Agree with this but a lot will depend on squad management, we can’t afford to rotate our strikers in the league so I’m hoping that pacheco and morgan feature for suarez and borini in all our cup and europa games…..we got rid of a lot of squad players but our def and mid are solid and with suarez, downing, sterling, borini,gerrard, cole we have a decent forward line….again squad management and developing the youth is going to be key but brenden has shown some signs of the right guy for the job

  7. Most sensible post I have seen about our transfer window. Ended up unfollowing 3 or 4 accounts on twitter because of their ridiculous over-reaction to yesterday and the ill informed abuse aimed at BR and FSG.

  8. Absolutely 100% correct. I was at a liverpool rumours site yesterday and the contributors and some editors where, to be frank bonkers. I recall one saying we were not no better than a non- league team!!!!!!
    Others comparing us to Blackburn and Portsmouth. We have signed 5 new players and got rid of some of the overpaid, under performing squad fillers,and kept Daniel Agger. (remember the hysterics about him leaving a couple of weeks ago)
    Of course we would all love it if we bought in more players but a little perspective is needed and this article has provided it.YNWA

  9. I think we should hear from Rodgers & IF he was promised reinforcements in return for the offloaded players then the club (Ayre) should explain why this was not honoured.

    1. You are right Steve E. There must be an inquest into this mess. It will reveal how much is down to dishonesty and how much is sheer incompetence.
      The political battle behind the scenes will destroy LFC.
      Rodgers is the sucker who faces the cameras, but how much or little power does he really have?

  10. 4 good wingers? Who exactly? There is one with potential in Sterling and that’s it. Downing is simply awful and he is the one that should have been forced out.

  11. you are making lawrensons mistake of paper teams teams that look good on paper this well thought out statement explains you are forgetting Gerard in you front three and also sterling
    We will have a good season if you pull together will all aspects of the club owners management players and fans never mind top four as shanks and paisley said second is just a runner up i am spending my hard earned money in the hope we can win the league and one of the cups why not

  12. Sorry but what happened last night made the manager look a complete plonker. In the afternoon he said in a press conference he hoped to bring in another 2 signings, both forwards. To be encouraged by your owners to get rid of your main striker and then let him do it! only to sh** on him at the last minuet was PATHETIC. This will cost us a top four finish, for the sake of a couple of million it will cost us 25 million.

    1. Spot on Banksy. Who is in charge at Anfield? Did Rodgers lie to us or was he lied to? Alternatively is the management team just totally incompetent?
      This is the real issue here.

  13. Well if you are referring to stats here are some more:
    Goals scored in PL from open play after 2 games = zero
    Goals scored by LFC players in 2 games against mighty Hearts = 1
    Sure its early days, but don’t disregard these stats. That’s 4 competitive games and only 3 goals scored by LFC players, and only 1 from open play.
    Ignore these warnings at your peril.

    As for 2 against City; well more stats show that City have conceded 2 in their last 4 league games, including Southampton and QPR.

  14. Plain and simple we need to grab some points. We need 3 from arsenal or else things will turn ugly in the media.

  15. Im pleased to of read this and still think we have a strong team but we all know Liverpool need a proven out and out goalscorer so Owen would be worth a shot if he could actually stay fit and I reckon Fulham got a good deal with Berbatov he’s class even if he did play for the second best team in Manchester. :o

  16. This is a good article and one that was needed to balance some of the rubbish I have been reading in the last 24 hours. We didnt buy a striker but we kept the best players in our squad. Can spurs or Arsenal say the same??? What stuns me most is how some people think that if you make an offer for a player he will come!!!! What is this, field of dreams??? If you build it they will come??!! BR and FSG kept the best and shifted a lot of the rest. And, as was said before, we still have a load of youngsters coming thru. Much rather see Adam Morgan bust a gut and earn his stripes for a club he loves than pay six milli for a 29 year old average striker. Support the club thru thick and thin. By all means share an opinion but dont talk like you could do better. Remember, “when you walk, thru a storm…….”. YNWA!!!

    1. What should really “stun” you is that LFC couldn’t compete with the finances of Sunderland or Villa. That is seriously worrying.
      You also never explain why BR said many times that we need at least 1 new striker yet this never happened. Was he lying? Was he undermined? These are the real issues.
      How much power does BR really have?
      Yes we shifted the rubbish, but thats only half the equation. The team is screaming out for at least 1 regular goal scorer and that is the other half of the equation.
      Expect a lot more results like last season.

      1. Jonsey, I heard BR say that too!!! So where was the deceit?? He said we need one or two he didnt say we had one or two?? There is a big difference!!

  17. where all trying to look on the bright side of things here but the fact is we have 2 strikers at best and if you dont put the ball in the net you dont win games its as simple as that,its not roggers fault hese trying to do his best and doing a good job but the owners need to wake up and smell the coffee,all he wanted was dempsey who can actually score and his goals would have made a big difference at the end of the season,we will finish mid table at best

  18. brendon knew that there is no signings so why he let andy go now where is plan b during games and if suarez and borini got injured who’s going to play up front adam morgan or sinclair these two we have as a back up so one question to mr rogders did he tackled andy in a fair way for me no he had to give more chances to andy cause the way that the owners did not gave money to buy so he knew this .liverpool will be in 12 or 13 position by the end off next year in the league you will wait and see.

  19. Last season we had Carroll, Kuyt, Maxi & Bellamy in the squad. We have added Borini and three midfielders. Tell me how we can score more goals than the pathetic figure we scored last season? Unless we can sign two top strikers in January I believe it will be hard to do better than 7th or 8th. At least three quarters of the Premiership have more firepower than we do including all the teams that finished around us last season. We may pass even better than last season (let’s face it we did that well enough last season in any case) but we still don’t look like a team that will score enough goals.

  20. Director of football is paid a lot of money to do his job.
    Did he do that?
    Did he fuck and the main reason is he is a commercial finance guy who can only see things in black and white.
    The buck stops at Ian Ayre as has been tasked with controlling the club like Daniel Levy at Spurs!!!

  21. I’m glad someone has said it. We’re not as paddle-less, or as far up shit creek as people seem to be making out.

    We’ve got some great young players. Ok, they’ve never scored in the Premiership, but Carroll HAD and look how awesome he was for us… Taking a punt on a young player is no worse than bringing in a foreign player – you don’t know how they’re going to adapt until you try it. And this way is cheaper and stops the “we spent x many millions and only finished 6th” talk at the end of the season.

    We’ve brought in Assaidi who is a winger / forward, Borini – a forward, Samed Yesil who is a striker not to mention Allen and Sahin. Our problem is scoring goals, but not only that, the service to the front players has been shocking for the past few seasons. I think with better service and domination in the midfield, the lads up front will start banging them in soon enough.

    Remember guys, new players, new manager, new system. It took Chelsea a season to come together properly (Ranieri’s last season) and that was with ridiculous amounts of money being thrown at the team. Patience guys. Even Shankly didn’t achieve instant success!

    With some good quality midfielders (which I believe we now have), we can provide better service to the front two/three and help them out, rather than just banging the ball to them and getting pissed off when they lose possession or waste a chance.

    Bitching about FSG makes me realise how short sighted some fans are. Remember the debt hole they dug us out of? Why would you want them to spend spend spend until we’re back there? They have a business model that will keep the club financially stable. I’ll settle for the club rebuilding slowly if it means we don’t end up going the way of Rangers.

  22. Fact is we’re in four competitions and we’v a very small squad.add on to this suspensions,injuries,form,fatigue and this creates a major problem for BR.i accept comolli and daglish left the club in a bad position but if the yanks wanted to address the slump it was essential to back BR.the fact they didn’t go that extra mill where Dempsey was concerned is an ominous sign not only for this season but beyond.

  23. man bit you’re article odds east off mark unless you are trying to lift the spirit of fans. After the last night fiasco and the latest news of the last day mess being blamed on Ayre. I am afraid as a club we are not heading the right way irrespective of the fact of we do or don’t trust in BR. We are just going from bad to worse With no hope on sight.with two strikers you can’t expect a top 4 finish.last year we had a strong defence this year that’s also fans I can see a long season ahead of us.

  24. Totally agree! We have kept All our performing players. We have added youth and shpped out players who were high earning benchwarmers! We would rather have one of the youngsters on the bench instead of Charlie Adam or Andy Carrol, both of whom who would also prefer first team football. FSG have sent out a strong message that they are not prepared to pay over the odds for any players. A good example is Dempsey, Fulham wanted 7million from LFC but were willing to accept 6 from anyone else. This may hurt us badly in the short term but over the long term it will force us to blood in our youngsters,like Fergie in the 90’s which lead to an unparalleled era of Manure dominance! This may be the turning point for us, which direction?……time will n
    Be the judge.

  25. And what happens when Borini or Suarez gets injured, or God-forbid gets banned for verbally abusing some Manchester queen. What then – Adam Morgan or Dani Pacheco up front to lead the line??

    Gerrard may end up breaking his back trying to chip in all the goals, as the rest of the squad as seen last season are more good at breaking the goal post into two. Being optimistic is’nt gonna cut it this year. Even Professor Arsene has started to loosen up his purse strings.

    And btw, last season’s net spending considering the sale-values of Torres, Babel, Meirelez etc. were around 30M. And taking in to account all the money from new sponsorship deals, only a fool would actually claim that FSG’s spending for the club has been any better than the Yanks before them.

    We’ll never walk alone. But certainly we are walking farther and farther away from that precious top 4 spot.

  26. I agree with the writer.. no need to panic we have a good squad that can compete with the top teams in the EPL … with some luck we’ll even go beyong expectation.
    I would go for owen as a 3rd striker.

  27. The main point is what our manager said in his press conference. We where led to believe that at least one new striker would be brought in, this has not happened and I do not believe that our manager lied to us. After all the bull sh** Ian Ayre has spoken I now realize he has a brown tongue, I will never believe another word the guy has to say.

  28. I seem to recall Spain doing quite well recently without a recognized striker. I know that was a knock out competition but there is a lack of confidence in BR. I trust this guy and think he’s more resourceful than most. Good article.

  29. I agree that BR has been made to look quite foolish in the eyes of the media and public after yesterday, and I honestly don’t think it was his fault. He didn’t need that, and as a new manager he has been tasked with much more of a job than any other in the EPL this season – what looked like a tough job just got tougher. However, despite the lack of depth in proven talent I believe the starting 11 is better and clearly the play is too. The goals will come, the final third of play is one element that will take the longest to perfect in BR’s system. Actions in the last month clearly show that FSG see this as a long-term project. Expect signings in Jan, quality not quantity.

  30. 9 players out (most being top earners and goal scorers) 5 players in.
    Needed a striker, (communicated to the fans that if Carroll was to go we would have a replacement) no one comes in.
    Were in for an experienced attacker that at 6mil was a no brainier (as all investment would’ve easily been recouped in shirt sales alone) and this on the back of our illustrious owners bold statements that we can compete with anyone in the market, we couldn’t get the deal done.
    Today FSG have lost the fans.
    Grosse mismanagement of communications between the layers of governance shows that operationally we are a shambles
    Brand new manager has been undermined after making statements and made to look like a weak twat.
    It’s been a few years now and all the motherhood statements/promises from FSG a looking pretty hollow.
    I have faith in the manager and the players and can only pray we have an injury free period from now to jan. (although Lucas being out hasn’t made that wish seem all that possible)
    It is what it is chin up fans we will get through this also . YNWA

  31. See it the way you want, this is a big failure!! What happens if Suarez suffers an injury? Who’s gonna score for us? This article is way too optimistic and unrealistic.

    1. What happens if our entire back line get the flu for 4 months, a ‘what if’ doesn’t really matter until it does, my article will come across too optimistic if you’re that negative. IF Suarez gets injured we will get by, somebody will step up.

      1. I agree Ben, we should expect results similar to last season. We have nobody to convert the chances.
        And don’t forget our competitors have strengthened their teams. So we need to over-perform to stand still.

      2. Ben , you dont compete in EPL or Europe with two strikers in the squad. you need not to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. HOPING that others would chip in with a goal or two , is a sobering thought but you need man Upfront !

  32. Nice article… But dont excpect our team to be up in the top 5 in the coming months.. We have quality but bare in mind the uefa,fa,carling,internationals…our squad is small.. We will need a miracle from rodgers tactics and be lucky with scoring and dont get a lot of injuries.. Already we lost lucas for 3 months….if we are lucky and can compete until january we will get aditions and i believe we will do better than lat year… lets hope out luck changes… Been 2 games now things seem to be the same though

  33. Excellent blog. All these knee jerk fickle immature “fans” should grow up. We are in a way better position than we were last season and with a manager that won’t play the same old underperformers week in week out. Guaranteed better finish this season. I would bet any fickle fan that wants to.

    1. A “way better position”!!!! I doubt that statement holds up to the facts.
      We have swapped Carroll for Borini; not much change there. We have lost some deadwood (Adam and Spearing) but kept Henderson. So not a drastic change.
      Allen is better than any of them, so a positive there.
      The defence is almost the same, so no change.
      Overall squad is smaller, theoretically not a good thing.
      We were made to look very foolish yesterday; thats a ruined reputation. Rodgers was personally exposed; he stated we need 2 players and was confident we would get them. So he was ridiculed by that not happening.
      It remains to be seen if he plays same old under-performers. You cannot categorically state that he won’t after 4 games.
      For example, Reina has become a liability over the last year, so will BR drop him? Will he drop Borini if he remains as ineffective as he has so far?
      Your statement doesn’t hold up and to ignore the warning signs is dangerous.

  34. Liverpool rely way too much on Suarez and Gerrard. This is going to be what cost them in the end. Suarez can’t play every minute of every game and there is a good chance he’ll miss a few games from suspension since he can’t keep his mouth shut around refs. And when was the last time Gerrard was healthy for a whole season? If he doesn’t miss an entire month before December through some injury, it will be a miracle.

  35. Already said this elsewhere on another thread, but…

    I’m certainly more suspicious of the owners now than I was a few days ago, but I’m taking a wait and see approach to this. January will be telling. If passing on Dempsey (and using the next four months to find new homes for Cole, Henderson, et al) results in the likes of Remy or Van Wolfswinkel coming in instead, it will have been well worth it.

  36. This is Ridiculous and a bit over the top.
    When you are competing at the HIGHEST front you NEED definite proven players and goal scorers. It goes without question that we should have bought a striker right up let it be Dempsey or anyone else.
    Providing YOUTH a chance to play right up in the 1st team is not a bad idea but a team whole comprising of YOUTH is definitely NOT a good idea when you want to challenge titles or CL for that matter.
    And let me say this….everyone has been saying that BR would induce the PASSING game in the team and its a new style of play. SERIOUSLY ???
    Liverpool has always been the Pass and Move kind of team. Its not a NEW style of game for us. And if you think in a season or two the team would start playing like Barca or Sapin than you are living in a dream world. You need players like Xavi , Iniesta or Messi for that kind of patience and movement. I trust the team but it is typically how a MID TABLE team behaves during a transfer window. simple as that !

  37. What happen if Suarez unavailable (injured or Fergie special treatment)? Well, even with him available last season, did he score more goals than this season? He was not a great finisher with his statistic, so why do you depend on him, only him? Instead, if we have a good passers (Sahin, Allen, new comers, Gerrard, Hendo, Lucas, old ones) then the goals would be improving. Great passes, great crosses, great ball positioning, are the keys for the goals, whoever the strikers are! Even Torres without good passer and crosser (Chelsea one-two years ago) has difficulties to score goals. If the system, that BR want to implement succeeded, then the goals should not be a big problems for us.

  38. One thing that could be of big interest is if as rumoured over here in Asia (I live in Korea), Anelka and Drogba decide to pack their bags and leave China.

    Hate the daily fail but it does seem that there is some substance in the rumours that they could leave.

    Now, even Owen as a free agent – I couldn’t stand to see him in a Liverpool shirt again. Plus I don’t think he’d add anything to the squad other than his egotism and wages. Whereas Drogba or Anelka, I’d take them both in a heartbeat. Whether FSG would sanction the move remains to be seen and maybe Shanghai Shenhua will get their shit together by the time the CSL resumes.

  39. reading all this comments its really sad that we liverpool are getting in such a situation while rival clubs are strengthening.. its worrying.. my prayer is that somehow Borini will step up..
    i also thought of this situation from a different angle
    WHY ARE OUR MIDFIELDERS NOT SCORING ENOUGH?????? That should be our worry right now
    gerrard nowadays only depends on penalties or free kicks to score
    henderson is just a dissapointing player
    shelvey i have hopes for this lad.. atleast he makes attempts but should try more
    sahin i would like to think will score
    lucas doesnt score
    you have to admit Downing gets unlucky, he crosses and no one gets at da end of it etc but then he is still underachieving
    suarez can nutmeg all day but yet is wasteful

    we are gona depend on our midfielders this season to score goals.. ESPECIALLY players like Henderson who doesnt really contribute, Lucas needs to step up and score a bit more.. shelvey should score a few too.. sahin i wud like to think.. Allen too, gerrard.. if all this players can get 5 goals+ each this season in the league games then i think we’ll be fine?

  40. No matter how you try to spin it, the club only got WORSE yesterday. Bottom line is the club never should have been sold to FSG. There was a Chinese billionaire who was willing to spend more on the club
    whom the board shunned. It isn’t just Liverpool FC that John Henry and FSG are gutting. FSG just traded away half of the Boston Red Sox good players and payroll at the Major League Baseball trade deadline as well.

  41. I am dissapointed we didn’t sign a quality striker or 2 yesterday. OK so we don’t have the money, why not? because of the spending that went on previously. If it continued we could have ended up going bust. I just want to see the red improve each year. Lets face it we have not won the premiership and we are along way from lifting the trophy. We need to sort out the stadium and bring in more revenue streams. That can only be done by proper management of our club. We don’t have enough youths breaking into the first team but there are signs that is changing. Our main asset is Brendan Rodgers. FSG took over the Club when it was close to bust. We have to give them time and support them. YWNWA.

  42. Quality assessment. Rodgers was correct to get rid of Carroll as he wants to implement his own playing style which absolutely doesn’t involve lumping the ball up front to loose possession 75% of the time. He should have brought in a replacement though – my guess is that they expected to be able to bring in either Sturridge as a striking option or Dempsey in midfield to allow for Borini to play his natural position. I just saw the Arsenal game 0 – 2. I thought we played quite well with yet more encouraging possession football however we lacked a cutting edge with the movement and more importantly the passing up front. The movement will come with fitness of Suarez/Gerrard but the passing should be better to put players through on goal more frequently and with easier chances. I thought Gerrard and Suarez played badly, which is rare that they both play poorly – they lost possession a lot and on the few occasions we had half chances, the finishing was poor.

    Our bench for the game looked like this:
    Jones, Carragher, Shelvey, Downing, Henderson, Kelly, Coates –

    Now when Downing (future left back?) and Shelvey are your most attacking players on the bench, there are problems but it does show at least that he started with an attacking/positive 11. I hope Brendan uses the lack of attacking options in the number 9/10 positions to bring through Morgan this season, who has clear goalscoring ability. If not, I hate to say it but Drogba (if he gets released – although his £200K per week wages might be a stumbling block) or Owen (pay as you play) will be on their way in as free agents to cover. If Suarez get’s injured, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


  43. This open letter by one of the owners only confirms what i suspected and metioned somewhere else. Liverpool are going down the Arsenal business model route. We will develope the kids, bring them through, and sell for stupid money. We will buy young players on the cheap with the hope of finding gems. FSG gave the manager money last year and 8th is the return they got for there investment. Once bitten twice shy, and i can’t blame them. You can’t even have a go at King Kenny as he did stop the club from being relegated. Every manager as made bad buys but Liverpool have made a hell of alot since we finished 2nd to Man U. Correct me if i’m wrong but that side lost 2 premiership games all season(spurs and Boro) and were 13 points clear in Jan. No other team in the world at the time had a better spine than us, and when the shackles were taken off they were scoring 4 goals against all the best sides in europe, including Manchester United at there place. Now, should we be in the position we are in now with all the money we got from ripping that fantastic side apart? Or are where we are now because of mistakes made when Dalglish 1st left the club? An ageing bunch of seasoned winners(remind you of any club?) forced out the club to quickly. Are style of football is based around spain/Barca, but i would argue that the football being played now is not a million miles away from what all past Liverpool teams play. Did Shanks not use pass and move style football? Football is simple……………… How does the rest go?
    We have to move with the times. We can’t compete money wise with clubs like Man City so we will have to adapt.
    So we only have 2 stikers……………. Big deal. Morgan is young and chomping at the bit. Lets give the kids a go. Bring 2 or 3 through a season and expect to finish 8th. Surely thats better than spending over £100m and finishing 8th. If worst comes to worse then lets not play with a striker just like Spain/Barca.

  44. everyone saw the arsenal game who’s to blame not the players sorry ; cause the players where down to earth about what happened in liverpool transfer market .the board & the maneger wer’nt up to it especially after andy gone and the maneger kept saying you are not in my plans so now the maneger dosn’t have a plan b for the matches & who’s to blame only the maneger. listen under the king liverpool hit the bars more than 30 times . liverpool had more corners than the others .liverpool had 15 penalties which converted only 7 if i am correct , and the suspention off suarez so everything went unlucky for the king and now he knew that the owners they’re not giving money for transfers and he let andy go this was very poor and a let down for the supporters who love this club and now how is going to cop i am hering this already going down going down

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