Rodgers Been Let Down

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Rodgers Been Let Down

The Transfer window has now slammed shut, and Liverpool is now left to work with the players they have left, which is not very many.

There has been an exodus at Anfield this summer, with many players leaving and not so many coming in. The American owners probably have a lot to do with it, as they gave former manager Dalglish so much money to transform the team.

Unfortunately Dalglish’s signings never fulfilled their potential. Players like Adam, Downing, Henderson and the much criticised signing Carroll.

It is easy to blame Dalglish or Comolli of their transfer strategy, but the owners have to take most of the blame for allowing silly amounts of money to be spent on overpriced players, and with the result of this summer’s transfer window, it looks like Liverpool have very little money left.

Brendan Rodgers has come into Liverpool with a massive job on his hands to try and make Liverpool challengers again. Rodgers has his own strategy and knows what players he wanted to bring in to improve his side, but I can’t believe he is very happy with the way the transfer window has turned out for him.

I’m sure Rodgers was instructed to reduce the wage bill, and this has been achieved as many players have been shown the exit in one way or another.

Liverpool have lost players like Kuyt, Maxi, Aurelio, Craig Bellamy, Charlie Adam and Eccleston, with Danny Wilson , Jay Spearing and Andy Carroll going out on loan , to mention a few, and not so many have arrived at Anfield to strengthen a depleted squad.

OK so the American owners have spent around £29 million on players to bring in, but Liverpool still look very short of players.

Striker Borini has been brought into the club, along with Joe Allen from Swansea, winger Assaidi and Sahin from Real Madrid on loan.

But the most obvious position that Liverpool look short in, is in the striker department, Liverpool only have new signing Borini, and Luis Suarez as recognised strikers, with young Adam Morgan who has no experience at all.

Liverpool letting Carroll go on loan to West Ham looked like it would be a certainty that Liverpool would bring in another striker. But it didn’t happen.

Chelsea’s Sturridge was rumoured to be a transfer target, and it was no secret that Liverpool wanted Fulham’s Clint Dempsey, who also wished to come to the club. But as it turned out Spurs nipped in and stole him from under Liverpool’s nose, and now Liverpool are left very short of strikers.

Liverpool has a lot more games to play this season too, with the inclusion of the Europa League. So having two recognised strikers for the whole season just does not look enough.

Suarez will pick up bookings and receive suspensions and will need to be wrapped up in cotton wool to protect him from injury, but will he be able to provide the goals Liverpool need to have a good season ?

So far Borini looks like he has never played up front as he has been guilty of missing a few chances in his fledgling Liverpool career.

Liverpool struggled to score goals last season and most people thought they needed another striker back then, when Liverpool had the services of Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez, Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt.

But now Liverpool look as if they are going to struggle for goals and with all their rivals like Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United improving their squads, it looks like Liverpool could finish another season in mid-table.

I just feel Brendan Rodgers must feel he has been let down by the likes of Ian Ayre and his American owners as I’m sure although he didn’t want Andy Carroll he still wouldn’t have allowed him to leave without being certain of getting another front player in.

Time will tell if Liverpool can cope with the players they have but I fear the worst for the club I love.


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  1. The blame should be put at the owner´s door for overspending on incompetent players last season? Owners in today´s game for the most part are not “football people”. You can blame them but it would be for hiring and then trusting certain “football people” to spend bucketloads on the incompetent players.

  2. Yesterday was a serious significant day. The Yanks have shown they care nothing for the club and have left Rodgers exposed as the man to carry the can.
    Within 24 hours Rodgers statements have made him look naive, impotent, and foolish.
    If his career rests on the goals of Suarez then he is doomed. Suarez plays only for himself and needs serious re-educating as the function of a striker. His conversion rate for LFC is pathetic. Borini looks underwhelming (£11m. for Gods sake!).
    The future looks very gloomy and I can see Rodgers walking or being forced out before the end of this season.

  3. I felt so positive after the man city game thinking we could have a new striker to finish off louus’ efforts that will bounce off the bar this year and young sterling looks great. But I feel for a couple of million I’m sure we could of gone the extra mile for Dempsey if just for cover for injuries. We would of got that back in shirt sales I can now only see us getting goals from set pieces

  4. What about the German striker Samed Yesil?, one of the best young strikers in Germany. This lad has done it at every level so far, for the German national teams, He is 18 years-old but Sterling is only 17 years-old. This lad is quality according to the German media, let’s wait and see!!!!

  5. the amercian owners, have shown there true colours. ive never trusted them anyway, why buy a rolls royce if you cannot afford to service it?….they are not good enough for this club…they need a watford or blackburn…they will be held responsible for this season… and if it it goes pear shaped i hope all the fans shout there names to get out… not brendons…i can not see any improvement with them being in charge…for gods,sake even QPR bought players most clubs did… how can we compete with this lot in charge in 4/5 years QPR VILLA and the rest will be ahead of get in top 4 you need to buy top players ok we cannot afford like city chelsea etc but for gods sake sunderland QPR bought players to stay in prem… we got rid of more than we bought…please dont tell me this lot saved us from hicks and gillett. saved us to do what? be mid table.. if they had any balls they sell to someone who can take us back…to were we should be…they are not good enough… a few more losses and like there usa counterparts they will be getting called allsorts…which they deserve…let carroll go no back up? morgan is a raw kid not goodenough yet… they cannot blame kenny etc..even if they did it was not brendons fault….he wanted dempsey they let him down as demsey is 29..7 mil united paid treble that for van persie…i really hope someone buys them out…first kenny now this let down….

  6. Great article. I truly fear the worst for Liverpool now. I thought that Andy Carroll should never have been allowed to leave for footballing and practical,reasons: (1) Since Rodgers does not have the money to transform the squad in his own image, a plan B like Carroll was, and is, needed, until the team can be fully changed to fit Rodgers vision. (2) As you point out, we looked short on strikers when we had 5, now what are we going to do with 2? Heaven forbid if Suarez gets hurt, injured or suspended, (which I fear is a certainty now that he will be required to play so many games) this team will struggle mightily this year and it won’t be pretty. The owners are squarely to blame for hamstringing this manager and team. They botched a sure thing with Dempsey, who waited and gave Liverpool every chance to sign him, and have now ensured that the likes of Everton and perhaps Swansea will finish above us once again. I’m simply disgusted.

  7. It looks a complete mess and is also a PR disaster for FSG. Where is the new or revamped stadium? Where is the wherewithal to compete with the Manchester teams? Unlike Spurs, Sunderland, Southhampton and Swansea who have all had excellent transfer windows signing marque players who may well make a huge difference (SOUTHAMPTON AND SWANSEA FFS!!!!!)
    It’s not just the fact that they have made Rodgers look a complete Berk but also the assumption that the fanbase is just going to suck it all up…
    Good luck to Morgan,Suso and Sterling and here’s hoping no one gets injured or suspended or we really are up the creek with no paddle.
    FSG had better come up with a statement of intent and support or they are going to be toast…..

  8. Most of the money spent by commollicame fromthe sale of players,and there was elmost ten mill came in from the sale of adam and aquilani. so the net spend was cancelled out by the amount they saved 0n wages.

  9. Hicks&Gillet=Henry&Warner.. With promised but LIARS!! FSG=LIARS!! The OWner SHOULD support B.R, at least to get 1more striker..they promised to support B.R but they didn’t. They are Not much diffrent with old REGIME!! FACT!!

  10. Im very very very disappointed with how the owners can possibly leave our squad with no proven strikers. I say no strikers because Suarez is clearly a second striker, or inside forward. He is a creator, not a finisher. Borini has very minimal experience and the premier league is the hardest league in world football. We have Adam Morgan, pacheco and Samed Yesil, but they are very young and inexperienced. There is suso too. So these youngsters will have to be brought into the first team. Fsg are doing the right thing however in reducing our ridiculous wage bill, but to leave us and more to the point, Brendan Rodgers in this predicament just shows their failure to understanding football or soccer as the yanks call it. They know their economics but they no nothing about football and the rigours of playing 2 times a week on a small squad. They have now put so much pressure on suarez to score the goals and pressure on the youngsters to step up immediately. I hope Carroll does the business at west ham because he is a talented striker and he has been very harshly treated. We let kuyt, maxi, aurelio, adam, carroll, spearing, ecclestone, bellamy go. That must have saved £400k a week minimum on our wage bill. How can we not have got ONE proven striker in. Fsg have always said there are funds available for the right player. So, we needed a striker desperately and where is he?!!! So angry, frustrated and let down again. Since moores sold lfc we have been badly mismanaged . When will it end?

  11. carroll should not been allowed to go out on loan with out there been cover.If they did’nt want dempsey then somebody should be there for cover.we’ve got to hope no injuries,or times will be hard,y.n.w.a

  12. Yes they may have spent 27m butthey have also cut 23m per year from the wage bill. Add that to the transfer fees recieved and they have come out of the transfer window at a profit. Now I’m all for our club being finacialy stable and well run but with transfer fees incoming, wage bill savings and all the new sponsorship and commercial deals being signed something doesn’t add up for me. I for one would love to see where all this money is going but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out just have a look at the redsox and the new players they have been signing over the past 12 months. Were not talking 10-20m, they are handing out 100m + contracts!!!

  13. I was shocked yesterday, i kept looking on sky sports for Liverpool’s new forward which was probably Dempsey but it never came then at about 8:30pm sky showed Ian Ayre going home from Melwood then Brenden Rodgers was next to leave i thought it a bit strange and then the bad news Dempsey signs for Spurs. To be out bided by Aston Villa and Spurs is unacceptable. This is Liverpool and we cant come up with an extra £2 million for Dempsey after letting go Charlie Adam, Jay Spearing and Andy Carroll. Ian Ayre should be sacked after what has happened last night we where simply to slow to react. Now because we dragged our heels over Dempsey instead of just paying up we are stuck up front Brenden Rodgers must be gutted. He said the squad was thin well now it really is. The capitol one cup has to be sacrificed now. We cant take a chance losing players through injury we have to play all the kids and what will be will be. I hope im wrong but i think we are in serious trouble if just one of our strikers get
    injured .

  14. i dont get why people are blaming the owners… joe Allen is a great signing when you look at it now..and am glad we have him.. but initially in the very first place we didn’t really need a joe Allen.. we needed a no.9.. this is the only reason am gonna blame BR everybody everywhere knows that the only problem with LFC last season was goals.. A STRIKER.. a no.9 thats all we were lacking.. so the way i see it we didn’t deal with our immediate problems and decided to go and buy players like Joe Allen(which is a great signing at the moment) but one that wasn’t really needed…

    how can u blame the owners and say “they are showing their true colours” Dalglish or Comolli were the ones that messed up the players they bought most of them were poor signings.. as u all know these owners are not football people.. but they put their trust in so-called football people (dalglish n comolli) to buy quality players they supported the club with that 100 million people are talking about.. so after the disaster that is henderson downing and co.. if i were in their position i wouldnt trust the “football people” and splash money again.. BUT then i understand why peolple are cursing the owners, because they bring in a manager and don’t support him..once again i’ll say joe allen is a great signing.. for 15million.. but with that money we could have bought a good striker a good no.9 “a position we were desperate to solve” or even Dempsey..i dont even know wat to tink of this club liverpool anymore.. i love the club but someone somewhere is not doing their job properly

  15. Can’t believe we didn’t get a striker in but maybe we should give these guys a chance.remember our club was almost gone into administration and dalglish wasted over one hundred mill last year

  16. This is terrible stuff. Just forget about the immediate disaster of not signing anyone but how about the lack of confidence that LFC will have for years to come by other top players and top coaches. We cannot attract top talent with owners like these. This has been a PR disaster that a few mil quid could have easily avoided. Okay, we overspent last year, but nothing this year? Goes to show you that the owners and people running the club are complete amateurs that have no biz near the Shankly Gates.

  17. Am very disapointed with FsG,they do not want to succeed,as BR lets continue to support him,lets hope the lads play 4him i wish them all an injury free season,am optimistic the kids Morgan,Raheen & wil make is proud.YNWA

  18. Apparently the owner don’t want to risk losing his dollars again… maybe he’s contented of his investment last season but did not attained the expected result. So he hired a new manager from a club in the middle of the table for a lesser fee and bought some players that is below 10k. So that’s it…I have this hunch that the owner is not ambitious as BR…BR might feel betrayed but I believe he’s determine to be successful with what he has and hope he can impress the owner and perhaps in the next window the owner may splash dollars for new signings.

  19. Awful mismanagement of a football club the size of liverpool.i knew it was coming from FSG the minute they got rid of kenny.Now can everybody see why they wanted someone like Rodgers and not a top manager….Thats right they wanted a yes man…someone almost grateful to be given the job..someone who will not moan or tell the fans like it really is.Allen in my veiw was a stupid signing anyway when we already had a deludge of midfielders,We have needed a striker for over 2years now but instead spend 15million on Allen (a good player but wont get goals or set them up) To me the way the club is being run is so amateurise it beggers belief.Unforgivable the way we still not signed a striker.

  20. As a staunch LFC fan from LA, the posts here have been knee-jerk, ridiculous and plain stupid. All the morons running their holes off at us americans about not knowing anything, its you douchebags who have no concept of running a soccer club. First, LFC have been in decline for almost TWENTY years. One CL win doesnt count as jack shit. You chumps would have had shankly kicked out as well. He lost his first two games and needed TWO years to stop the rot and lift LFC out of the second divison. True, this entire window was bungled but FSG,know what to do. They turned around a red sox team that was also in a bad way. That team went on to win the world series. A club is more like an ocean liner, not a speedboat you cant turn on a dime. However, some bad moves have been made and of LFC survive until Jan everyone can count their lucky stars.

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