Liverpool In Crisis

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Liverpool In Crisis

As a Liverpool supporter it pains me to say it but “Liverpool are in big trouble”. Last Friday’s debacle to sign a last minute striker highlighted the mess the club are in.

Liverpool is falling further behind the top teams in the Premiership as confirmed with a lowly 8th position in the league last season.

But matters are so bad now with only two recognised strikers in Liverpool’s squad. It amazes me how we could let Andy Carroll go on loan to West Ham without a replacement for him. Brendan Rodgers stated that he would not have allowed that to happen, so it seems he has been let down somewhere.

Would the club not pay the money for target Clint Dempsey ?

Or, does the club not have the money ?

Either way, it is quite amazing when not so long ago Liverpool’s American owners was willing to back former manager Kenny Dalglish with so much money, especially as they was not prepared to give Dalglish the time to gel his team together.

Dalglish brought in many new players and one season was never long enough to see how they would do. Dalglish took Liverpool to two Cup Finals, winning one of them, and he had his team playing some of the best football Anfield has seen in years.

But the panic button was pressed at the end of the season by the American owners and Dalglish was sacked along with Damien Comolli, who was the orchestrator of the Liverpool’s transfer dealings.

Liverpool did pay over the odds for many of their players like £20 million for Stewart Downing, £20 million for Jordan Henderson, but the biggest expenditure was for Andy Carroll who cost £35 million.

It was extremely trustworthy of the owners to put their faith in Dalglish and Comolli with their money. But to let them spend so much of it and then sack them at the end of the season was ludicrous.

Now the owners have brought in new manager Brendan Rodgers with the task of bringing back Liverpool to the summit of English football.

Rodgers has come in with a fresh approach and great ideas on how he would like Liverpool to play, and he has been given some money to bring in a few of his own players to the club.

But since Rodgers has arrived he has not fancied Andy Carroll and has wanted rid of the big man, eventually getting his wish last week.

But although Rodgers wanted rid of Carroll, he looked keen on signing Clint Dempsey from Fulham. But for whatever reason Liverpool failed to get their man as Spurs nipped in to steal him from under their nose.

It looks like Liverpool’s owners was not wanting to make the same mistake expenditure wise as they did with Dalglish, or they just don’t have the money now. But surely for the sake of an extra one or two million it was worth it to get Dempsey.

Liverpool’s problem in recent years has been in the striker department even since the days of Torres. Dalglish at least gave himself striking options, although goals was still hard to come by, but Rodgers is left in a seriously desperate position with only two strikers, Luis Suarez and new signing Fabio Borini.

None of those two players will score enough goals and if Liverpool get injuries to any of them it will be even more disastrous with only young Adam Morgan to call upon, unless Rodgers can bring in a free agent.

It is no secret that Liverpool needed strikers and for the hierarchy at the club to allow this scenario to materialise is a disgrace and John W Henry’s letter holds no substance with his excuses.

After spending all their money on Dalglish they should have gave him time for his team to grow, after all they have said it will take time for Liverpool to get back to the top.

But now they have said Brendan Rodgers will get time, with no money and no strikers, I am not holding my breath. We’ll see.

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  1. Misguided, premature scaremongering of the highest order. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for posting something so immature. Grow the feck up, already. Liverpool in crisis? What utter nonsense.

  2. Once again we are left with owners who have no idea how to run a football club. If they are in this for the money they are going about it spectacularly in the wrong way. All their decision on how to spend cash seem to go against there supposed beliefs. Glazers, Hicks & Gillett, Randy Learner, FSG etc etc…all terrible owners. oh for some oil rich tycoon crook owner who doesn’t care about wasting money!

  3. True Lfc is now in crisis and before the crisis get over Lfc will see themselves in bad position on the table,presently Lfc can’t play against a club like southampton not even facing chelsea,as a club i have so much close in my hearth i will advice Rodgers to include the young strikers we have around like soso,pacheco ,adam morgan ,and the starlet they bought from Germany and the rest of them atleast these boys can help giving a helping goals for us than wasting money strikers that have already out of form.

  4. I hate to be a pedant but you use the word “was” here, when you should use “were” instead.

    “Either way, it is quite amazing when not so long ago Liverpool’s American owners was willing to back former manager Kenny Dalglish with so much money, especially as they was not prepared to give Dalglish the time to gel his team together”.

    They is always followed/preceded by “were”. Plurals are also followed/preceded by “were”.

    Examples: “They were going out of their minds”! “The American owners were…”. “Were they to do what we asked them to do…” and so on.


  5. Johno…6 months with 2 strikers one of which has a terrible disciplinary record and already has 2 yellow cards and one incredibly unproven and looking (if we are honest) average at best. If you don’t consider this a crisis i’d love to know what you would consider one. Come back in three weeks when we have 1 point in 15 and see how you are feeling.

  6. I definitely agree that not going a bit further to sign Dempsey was a mistake. I also believe there was a lack of communication between Rodgers and FSG regarding what funds would be available to him to bring in a striker, else big Andy would have been sitting on the LFC bench Sunday instead of pulling a hammy for West Ham on Saturday.

    But, to say Liverpool is in crisis, I think, is a bit harsh. FSG still has much to learn, no doubts there. They are hearing more of the same in the states from fans of the Red Sox. I believe a manager like Rodgers was the plan all along and he will be given time to implement his system and (hopefully) bring success to LFC. Bringing Kenny in to replace Roy was never something that FSG wanted to do or it would have happened sooner. But something needed to be done. When he had success, they had little choice but to keep him around. Should he have been given more time? Yeah, probably, but FSG saw the window to go back to their original plan and jumped through it head first.

    Looking at FSG’s history with the Red Sox, they came in, stuck to a system and it brought success (2 championships). They deviated from that and started splashing out foolish contracts to players that didn’t fit the system that had brought success. I think some of the refusal to sign Dempsey is recognition of that.

    I think we’re far too focused on what was done the last 2 days of the window and are largely forgetting how successful the window was. Allen has been a fantastic signing, and should be a force for LFC for many years. Sterling has been given a chance and seems to be grabbing on with both hands. The other signings still need time to gel, but I think we need to trust in Rodgers to keep us moving forward.

  7. I dont trust these American owners one bit,but then again i dont trust americans in any shape or form! shame on the kop chanting usa usa when itchy n scratchy bought the club
    a few years back,these new lot are no different,same coin
    turned over,fsg are just money men out to earn a few dollars more by stealth,god help our beloved lfc if the fans just sit back,time for the uprising fellow reds because if we just sit back and watch our club being dismantled and do nothing how in years to come will we be
    able to look our kids,grandkids in the eyes when they ask
    “what did you do to stop the yanks destroy our club?”

  8. Sorry, this is so premature and unhelpful to our cause. negativity preeds negativity. Slag off a few players or BR but to say the club is in crisis is pathetic.
    When we were on the point of closure, that was crisis.
    The owners expressed themsleves very honestly in their letter and have made things clear they want to win, but not win at any cost. That is good managment and sound policy.
    Yes there are short coming but nor crisis.
    I agree with the above. Grow Up!

  9. Since when was Dempsey a Striker? If Dempsey signed would it have been crisis averted? You do realise Rodgers has an ongoing project at the club that will take time don’t you? It’s three games into the premier league season of first year of Rodgers tenure. Sure, we are lacking striker options but I’d rather that than have another £35 million player arrive as a panic buy ultimately hurting the club long term. What Striking options did Dalgish give himself when he signed two players, one who has trouble finishing and the other who had to be put on a personal regime to improve his fitness and general all round game despite holding the record for being the most expensive British player ever. Carroll needed many chances to finish too by the way and as you said yourself the goals were hard to come by so Dalgish didn’t solve this problem either and he had a summer window to do it in as well.

    Also why do you assume Borini or Suarez won’t score? Borini has had three games for Liverool in the league, two of which saw him play in his least favoured of the front three positions (the right). Also glad to see you have faith in Morgan to chip in with a few goals, oh wait you don’t. Rodgers said if they are good enough they are old enough. He is a striker, he could score goals, give him a chance. Liverpool fielded the youngest team for years recently, the average age was under 25. Are you part of the brigade that was afraid to give young players a chance at Liverpool for the past half decade or more?

    Dalglish is gone so no use crying over spilt milk, where is your support for Rodgers?. If you are such a passionate fan and took the time to write this piece then at least recognise what Rodgers is trying to do with the team and where is he trying to go with it. You just said yourself it would take time, so why are you not holding your breath after just three games? This makes no sense.

    Also, I don’t see how it is ‘amazing’ the club didn’t sign Dempsey when we were quoted a more expensive price than was quoted to other clubs mainly because of the trouble they had with Clint refusing to play – call it spite if you will from Fulham. Add to that the fact the owners have been stung by vastly underperforming expensive signings like Carroll and Downing and you can understand why the owners would like to be more prudent. Rodgers said he knows what value is and when a player doesn’t represent the fee required to get it. Think Sigurdsson.

    You refer to Liverpools’ league position last season as ‘lowly’ and that the club was falling further behind the top teams, yet you still think Dalgish with all the money he spent was a knee-jerk reaction.
    A recent article was publish outlining the total spending for top teams in the premier league since it’s inception. Liverpool have spent more than Man United yet we are so far behind it’s not even funny.

    Please try to be objective about this sort of thing next time. Don’t use the word ‘But’ to start a sentence three times in a row, nd please recount the number of senior strikers the club has. There are two and not zero as you mention. I’ll leave it at that.

    Tommy Burke

  10. ” and he had his team playing some of the best football Anfield has seen in years.”

    Really??? We played terrible for most of last season, couldn’t score, let in too many goals and finished in 8th, you could say we played some of the worst football in generations. I think you may have some rose tinted glasses on while writing this

  11. Your article has so many flaws I don’t know where to begin. Dalglish didn’t have Liverpool playing some of the best football in years – at times it was painful watching them try to break down other teams. For example, any past Liverpool team would have dismantled Cardiff without needing to go to penalties. Their home record was abysmal and the lowest number of goals scored for decades.

    An 8th place finish doesn’t equal playing well. Dalglish & co wasted millions on players who just weren’t up to it. Can you blame the owners for being reluctant to get the club into even more debt by giving them unlimited funding?

    It will take 2-3 years before Liverpool are challenging for 4th place. It’s time the supporters faced reality and stopped chanting ‘Dalglish’ all the time. We have some very promising young players (Sterling, Sousa, etc) but they need time, as does BR.

  12. Brendon is officially a nut case. the Americans tell porky pies latest one Joyhn Henry “we are not in it to make money”.

  13. This is not premature. Since the start of January we’ve won only 7 out of 22 league games [19 last season plus 3 this].
    4 draws and 11 defeats.
    Winning only a third of games and losing half is a recipe for crisis.
    As is 25 points out of 22 games – getting dangerously close to bottom three form – which is where we are.

  14. Anyone with any knowledge of football would tell you liverpool would whave improved from last season even without additions, panicked owners costing themselves money (Carroll would have added value to his sell on fee) and putting the club back 18 months at least. letting Kuyt Bellamy Maxi Carroll go who scored most of our goals in a season when lack of goals was our main our problem.
    letting Silva and Eccleston go was also wrong. Brendon is now finding out about the Referreeing bias against Liverpool (a fact and a a disgace).

  15. 3 games in and the end of the world is nigh!
    The problem is more Borini and Sterling are to far wide they are left forward and a right forward not true wingers they need to be at least 5 yards or more in from the touch line so they can support Suarez in the middle. We fired 27 crosses in on Sunday the question is why when we don’t have Carroll anymore the ball needs passing into the area not crossing.

  16. some shit talkers on here king kenny got us to two fucking finals in 1 season fact this season would have been better??????? i think so but henry sacked him hasnt a clue fact king kenny 6 full seasons as a liverpool manager 6 cups not fucking bad

  17. Watching this unfold is like watching a Python “Ministry of Funny Walks” or the last 5 mins of a Benny Hill episode…its hilarious…
    However, we can all be brought back to the reality of LFC with this excellent and very true blog…well worth a read……

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